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Eddie Money【 共收藏 8 張專輯, 65 首歌 】
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Then And Now 英文
1.Two Tickets To Paradise - 1997 / Live At Galaxy Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
2.Take Me Home Tonight (Live At Galaxy Theatre, Los Angeles, CA 1997)
3.Baby Hold On (Live At Galaxy Theatre, Los Angeles, CA 1997)
4.Wanna Go Back (Live At Galaxy Theatre, Los Angeles, CA 1997)
5.Shakin' - 1997 / Live At The Galaxy Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
6.Baby Hold On - 1997 / Live At Galaxy Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
The Hits (Re-Recorded) 英文
1.I Wanna Go Back (Re-Recorded)
2.Walk On Water (Re-Recorded)
3.Peace in Our Time (Re-Recorded)
4.Life for the Taking (Re-Recorded)
5.Baby Hold On (Re-Recorded)
6.Two Tickets to Paradise (Re-Recorded)
The Essential Eddie Money 英文
1.Maureen (Live)
2.Save a Little Room in Your Heart for Me (Acoustic)
3.Baby Hold On
4.Take Me Home Tonight
5.No Control
6.Walk On Water
7.Endless Nights
8.Two Tickets To Paradise
Shakin' With The Money Man 英文
1.Gimme Some Water - 1997 / Live At Galaxy Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
2.Everybody Loves Christmas
3.Take Me Home Tonight
4.Baby Hold On
5.Shakin' (Live)
6.Take Me Home Tonight (Live)
7.Baby Hold On (Live)
8.Gimme Some Water (Live)
9.Wanna Go Back (Live)
10.Two Tickets to Paradise
Greatest Hits: Sound Of Money 英文
El Comienzo 英文
1.Give Me Some Water
Can't Hold Back 英文
1.One Chance
暫存 英文
1.Shakin' (Re-Recorded)
2.Take Me Home Tonight (From 'Take Me Home Tonight') [Re-Recorded]
3.I Think I'm In Love
4.Walk on Water
5.When I Come Around
6.I Wanna Go Back
7.I'll Get By
8.You've Really Got a Hold On Me
9.Wanna Go Back
10.The Love In Your Eyes
11.Maybe I'm a Fool
12.Stranger in a Strange Land
13.Take Me Home Tonight/Be My Baby
14.Take Me Home Tonight (Be My Baby)
15.Peace in Our Time
16.I Can't Hold Back
17.Looking Through The Eyes Of A Child
18.Get A Move On
19.Life for the Talking
20.Fall In Love Again
21.The Big Crash
22.One Love
23.Heaven In The Back Seat
24.If I Could Walk On Water
25.Stop Steppin' On My Heart
26.Trinidad - Acoustic Ep
27.Wanna Be a Rock 'N' Roll Star
28.Gamblin' Man
29.Save a Little Room In Your Heart
31.Land of a Thousand Dances
32.Take Me Home Tonight / Be My Baby - Single Version

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