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J. Stalin( Jovan Smith )【 共收藏 7 張專輯, 105 首歌 】
Jovan Smith(1983年1月25日出生),以他的舞台名稱J.Stalin(也稱為J Stalin或J-Stalin)而聞名,是來自西奧克蘭州賽普拉斯村住房項目的一名說唱歌手。 2007年 ,他簽署了由藝術家Mekanix經營的動物園娛樂生產公司,他描述了他的風格作為Hyphy被稱為“Go”的變種。 他也是Livewire Records的所有者,該公司是鎮上Thizzness ENT的總裁,該公司是Mac Dre的Thizz ENT的分部。
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Memoirs Of A Curb Server 英文
1.Lyrical Exercize (提供)
2.Money In Ya Jeans (提供)
3.Corner Sto (Featuring Lil Blood)
4.More Shots (提供)
5.Cook Coke (Featuring E-40 & Stressmatic) (提供)
6.Curb Servin' (Featuring Mayback) (提供)
7.Come Out & Play (Featuring Joe Blow & Smiggz) (提供)
8.Money & Bitches (提供)
9.The Molly Song
10.Mind On One Thang (Featuring Mistah F.A.B., Ron Ron & L'Jay) (提供)
11.Pigeon Coup (Featuring L'Jay, Ya Boy and Shady Nate) (提供)
12.She The Type (Featuring Big K.R.I.T. & Too Short)
13.Try'na Get On (Featuring Philthy Rich and Armani Depaul) (提供)
14.Sober (Featuring J Valentine) (提供)
15.Sunset (提供)
16.The Music (提供)
17.Rookie Of The Year (Featuring Vellquan) (提供)
18.Something New (Part 2) (Featuring Sneaky Mike) (提供)
19.Who Are You (Extended Version) (提供)
20.Cannibus Club (Remix) (Featuring The Jacka, Berner, Yukmouth, Richie Rich, Stevie Joe, Young Doe and Onionz) (提供)
Prenuptial Agreement 英文
1.When Its Real
Livewire Radio 英文
1.Livewire (提供)
2.50 Niggaz (提供)
3.Paranoid (提供)
4.Ruben Stunna (提供)
5.Get It Popin (提供)
6.Sell My Coke (提供)
7.Need You To Hate (提供)
8.Hit It, Split It (提供)
9.Gettin' It (提供)
10.D Boy Wishlist (提供)
11.100's N 50's (提供)
12.I Got Cash (提供)
13.No Mo (提供)
14.You Gettin' Money (提供)
15.Livewire East Oakland (提供)
16.Don't Talk To Stranger (提供)
17.My Hood (提供)
The Real World: East & West Edition 英文
1.Armed And Dangerous (提供)
2.The World Is Mine (提供)
3.Fast Life (提供)
4.This Bitch (提供)
5.Gold Fish (提供)
6.Can't Stay (提供)
7.That Livewire Bullshit (提供)
8.Freak Like Her (提供)
9.On Top My Game (提供)
10.Trap House (提供)
11.Straight To The Top (提供)
12.Play Witcha (提供)
13.U Fuckin' My BM (提供)
14.Take U Home (提供)
15.At The Mall (提供)
16.26's (提供)
17.Life On The Line (提供)
18.Let's Wait (提供)
19.I'm Serious (提供)
20.I Love Her (提供)
Prenuptual Agreement 英文
1.Lyrical Excersize (提供)
2.Rock Day (提供)
3.H.N.I.C. (提供)
4.Everyday My Birthday
5.Get Me Off (提供)
6.G In Me (提供)
7.Last Night
8.D-Boy Blues 2010
9.Neighbor Hood Stars (提供)
10.Don't Front (提供)
11.Self Made Millionaire (提供)
12.Rockin Wit The Best (提供)
13.Stop My Shine (提供)
14.Something New (提供)
15.Like A Job To Me (提供)
16.Money On The Way (提供)
17.When It's Real (提供)
18.U Broke
19.Red And Blue Lights
20.When The Club Over (提供)
21.Posted (提供)
22.Show Me (提供)
Livewire: The Empire 英文
1.Bangin (提供)
2.Riddin' Dirty (提供)
3.Back It Up (提供)
4.I Need A Bundle (提供)
5.Ipod (提供)
6.Pimpin (提供)
7.Champion (提供)
8.Extra High (提供)
9.On One (提供)
10.Pray For Me (提供)
11.1,2,3, Thang (提供)
12.Watchin' Me (提供)
13.Hay Lady (提供)
14.The Wire (提供)
15.I Know (提供)
16.Hop Out (Remix) (提供)
17.Fuckin (提供)
18.Talk Your Ass Off (提供)
19.Lil Weed, Lil Extacy (提供)
暫存 英文
1.G.I. Joe
2.Try Again Tomorrow
3.Don't Talk
4.I Stay Strapped
5.Ask Ya Homeboy
6.People Change

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