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Lloyd Banks( ロイド・バンクス )【 共收藏 26 張專輯, 312 首歌 】
克里斯托弗·查爾斯·勞埃德(Christopher Charles Lloyd)(1982年4月30日出生),以他的舞台名稱勞埃德銀行(Lloyd Banks)更為出名,是美國嘻哈錄音藝術家,東海岸嘻哈組G-Unit的成員,以及童年的朋友和美國朋友,50 Cent和 托尼·雅約 在皇后區的南牙買加舉辦,他於1998年退學,G-Unit於2003年發行了兩張專輯“Beg for Mercy”,而T.O.S. (終止視力)。銀行發行了他的第一張個人專輯“飢餓更多”在2004年,排名前十的單曲“在火”。 他於2006年與Rotten Apple合作,並離開了Interscope Records 2009年。2010年G-Unit與EMI簽約,分發了Banks第三張專輯“飢餓更多2”,該專輯於2010年11月22日發行。
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Halloween Havoc 2 英文
2.Angel Dust
4.Money Over Matter
6.Take Your Pick
9.Dollar Weight
10.24 Drama
11.Own Way (提供)
12.All I Am (提供)
13.Feed The Strip (提供)
F.N.O. (Failures No Option) 英文
1.Paint the Sky Feat Vado
2.Cover Me Feat Styles P
3.Drop A Diamond Feat Raekwon
4.No Surrender Feat Mr Probz
A.O.N: Failure's No Option 英文
1.The Natural
2.Failure's No Option
3.Pain In Variety
4.You Wish
6.Paint the Sky
7.The Plague
8.Lead the Blind
9.Daily Betrayal
10.Cover Me
11.Keep Up
12.Tour Stories
13.My Flight
14.Drop a Diamond
15.House Pride
16.No Surrender
A.O.N: Failure's No Option (Mixtape) 英文
1.The Natural
2.Failure's No Option
3.Pain In Variety
4.You Wish
6.Paint the Sky
7.The Plague
8.Lead the Blind
9.Daily Betrayal
10.Cover Me
11.Keep Up
12.Tour Stories
13.My Flight
14.Drop a Diamond
15.House Pride
16.No Surrender
V.6: The Gift (Mixtape) 英文
1.Rise From The Dirt (Intro)
2.City of Sin
3.The Sprint
4.We Run The Town
6.Can She Live?
7.Bring It Back
8.Chosen Few
9.Gettin' By
10.Live It Up
11.Money Don't Matter
12.Hate You More
13.Show And Prove
14.Terror Dome
15.Open Arms (提供)
Open Arms (Single) 英文
1.Open Arms (Single)
The Cold Corner 2 英文
1.Shock The World
3.The Pulse
5.We Fuckin
6.Love Shots
7.Joke's On You
8.Young Fly Flashy
9.Ice Box Pt2
10.No Love
11.Cashin' In
12.Cold Corner 2 (Eyes Wide)
13.Keep Your Cool
14.Get It How I Live (提供)
15.Come Up (提供)
16.1, 2, 3
17.Super Crack
Make It Stack (Single) 英文
1.Make It Stack
Love Me In The Hood (Single) 英文
1.Love Me In The Hood
I Don't Deserve You (Single) 英文
1.I Don't Deserve You (Single)
The Bank Vault, Part 7 英文
1.Bigger Voice Bigger City
2.Hot 97 Freestyle
3.Reach Out
4.Make Money
5.When I Get There
Start It Up (Single) 英文
1.Start It Up (Single)
Rotten Apple 英文
2.Hands Up
4.Get Clapped
8.Playboy 2
9.You Know the Deal
12.Make a Move
14.One Night Stand
15.Rotten Apple
16.The Cake
Mo Money In The Bank 4: Gang Green Season (Mixtape) 英文
1.My House
2.Been Around The World
3.Dan Akroyd Outro
4.Pay Jimmy Lovine The Heavy Skit
5.Killas Them
6.Lamborghini Lloyd
8.I'm Back [GAYme Diss]
9.Donald Trump - Banks Taking My Profit Skit
10.Jamie Foxx
11.1970 Something
12.1 Shot Deal
13.70 Bars
14.Gang Green Season
15.The Shitty City
16.Return Of Ja Fool Skit - Hood Newz
17.The Work Out Pt. 4
18.Money Is Power Skit
19.The Cake (Mixtape)
20.Dolby Nigga
21.Take A Picture
22.Dead Nigga Storage
23.The Rush
Mo Money In The Bank (Part Five The Final Chapter): Ganggreen Season Continues (Mixtape) 英文
1.Kill A NY Cop (Intro)
2.All Mighty U.N.I.T.
3.Show Time (The Games Over)
4.Time To Chill
5.Eminem - Speaks (Interlude)
6.Reppin Time
7.On My Hip
8.Mary Jane
9.Body Erasers Skit
10.Show Discipline
11.What Y'all Wanna Do
12.Born And Raised
14.Ride Slow
15.The Flow
16.Black Superman
17.Make A Move (Mixtape)
18.Help (Mixtape)
19.NY NY (Mixtape)
Halloween Havoc 英文
1.Halloween Intro
2.Beneath Me
3.He Know
4.Dream On
5.The First Me
6.Bomb First
7.Free Work
8.Need to Be 1
9.Party N Bullshit
10.Shine Thru
H.F.M. 2 (The Hunger For More 2) 英文
1.Any Girl
2.I Don't Deserve You
3.Beamer, Benz, Or Bentley
4.Unexplainable (Snippet)
5.So Forgetful
6.Start It Up
8.Where I'm At
9.Home Sweet Home
10.Take 'Em To War
11.Father Time
12.Kill It
13.Southside Story Pt.2
14.This Is The Life
15.Payback (P's & Q's)
16.On Fire
H.F.M. 2 (Hunger For More 2) 英文
1.Take 'Em To War - feat. Tony Yayo
2.Beamer, Benz, Or Bentley - feat. Juelz Santana
3.So Forgetful - feat. Ryan Leslie
4.Start It Up - feat. Kanye West, Swizz Beatz, Ryan Leslie, & Fabolous
5.Celebrity - feat. Akon
6.Any Girl - feat. Lloyd
7.I Don't Deserve You - feat. Jeremih
8.Sooner or Later (Die 1 Day) - feat. Raekwon
Freestyles 英文
1.Victory Freestyle
2.Hot 97 Freestyle (Classic)
3.Lean Back Freestyle
Banknote 英文
1.So Forgetful
2.Perfect Match
4.Anti Freeze
5.Check Me Out
Any Girl (Single) 英文
1.Any Girl (Single)
80's Baby 英文
2.Rock Band
5 and Better Series: The Cold Corner 英文
1.New Pu$$y
2.Do It for This Block
3.Good Company
4.Be That Way Sometimes
5.My Brother's Keeper
6.What Am I Doing Here
7.On the Arm
8.Neighborhood Watch
9.Cold Corner
10.Another Day Another Dollar
5 And Better Series: V.5 (80's Baby) (Mixtape) 英文
2.My Bad
3.Shitty City Pt. 2
4.Who's Your Favorite
5.We Remain
6.Better You Know Me
7.I Do
8.It's Going Down: Lip Service
9.Look Ma
10.Rather Be Me
11.Power Pack
12.Only Human
13.No Escape
14.The Get Back (Southside In The House)
15.Probably Want Me Down
16.Greenday (Remix)
17.Big Bully
5 And Better Series: 4-30-2009 Happy Birthday Vol. 4 (Mixtape) 英文
1.Flight School
3.Shut Your Bloodcot Mouth Part 2
4.Have It All
5.I Get Around
6.Real Recognize Real
7.My Way Or Nothing
8.Me And My Strap
9.In Luv Wit Ya Boy
10.Officer Down
11.New Era
12.The Raw
13.Money Moves The World
14.Don't Come Around
15.Truth Hurts
暫存 英文
2.Light Up Freestyle
3.See Me Bright
5.Aint No Click
6.If Ya So Gangsta
7.Born Alone, Die Alone
8.Die One Day
9.Warrior, Pt. 2
10.Work Magic
11.Til the End
14.South Side
15.Just Another Day
16.South Side Story
17.If You So Gangsta
18.King / Do My Thing
19.Warrior Part
20.I'm So Fly
21.Work Magic (Featuring Young Buck)
22.I Get High (Featuring 50 Cent & Snoop Dogg)
24.Hands Up (Explicit)
25.When the Chips Are Down
26.Warrior, Part 2 (Featuring 50 Cent, Eminem & Nate Dogg)
27.When The Chips Are Down (Featuring The Game)
28.Get Low
30.I Get High
31.Southside Story
32.Beamer, Benz, Or Bentley (Remix)
33.Finish Line
34.Getting To It Mandatory
35.Start It Up (UK Remix)
36.Fly Like The Wind
37.On The Double
39.G-Unit Anthem
40.Not Without My Glock
41.Porno Star
42.Nobody Believes Me
43.I'm Back
44.Warrior 2
45.Ain't No Click (Featuring Tony Yayo)
46.Warrior Part 2
47.You Already Know
48.Intro / Rise From The Dirt
49.I can be more
50.Who Shot Ya (Freestyle)
51.Any Girl (Instrumental)
52.Go Hard or Go Home
53.Top 5
54.Got Em Like
55.Freestyle (Funkmaster Flex)
56.Everything You Got
57.My House (clean)
58.718 Nigga
59.Call It How I See It
60.I Am Legend
61.The Shitty City (Interlude)
62.Get Yo Guns
63.Born & Raised
64.Return of the Real
65.Lights, Camera, Packin
66.Eyes Wide
67.Check Me Out (A.R.S.O.N. MIX)
68.Reap What You Sow
70.Get Up
72.Survival - Album Version (Edited)
73.Karma - Album Version (Edited)
74.6 Figga Nigga

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