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KJ-52( KJ52 )【 共收藏 14 張專輯, 172 首歌 】
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Mental 英文
1.Gameface (提供)
2.Fight Music (提供)
3.Island of the misfit Toys (提供)
6.Fresh Kicks on (提供)
7.Its Going Down
Dangerous 英文
1.They Like Me
2.It's Going Down
6.Shake Em Up
7.Do The Bill Cosby
8.So Far Apart
9.Brand New Day
10.Speed That Light
11.That Was My Life
Five-Two Television 英文
1.End Of My Rope
2.Swagged Out With Tags Out
3.Five-Two Television (提供)
4.Adventures Of Tweezyman
5.The Chris Carlino Story: Day One [Interlude]
6.Headline News At 5
7.He Did That
8.Let's Go
9.The Chris Carlino Story: Week Two [Interlude]
10.Are You Online?
11.Calling You
12.Headline News At 11
14.Shake It Off
15.Gonna Be Alright
16.Help Me Change
17.The Chris Carlino Story: Week Four [Interlude] (提供)
19.Tweezy Dance
20.Let It Go
22.Broken People
23.The Chris Carlino Story: Week Five [Interlude]
24.Dear God
The Yearbook 英文
1.Pump That
2.Do Yo Thang
4.Will You Ever Know?
5.You'll Never Take Me Down
6.Do You Got That?
7.It Aint Easy
8.Push Up
9.I Won't Ever Stop
10.You Can Still Come Back
11.Can I Be Honest?
12.5 Minutes (In the Garden)
13.Daddy's Girl
14.Wake Up
15.Say What Ya Want
16.You're Gonna Make It
17.You Hang Up First
18.Always Here for You
19.Take Every Part of Me
Behind the Musik (A Boy Named Jonah) 英文
2.Right Here
5.Plain White Rapper
7.Things I Like
8.I Can Call On You
9.Rock With It
10.Never Look Away
11.Thank You
12.Life After Death
13.Cry No More
14.Behind The Musik
15.For the Ladies
16.Run For Cover
17.Napoleon Dynamite
18.Are You Real
19.Dad: 'That's How You Got Your Name' (Intro) (提供)
20.Mom: 'Sitting in the Puddle' (Interlude)
21.Video Games
22.Dad: 'Ybor City' (Interlude)
23.Mom: 'I Wanted to Call You Sky' (Interlude) (提供)
24.He is All
25.Dad: 'It Was God Working in Your Life' (Outro) (提供)
26.Washed Up
27.Plain White Rapper In A Mini Van
28.Piece Of Junk Car (提供)
It's Pronounced Five Two 英文
1.Back In The Day
2.Dear Slim, Pt. 2
3.Cartoon Network
4.KJ Five Two
5.47 Pop Stars
6.Whoop Whoop
7.Check Yourself
8.I Feel So Good
9.Rock On
10.#1 Fan
11.I'm Guilty
12.Pick Yourself Up
13.Don't Go
14.So In Love With You
15.Welcome to Five Two's
16.Can I Speak With a Manager? (Interlude)
17.Ya Bref Stank
18.Infomercial (Interlude)
19.Outro (提供)
20.Gimme Dat
Collaborations 英文
1.Dear Slim
2.The Choice Is Yours
3.47 Emcees (Interlude)
4.Do That
6.Nursery Rhymes
8.Where Were You
9.5th Element
11.Wait for You
12.Revenge Of The Nerds
13.Rise Up
14.ABC's And 123's
15.Leave a Message (Intro)
16.Operator (Outro)
7th Avenue 英文
1.1, 2, 3
2.We Rock The Mic
4.The Hardway
5.The Greatest M.C. (Intro) (提供)
6.Keep It Moving
7.Keep Ya Head Up
8.Melvin's Not Here (提供)
9.Do What I Do
10.The Greatest M.C. (提供)
11.Cipha All Stars (提供)
12.It's The S.O.I. (Sons Of Intellect Anthem) (提供)
13.Mickey Cakes (Skit) (提供)
14.They Know Not
15.The Greatest M.C. (Outro) (提供)
16.This Is Love
The Yearbook: The Missing Pages 英文
1.Do You Got That?
2.Can I Be Honest?
3.Starbucks Takes All My Money
4.Pump That (remix) (提供)
5.I Used To
6.I Almost Got Shot Last Night
Soul Purpose 英文
1.I Miss You2.Eyes Open Wide
Remixed 英文
1.Mullet Pride
Peace Of Mind 英文
1.Turn It Up!
Double Take 英文
1.Revenge of the Nerds (Horns a Plenty Remix)
2.Are You Real? (Oregon Trail Remix) (提供)
3.For the Ladies (Soulvibe Remix) (提供)
4.Run For Cover (Remix)
5.Napoleon Dynamite (Remix)
6.Dear Slim Pt. 2 (True Story Remix)
暫存 英文
1.Mullet Pride (Country Krunk Remix)
2.Need Someone
3.Are U Real?
4.You're Gonna Make It (Ft. Blanca Reyes Of Group 1 Crew)
5.Right Now
6.That Or This
7.Washed Up (Dbl. Time Remix)
8.47 Emcees
9.For The Ladies (Soul Vibe Remix)
10.Let It Go (acapella)
11.12 Round Knock Out
12.Get Down Get Down
13.I Can Call On You - feat. Donnie Lewis
14.Are You Real? (feat. Jon Micah Sumrall of Kutless)

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