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Luke Haines【 共收藏 8 張專輯, 88 首歌 】
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British Nuclear Bunkers 英文
1.This Is the BBC (提供)
2.British Nuclear Bunkers (提供)
3.Camden Borough Council (提供)
4.Test Card Forever (提供)
5.Cold Field Morning Under Bliss (提供)
6.Bunker Funker (提供)
7.Pussywillow (Kids Song) (提供)
8.Mama Check the Radar at the Dada Station (提供)
9.New Pagan Sun (提供)
10.Deep Level Shelters Under London (提供)
Adventures in Dementia: A Micro Opera 英文
1.Caravan Man
2.A Very Friendly Lion Called Parsley (提供)
3.Cats That Look Like MES (提供)
4.Jerusalem Mix (提供)
5.Regeneration (提供)
6.Adventures in Dementia (提供)
New York in the ’70s 英文
1.Cerne Abbas Man (提供)
2.NY Stars (提供)
3.New York City Breakdown (提供)
4.Lou Reed Lou Reed (提供)
5.U.K Punk (提供)
6.Jim Carroll (提供)
7.Tricks n Kicks n Drugs (提供)
8.Bills Bunker (提供)
9.Doll's Forever (提供)
10.Alan Vega Says (提供)
11.Drone City (提供)
12.NY in the '70s (提供)
Rock & Roll Animals 英文
1.Magic Town (提供)
2.Magic Interlude 1 (提供)
3.Rock'n'roll Animals
4.A Badger Called Nick Lowe (提供)
5.Three Frendz (提供)
6.Gene Voncent (Rock'n'roll Mums and Rock'n'roll Dads) (提供)
7.Magic Interlude 2 (提供)
8.The Birds…The Birds (提供)
9.The Angel of the North (提供)
10.…We Do (提供)
11.From Hersham to Heaven (提供)
12.Rock'n'roll Animals in Space (提供)
21st Century Man 英文
1.F*g Break (提供)
2.Surburban Morning (提供)
3.Peter Hammill (提供)
4.Klaus Kinski (提供)
5.Love Letter To London (提供)
6.Wot A Rotter (提供)
7.Our Man In Buenos Aires (提供)
8.Russian Futurists Black Out The Sun (提供)
9.English Southern Man (提供)
10.White Honky Afro (提供)
11.21st Centruy Man (提供)
12.Ex-Teds (提供)
13.Greenwich Observatory (提供)
Das Capital: The Songwritng Genius Of Luke Haines And The Auteurs 英文
1.Intro (提供)
2.How Could I Be Wrong (提供)
3.Showgirl (提供)
4.Baader Meinhof (提供)
5.Starstruck (提供)
6.Satan Wants Me (提供)
7.Junk Shop Clothes (提供)
8.Michael Powell (提供)
9.Bugger Bognor (提供)
10.Future Generation (提供)
11.Lenny Valentino (提供)
Christie Malry's Own Double Entry OST 英文
1.Art Will Save The World (提供)
2.I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass (提供)
3.England, Scotland, Wales (提供)
4.Celestial Discomania (提供)
5.Essexmania (提供)
6.In The Bleak Midwinter (提供)
7.How To Hate The Working Classes (提供)
8.The Ledger (提供)
9.Bernie's Funeral/Auto Asphixiation (提供)
10.Discomaniax (提供)
11.Alchemy (提供)
暫存 英文
1.Get Wrecked At Home
3.Mr & Mrs Solanas
4.Rock 'n' Roll Communique No. 1
5.Death Of Sarah Lucas
6.Oliver Twist
7.The Spook Manifesto
8.England Vs. America
9.What Happens When We Die
11.Never Work
12.The Oliver Twist Manifesto
13.Unsolved Child Murder

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