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Jann Arden【 共收藏 10 張專輯, 141 首歌 】
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A Jann Arden Christmas 英文
1.It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas
2.The Christmas Song (提供)
3.Happy X-Mas (War Is Over) (提供)
4.O Holy Night (提供)
5.Silver Bells (提供)
6.I'll Be Home For Christmas (提供)
7.Medley (Jingle BellsSanta Claus Is Coming To TownWhite ChristmasLet It SnowHere Comes Santa Claus) (提供)
8.Blue Christmas (提供)
9.Little Drummer BoyPeace On Earth (提供)
10.Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree (提供)
11.Silent Night (提供)
12.Please Come Home For Christmas (提供)
13.It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year (提供)
Everything Almost 英文
1.Comin' 'round For Us
2.You Love Me Back
3.Counting Mercies
4.You Forgot You Loved Me
5.I Ain't Sinkin' Yet
7.You Were Never Broken
8.What About Me
9.Hard To Be Alive
10.I Am A Town
11.Everything Almost
Uncover Me 2 英文
1.Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
2.Que Sera Sera
3.You Don't Own Me
4.In My Room
5.Love Hurts (提供)
7.Only the Lonely
8.Misty Blue
9.Is That All There Is?
Love Is The Only Soldier 英文
1.Only One2.Ruby Red
Live Session (iTunes Exclusive) 英文
1.At Seventeen (Live)
2.California Dreamin' (Live)
3.You're So Vain (Live)
4.Love Is a Battlefield (Live)
5.Calling God (Live)
Jann Arden 英文
1.Could I Be Your Girl - Live /w VSO
2.Waiting In Canada - Live /w VSO
3.You Don't Know Me - Live /w VSO
4.The Sound Of - Live /w VSO
5.Mend - Live /w VSO
6.I Would Die For You - Live /w VSO
7.Saved - Live /w VSO
8.Never Mind - Live /w VSO
9.Good Mother - Live /w VSO
Insensitive 英文
Greatest Hurts 英文
1.Never Mind
Free 英文
2.Daughter Down
3.The Devil Won
4.Yeah You
6.Unit This
7.You Are Everything
8.Everything's Broken (提供)
9.A Million Miles Away
10.All The Days
暫存 英文
2.Waiting In Canada
3.Cherry Popsicle
5.Never Give Up On Me
7.I Only Wanted Sex
8.Taste of This
9.Into The Sun
10.In Your Keeping
11.Best Dress
12.Another Human Being
13.Sorry For Myself
15.Piece Of It All
16.The Sound Of
17.Leave Me Now
18.I Know You
19.Holy Moses
20.Wishing That
22.Ode to a Friend
23.Shooting Horses
25.Hangin' by a Thread
26.To Sir With Love
27.Could I Be Your Girl
28.Demolition Love
29.Looking For It
32.Living Under June
33.Good Mother
34.It Looks Like Rain
35.I Would Die For You
36.Waiting For Someone
37.Will You Remember Me
38.We Do Some Strange Things
39.I'm Not Your Lover
40.Give Me Back My Heart
41.The Way Things Are Going
42.Kitchen Window
43.I Just Don't Love You Anymore
44.Time For Mercy
45.Over You
46.You Don't Know Me
47.Run Like Mad
48.Not Saying Goodbye
49.Anna Rebecca
50.Calling God
51.When You Left Me
52.If It Be Your Will
53.All Of This
54.Looking For It (Finding Heaven)
55.Love Is The Only Soldier
57.Life Is Sweet
58.The Right Road Home
59.I'd Be Glad
60.Leave Me Now (Hard Enough)
61.Thing For You
62.Willing To Fall Down
63.Where No One Knows Me
64.Beautiful Pain
65.Why Do I Try
66.Fighting For The World
67.Four Feet Deep
68.If You Loved Me
69.Rock This Girl
70.California Dreamin'
71.How Good Things Are
72.A Perfect Day
73.Stand By Me
74.Free (Live)
75.Unloved (Live)
76.Bring the Boys Home
77.Gasoline (live at KKOS)
78.A Long Goodbye
79.All the Little Things

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