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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Half Japanese
Half Japanese【 共收藏 10 張專輯, 124 首歌 】
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Perfect 英文
1.We Can Not Miss (提供)
2.You and I (提供)
3.Perfect (提供)
4.Hold On (提供)
5.Man Without a Shadow (提供)
6.Here We Are (提供)
7.Listen to Your Heart (提供)
8.We'll Go Far (提供)
9.That's Called Love (提供)
10.In Your Spell (提供)
11.A New Beginning (提供)
12.That's Right (提供)
13.That Is That (提供)
Bingo Ringo EP 英文
1.Stuck On You (提供)
2.CooCoo (提供)
3.Bingo Ringo (提供)
4.On The Town (提供)
5.Dracula's Casket (提供)
6.New Awakening (提供)
Volume 1 1981-1985 英文
1.My Concentration (提供)
2.2 Hearts = 1 (提供)
3.If My Father Answers Dont Say Nothing (提供)
4.Scientific Devices (提供)
5.Nicole Told Me (提供)
6.Tell Me I'm Wrong (提供)
7.Sing No Evil (提供)
8.Double Trouble (提供)
9.Rub Every Muscle (提供)
10.On the One Hand (提供)
11.Too Bad About Elizabeth (提供)
12.Dearest Darling (提供)
13.There's A Girl (提供)
14.Hall Of The Mountain King Louie Louie (提供)
15.Young Hearts Break (提供)
16.Did You Miss Me (提供)
17.Thing With A Hook (提供)
18.Rhonda (提供)
19.Electricity Respect (提供)
20.Knocked Down On The Dancefloor (提供)
21.European Son
22.You're Gonna Miss Me (提供)
23.Little Girls Have To Be Home Early (提供)
24.Too Much Adrenalin (提供)
25.Fire To Burn (提供)
26.Because I Love You (提供)
27.Danger Danger Rachel Lang (提供)
28.E.S.P. (提供)
29.Classical Music (提供)
30.Bad To Your Best Friend (提供)
31.0119 – Half Japanese – Baby Wants Music (提供)
32.High School Tonight (提供)
33.Dance When I Say Dance (提供)
34.Girl Athletes (提供)
35.No Danger (提供)
36.Love Lasts Forever Sometimes (提供)
37.Nurse (提供)
38.Only Dancing (提供)
39.Forget You (提供)
40.Loud_Louder_Loudest (提供)
41.Spy (提供)
42.Popular (提供)
43.I Know How It Feels Bad (提供)
44.Perfume (提供)
45.New Brides Of Frankenstein (提供)
46.Gift (提供)
47.Dumb Animals (提供)
48.House of Voodoo (提供)
49.Ball and Chain (提供)
50.Acupuncture (提供)
51.I Have a Secret
Overjoyed 英文
1.In Its Pull (提供)
2.Meant To Be That Way (提供)
3.Brave Enough (提供)
4.Do It Nation (提供)
5.The Time Is Now (提供)
6.Our Love (提供)
7.Shining Star (提供)
8.Each Other's Arms (提供)
9.Overjoyed And Thankful (提供)
10.We Are Sure (提供)
11.As Good Can Be (提供)
Tiger Eyes (提供)
We Are They Who Ache with Amorous Love 英文
2.The Titanic
3.Our Eyes
4.All Of Me
6.Shanty Town
Greatest Hits 英文
2.Deadly Alien Spawn
4.Roman Candles
5.Red Dress
6.Put Some Sugar On It
8.Postcard From Far Away
9.Said And Done
10.Daytona Beach
Charmed Life 英文
1.1,000,000 Kisses
2.Bright Lights, Big City
3.Face Rake
Boo 英文
1.Postcard from Far Away - Live
2.Secret - Live
3.Said and Done - Live
4.Charmed Life - Live
5.Firecracker - Live
Bone Head 英文
1.Monkey Hand
2.A Night Like This
4.Zombie Eye
5.Song of Joy
暫存 英文
2.Can't Get Enough
3.Three Rings
4.Firecracker Firecracker
5.Said and Done (Charmed Life)
6.Trouble in the Water (Charmed Life)
7.This Could Be The Night
8.Eye Of The Hurricane
9.Guitar Solo
10.All The Angels Said Go To Her
12.Blue Monday
13.Fun Again

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