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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Gare Du Nord
Gare Du Nord【 共收藏 7 張專輯, 95 首歌 】
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Stronger 英文
1.Words Without Meaning (提供)
2.A Different Grain Of Sand (Desert Theme) (提供)
3.Shiny, Dark, Busch, Sky (提供)
4.If These walls Could Only Speak (提供)
5.La Dolce Vita (Main Theme) (提供)
6.Best Days Of Our Lives! (提供)
7.Stronger! (提供)
8.Gimme That Sexy Thing (提供)
9.Avalanche Of Dreams (提供)
10.We Still Grow
Collected 英文
1.Marvin and Miles
2.You're My Medicine (Feat. Marvin Gaye)
3.Beautiful Day
4.Somethin' In My Mouth (Sex 'n' Jazz 1)
5.Call It Quits
6.Dish Of The Day
7.Summertime (James Bond Mix) (提供)
8.Come To The Ball (James Bond Mix) (提供)
9.A Matter Of Time
10.Language Of The Blues (Blues For Amy)
11.Almost There (Cruise Mix) (提供)
12.More Than Madly
13.Ride On (Feat. Paul Carrack)
14.Sea Of Love (提供)
15.Too Close To See
16.Gucci Girl (提供)
17.Berlin Beat
18.Breathe (提供)
19.Sex 'n' Jazz #1 And 2 (Ibiza Club Mix) (提供)
20.Pablo's Blues (Feat. Robert Johnson) (提供)
21.Taxi Au Moulin (提供)
22.Sold My Soul (Feat. Robert Walker) (提供)
23.L'Hotel Beat (提供)
24.How Was It For You (提供)
25.Tune Up (提供)
26.Excellounge Bar (提供)
27.Searching Gainsbourg (提供)
28.I'm Not A Woman, I'm Not A Man
29.Kind Of Cool (Inner City Groove) (提供)
30.Profondo Blu (提供)
31.Disco-Tek (Boogie All Night Long) (提供)
32.Rock Your Baby (Night Time Mix) (Feat. George McCrae) (提供)
33.Chinese Whispers, Japanese Strings
34.Dark Chill (Feat. George W. Bush) (提供)
35.Poem Rouge
36.Tres Cool (提供)
37.We Still Grow (Feat. Erik Truffaz) (提供)
38.Tom's Song (Tarantino Mix) (Feat. Jo King) (提供)
39.Exquis-it, Baby (提供)
40.Love Of My Life (Mercury Mix) (Feat. Luc Devens) (提供)
41.What's Up (Feat. Erik Truffaz) (提供)
42.Perfect Day
43.Poor Boy's Blues #2 (Feat. Elijah Newsome) (提供)
44.Somethin' Like That (Tarantino Mix) (提供)
46.Groove Me Up (Tarantino Mix) (提供)
47.Hey, Mr Glider
48.Chet's Chat (提供)
49.Tarantino's Tango (提供)
50.Room 69….Moi (提供)
51.Fantasize The Love (提供)
52.Go Back, Jack (提供)
53.Lilywhite Soul (提供)
54.Hot Glue (提供)
55.After The Ball (提供)
Love for Lunch 英文
1.Dish of the Day
3.A Matter of Time
5.Call It Quits
6.Marvin & Miles (live at De Melkweg, Amsterdam)
7.Beautiful Day (live at De Melkweg, Amsterdam)
8.You're My Medicine (live at De Melkweg, Amsterdam)
Lilywhite Soul 英文
1.More Than Madly
2.Perfect Day
3.Language of the Blues (Blues for Amy)
4.Too Close to See
Lifesexy 英文
1.Somethin' In My Mouth (Live)
2.I Want Love (Live)
3.Marvin & Miles (Live)
4.You're My Medicine (Live)
5.Dish of the Day (Live)
6.Berlin Beat (Live)
7.Beautiful Day (Live)
8.Pablo's Blues (Live)
9.Summertime (Live)
Kind of Cool 英文
1.Sold My Soul
2.Chinese Whispers, Japanese Strings
3.I'm Not a Woman, I'm Not a Man
4.Pablo's Blues (45rpm mix)
5.Im Not A Woman, Im Not A Man - Berlin Beat
暫存 英文
1.Marvin & Miles
2.I Want Love
3.Ride On
4.Beautiful Day (The Urban Jazz Rebels Mix)

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