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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Jerry Douglas
Jerry Douglas【 共收藏 14 張專輯, 144 首歌 】
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Traveler 英文
1.On A Monday
2.Something You Got
3.So Here We Are (提供)
4.The Boxer
5.Duke and Cookie (提供)
6.High Blood Pressure
7.Gone to Fortingall (提供)
8.Right On Time
9.American Tune/Spain (提供)
10.Frozen Fields
Jerry Christmas 英文
1.All Through The Night
2.Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem
3.Christmas Time Is Here
4.Do You Hear What I Hear?
5.God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
6.In The Bleak Midwinter
7.Mary Did You Know
8.Maui Christmas (提供)
9.New Year's Eve (提供)
10.O Holy Night
11.Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
12.The First Noel
Glide 英文
1.Bounce (提供)
2.Glide (提供)
3.Marriage Made in Hollywood
4.Route Irish (提供)
5.Sway Sur La Rue Royale (提供)
6.Unfolding (提供)
7.Long Hard Road (The Sharecropper's Dream) (提供)
8.Home Sweet Home (提供)
9.Two Small Cars in Rome
10.Trouble on Alum (提供)
11.Pushed Too Far (2008) (提供)
The Best Kept Secret 英文
1.She Makes Me Want to Sing (提供)
2.Who's Your Uncle? (提供)
3.Back in Love Again (提供)
4.A Remark You Made (提供)
5.The Best Kept Secret (提供)
6.Lil' Roro (提供)
7.Swing Blues No. 1 (提供)
8.Snow's First Fall (提供)
9.Ya Ya etc. (提供)
10.U R My Flower (提供)
11.Sir Aly B (提供)
Lookout for Hope 英文
1.The Suit
2.Little Martha (提供)
3.Patrick Meets the Brickbats (提供)
4.Footsteps Fall
5.Monkey Let the Hogs Out (提供)
6.Lookout for Hope (提供)
7.Cave Bop (提供)
8.Senia's Lament (提供)
9.The Wild Rumpus (提供)
10.The Sinking Ship
11.In the Sweet By and By (提供)
Restless on the Farm 英文
1.Don't Take Your Guns To Town
2.Things in Life
3.Turkish Taffee (提供)
4.Passing the Bar (提供)
5.A Tribute to Peader O'Donnel (提供)
6.Takarasaka (提供)
7.Follow On (提供)
8.Like It Is (提供)
9.The Ride (提供)
10.TV Doctor (提供)
11.For Those Who've Gone Clear (提供)
Plant Early 英文
1.Pushed Too Far (提供)
2.La Conversacion (提供)
3.A Peaceful Return (提供)
4.So On and So Forth (提供)
5.Mexican Rex (提供)
6.Make a Wish (提供)
7.The Swinging Bridge (提供)
8.If You've Got the Money (Honey I've Got the Time) (提供)
Everything Is Gonna Work Out Fine 英文
1.Fluxology (1987) (提供)
2.Randy Lynn Rag (1987) (提供)
3.Bill Cheatham (1987) (提供)
4.C-Biscuit (1987) (提供)
5.Wheel Hoss (1987) (提供)
6.Alabamv (提供)
7.Dixie Hoedown (1987) (提供)
8.Red Bud Rag (1987) (提供)
9.Blues for Vickie (1987) (提供)
10.Nite Crawler (1987) (提供)
11.Tennessee Fluxedo (1987) (提供)
12.Sunny Skies (1987) (提供)
13.Intro (1987) (提供)
14.Tell Her Lies (and Feed Her Candy) (1987) (提供)
15.Birth of the Blues (1987) (提供)
16.Cincinnati Rag (1987) (提供)
17.Panhandle Rag (1987) (提供)
18.Ben Dewberry's Final Run (1987) (提供)
19.I Think It's Gonna Work Out Fine (1987) (提供)
Changing Channels 英文
1.From Ankara to Izmir (提供)
2.Distance/Winter's Edge (提供)
3.Emphysema Two Step (提供)
4.Waltzing on Thin Ice (提供)
5.Changing Channels (提供)
6.Freemantle (提供)
7.St. Anne's Reel (提供)
8.Write It on The Tablet of Your Heart (提供)
Under the Wire 英文
1.T.O.B. (提供)
2.Dhaka Rok (提供)
3.Time Gone By (提供)
4.Monroe's Hornpipe (提供)
5.Before the Blues (提供)
6.The Trip to Kilkerrin (提供)
7.Grant's Corner (提供)
8.Redhill (提供)
9.Two Friends (提供)
10.A New Day (提供)
Slide Rule 英文
1.I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby
2.Ride the Wild Turkey (提供)
3.Pearlie Mae (提供)
4.When Papa Played the Dobro (提供)
5.We Hide & Seek (提供)
6.Shoulder to Shoulder (提供)
7.Uncle Sam (提供)
8.It's a Beautiful Life (提供)
9.Rain on Oliviatown (提供)
10.Hey Joe
11.A New Day Medley
12.Shenandoah Breakdown (提供)
Fluxedo 英文
1.Tennessee Fluxedo (提供)
2.Sunny Skies
3.Intro (提供)
4.Tell Her Lies (and Feed Her Candy) (提供)
5.Birth of the Blues (提供)
6.Nite Crawler (提供)
7.Cincinnati Rag (提供)
8.Panhandle Rag (提供)
9.I Think It's Gonna Work Out Fine (提供)
10.Ben Dewberry's Final Run (提供)
Fluxology 英文
1.Fluxology (提供)
2.Bill Cheatham (提供)
3.Say a Little Prayer for You (提供)
4.C-Biscuit (提供)
5.Randy Lynn Rag (提供)
6.Wheel Hoss (提供)
7.Red Bud Rag (提供)
8.Alabam (提供)
9.Dixie Hoedown (提供)
10.Blues for Vickie (提供)
暫存 英文
1.Oh Holy Night

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