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Gil Scott-Heron【 共收藏 13 張專輯, 139 首歌 】
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Nothing New 英文
1.Alien (Hold Onto Your Dreams)
2.On Bobby Blue Bland (提供)
3.Blue Collar
4.The OnOff Switch (提供)
5.Better Days Ahead
6.Did You Hear What They Said
7.Enoying Yourself (提供)
8.Pieces of A Man
9.Changing Yourself (提供)
10.Your Daddy Loves You
11.Household Name (提供)
12.95 South (Of 0ll The Places We've Been)
13.Before I Hit The Bottom (提供)
14.The Other Side
Free Will 英文
1.Free Will
2.The Middle of Your Day
3.The Get out of the Ghetto Blues
4.Speed Kills
5.Did You Hear What They Said?
6.The King Alfred Plan
7.No Knock
8.Wiggy (提供)
9.Ain't No New Thing
10.Billy Green Is Dead
11.Sex Education: Ghetto Style
12.... And Then He Wrote Meditations
13.Free Will (alternate take)
14.Speed Kills (alternate take)
15.The King Alfred Plan (Alternate take) (提供)
16.No Knock (alternate take)
17.Wiggy (Alternate take) (提供)
18.Ain't No New Thing (Breakdown take) (提供)
19.Billy Green Is Dead (Breakdown take) (提供)
Pieces of a Man 英文
1.The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
2.Save the Children
3.Lady Day and John Coltrane
4.Home Is Where the Hatred Is
5.When You Are Who You Are
6.Pieces of a Man
7.A Sign of the Ages
8.Or Down You Fall
9.The Prisoner
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised 英文
1.The Revolution Will Not Be Televised - 1988 Remastered
2.Or Down You Fall - Remastered - 1988
3.The Needle's Eye - Remastered - 1988
4.The Prisoner - Remastered - 1988
5.I Think I'll Call It Morning
7.A Sign Of The Ages - Remastered - 1988
8.Did You Hear What They Said? - Remastered - 1988
9.The Get Out Of The Ghetto Blues - Remastered - 1988
10.No Knock - Remastered - 1988
11.Lady Day and John Coltrane - Remastered - 1988
12.Pieces Of A Man - Remastered - 1988
13.Home Is Where The Hatred Is - Remastered - 1988
14.Save The Children - Remastered - 1988
15.Whitey On The Moon - Remastered - 1988
16.The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
The Revolution Begins: The Flying Dutchman Masters 英文
1.Free Will (Alt Take 1)
2.Evolution (And Flashback)
3.The Middle of Your Day
5.No Knock (Breakdown Alt Take)
6.Speed Kills (Alt take 3)
7.The Get Out of the Ghetto Blues (Alt Ending)
8.The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
The Mind of Gil Scott Heron 英文
1.We Beg Your Pardon (Pardon Our Analysis)
2.The New Deal
3.Jose Campos Torres
4.Bicentennial Blues
Tales of Gil Scott-Heron 英文
1.Angel Dust
2.Three Miles Down
3.Winter In America
4.Is That Jazz
5.Washington D.C.
6.Save the Children
7.Gun (提供)
8.Alien (Hold on to Your Dream)
Spirits 英文
1.Message to the Messengers
2.Spirits Past
3.The Other Side, Part I
4.Work for Peace
5.Give Her a Call
Real Eyes 英文
1.Waiting for the Axe to Fall
3.A Legend in His Own Mind
4.The Klan
I'm New Here 英文
1.On Coming From A Broken Home (Part 2)
2.On Coming From A Broken Home (Part 1)
3.Me And The Devil
4.I'm New Here
5.Your Soul And Mine
6.Parents (Interlude) (提供)
7.I'll Take Care Of You
8.Being Blessed (Interlude) (提供)
9.Where Did The Night Go
10.I Was Guided (Interlude) (提供)
11.New York Is Killing Me
12.Certain Things (Interlude) (提供)
14.The Crutch
15.I've Been Me (Interlude) (提供)
16.Jazz (Interlude)
17.Is That Jazz
18.Winter In America
19.My Cloud
20.Home Is Where The Hatred Is
21.Piano Player (Intro) (提供)
Glory: The Gil Scott-Heron Collection 英文
1.Ain't No Such Thing as a Superman
2.Race Track in France
3.Shut'em Down
Anthology: Messages 英文
1.Angel Dust
3.Winter in America
4.Hello Sunday Hello Road
5.We Almost Lost Detroit
6.Delta Man (Where I'm Coming From)
暫存 英文
1.Who Will Survive In America
2.Winter In America - Single
3.Johannesburg (Remastered)
4.Introduction / The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
5.Grandma's Hands - Remastered
6.When You Are Who You Are - Remastered - 1988
7.On Coming from a Broken Home, Pt. 1
8.Me and the Devil (NYC Orchestral Version)
9.'B' Movie (intro)
10.I'll Take Care of U
11.NY Is Killing Me
12.I'll Take You There
13.Paint It Black
14.Black History / The World
15.The Vulture
16.Who'll Pay Reparations on My Soul?
18.Back Home
19.Peace Go With You Brother (As-Salaam-Alaikum)
20.Storm Music
21.Inner City Blues (Poem/The Siege of New Orleans)
22.Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)

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