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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手John Entwistle
John Entwistle【 共收藏 10 張專輯, 79 首歌 】
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Too Late the Hero 英文
1.Try Me
2.Talk Dirty
4.Sleeping Man
5.I'm Coming Back
6.Dancing Master
7.Too Late the Hero
Thunderfingers: The Best of John Entwistle 英文
1.You're Mine
2.Fallen Angel
4.Mad Dog
5.Roller Skate Kate
6.Made in Japan
7.I Feel Better
8.I Found Out
9.The Window Shopper
10.Apron Strings
11.Thinkin' It Over
12.I Believe in Everything (提供)
13.What Are We Doing Here?
14.Pick Me Up (Big Chicken)
15.Too Late the Hero
The Rock 英文
1.Bridges Under the Water
5.Too Much Too Soon
6.Last Song (提供)
7.Country Hurricane
8.Stranger In a Strange Land
So Who's the Bass Player?: The Ox Anthology 英文
1.The Real Me (Recorded Live, 1998)
2.Success Story (Recorded Live, 1998)
3.Had Enough (Recorded Live, 1998)
4.Too Late the Hero
Rigor Mortis Sets In 英文
1.Gimme That Rock 'n' Roll (提供)
2.Hound Dog
3.Big Black Cadillac
5.Mr. Bass Man
Music from Van-Pires 英文
1.Good and Evil
2.When You See the Light
3.Left for Dead
4.Rebel Without a Car
5.Face the Fear
6.When the Sun Comes Up
Mad Dog 英文
1.Mad Dog
Left for Live 英文
1.Young Man Blues
2.Shakin' All Over
3.I'll Try Again Today
4.Endless Vacation
5.Had Enough
7.Under a Raging Moon
8.Success Story
9.Love Is a Heart Attack
10.Darker Side of Night
12.The Real Me
13.Horror Rock / Nightmare
15.Too Late the Hero
King Biscuit Flower Hour: John Entwistle 英文
1.Who Cares?
2.Heaven and Hell
3.My Size
4.Boris the Spider
5.Cell Number Seven
6.Give Me That Rock and Roll
7.My Wife
暫存 英文
1.No. 29 (Eternal Youth)
2.Stranger In A Strange Land
3.Cinnamon Girl
4.Pick Me Up (Big Chicken) (demo)
5.Made In Japan
6.I Wonder
7.Countryside Boogie (demo)
8.All Dressed Up (demo)
9.Nightmare (Please Wake Me Up)
10.What Kind of People Are They ?

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