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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Kim Richey
Kim Richey【 共收藏 7 張專輯, 79 首歌 】
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Thorn In My Heart 英文
1.Thorn In My Heart
2.London Town
3.Something More
4.Breakaway Speed
5.Angels' Share
6.Come On
7.Love Is
8.I Will Wait (提供)
9.I'm Going Down
10.No Means Yes
11.Take Me To The Other Side (提供)
12.Everything's Gonna Be Good
Wreck Your Wheels 英文
1.Back To You (提供)
2.Careful How You Go
3.In The Years To Come (提供)
4.Keys (提供)
5.Leaving 49 (提供)
6.Once In Your Life (提供)
7.When The Circus Comes To Town (提供)
8.Word To The Wise
9.Wreck Your Wheels (提供)
10.99 Floors (提供)
11.For A While (提供)
Glimmer 英文
1.Come Around2.Didn't I
Collection 英文
1.No Judges
Chinese Boxes 英文
1.Jack and Jill
2.Chinese Boxes
4.The Absence of Your Company
5.Turn Me
6.I Will Follow
7.Something To Say
8.Not A Love Like This
9.Another Day
10.Pretty Picture
Bitter Sweet 英文
1.I'm Alright2.Fallin'
暫存 英文
1.A Place Called Home
2.The Lonesome Side of Town
3.Don't Let Me Down Easy
4.Straight As the Crow Flies
5.Just Like the Moon
6.Me and You
7.Why Can't I Say Goodnight
8.To Tell the Truth
9.Wildest Dreams
10.The Way It Never Was
11.If You Don't Mind
12.Good Day Here
13.Girl in a Car
14.Keep Me
15.Good Day Love
16.Strength In You
17.From Where I Stand - Excerpt
18.Without You
19.Those Words We Said
21.Lay It Down
22.Circus Song (Can't Let Go)
23.This Love
24.Let it Roll
25.Get Together
26.Can't Find the Words
27.Just My Luck
28.Every River
29.Sweet Mysteries
30.My Whole World
31.Reel Me In
32.Other Side Of Town
33.You'll Never Know
34.Cowards in a Brave New World
35.So It Goes
37.Electric Green
38.Let the Sun Fall Down
39.I Know
40.That's Exactly What I Mean
41.From Where I Stand

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