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Mischief Brew【 共收藏 11 張專輯, 73 首歌 】
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This Is Not For Children 英文
1.Two Nickles
2.Bad Heart
3.Lancaster Avenue Blues
4.City Of Black Fridays
5.Squatter Envy
6.Danger Falling Pianos
7.This Is Not For Children
8.No Candlesticks
9.Slow Death Hymn
O, Pennsyltucky! 英文
1.O, Pennsyltucky!
2.We Are The Ground
3.Dirty Overhauls
The Stone Operation 英文
1.A Lawless World
2.Three-Cord Circus
3.Dallas In Romania
4.Busker's Wages
5.Pompous-Ass Manifesto (提供)
6.Paris Warlike
7.Stuff's Weird
8.On The Sly
9.Nevada City Serenade
10.Lucky No 31
11.Drinking Song From The Home Stretch
12.Untitled (提供)
Songs From Under the Sink 英文
1.Thanks, Bastards!
2.How Did I Get Out Alive?
3.The Dreams of the Morning
4.Coffee, God, and Cigarettes
5.All Our Comrades
6.Love and Rage
7.Gratitude and Thanks
8.Save a City...
9.Children Play With Matches
10.Gimme Coffee, or Death
11.Tell Me a Story
12.A Rebel's Romance (Full Band)
13.The Midnight Special 2002
Smash the Windows 英文
1.Citizens Drive
2.A Liquor Never Brewed (With Guignol)
3.Ain't It the Life?
4.The Gypsy, the Punk, and the Fool (A Tale)
5.From the Rooftops
6.Ten Thousand Fleas
7.The Lowly Carpenter
8.Nomads Revolt
9.Lightning Knock the Power Out
10.Departure Arrival
Photographs From the Shoebox 英文
1.Labor Day Massacre
2.Bury Me in Analog
3.Watching Scotty Die
Don't Spoil Yer Supper! 英文
1.Boycott Me!
2.A Liquor Never Brewed
3.Weapons (live)
4.A Rebel's Romance
Boiling Breakfast Early: A Demo Collection 英文
1.The Master Is A Drunkard (Demo)
2.The Stone Worker (Demo)
3.Weapons (Demo)
4.A Rebel's Romance (Demo)
Bacchanal 'N' Philadelphia 英文
1.Every Town Will Celebrate
2.Olde Tyme Mem'ry
3.Dirty Pennies
4.Fare Well, Good Fellows
5.Roll Me Through the Gates of Hell - Acoustic Version
Ba-Ke-Nal' 英文
1.Rambler's Ghost
2.Devil Of A Time
3.The Drunk Of Three Nights
4.Roll Me Through The Gates Of Hell
暫存 英文
1.Free Radical Radio Fever
2.The Ballad of the Cloth (Bonus Track)
3.Punx Win! (Acoustic Demo)
4.Goodbye Under God (Alternate Mix)
5.No Followers

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