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So The Flies Don’t Come 英文
2.Souvenir (feat. Hemlock Ernst) (提供)
3.Zen Scientist (feat. Myka 9) (提供)
4.Re Animist
5.An Encyclopedia
6.Going No Place (feat. Elucid) (提供)
7.True Nen (feat. Open Mike Eagle) (提供)
8.Napping Under The Echo Tree
10.Song About a Raygunn (An Ode to Driver)
Clinton Street & Back Again 英文
1.Clinton Street and Back Again (feat. Jordan Tetewsky and Celia Chevalier) (提供)
2.Once you start to write diagonally on blank paper, it's all over (提供)
3.Dreaming in a Caravan (feat. Honor Finnegan) (提供)
4.Poetics (feat. Celia Chevalier and Walker Higgins) (提供)
5.The Book of Qualities (feat. Ruben Dax) (提供)
6.The Herkimer Hills (提供)
7.The Gift and Curse of Feeling with Great Intensity (提供)
8.Letting Go; Rabbit Run (feat. Alanna Murray and Hunter Zimny) (提供)
9.Lost Again (feat. Jordan Tetewsky, Carl Money & Max Henry) (提供)
A Toothpaste Suburb 英文
1.Salladhor Saan, Smuggler
2.Yafet's Song
3.Peanut Butter Sandwiches
4.Sanssouci Palace
5.In Gaol (feat. Kool AD) (提供)
6.Thatness and Whatness
7.Fragrant Pee Farts (feat. Scallops Hotel)
8.Ought Implies Can and I Cannot
9.You Are Go(o)d to Me
10.Objectifying Rabbits (feat. Open Mike Eagle)
11.Argyle Sox (Hellfyre 5ever) [feat. Busdriver] (提供)
12.Buck 65's Knee
13.Just Us (A Reprise for Robert Who Will Never Be Forgotten)
14.A Day Trip to the Nightosphere (feat. Anderson Paak)
15.MAY THE DAYS BE AIMLESS (Sorcery) [feat. WC TANK] (提供)
16.Gaudeamus Igitur (for Kang Min-gyu)
Things That Happen At Day Things That Happen At Night 英文
1.Sweet Chin Music (The Fisher King's Anthem)
2.almost cut my hair (for Crosby)
4.Legends of the Hidden Temple
5.almond milk paradise (feat. Safari Al)
6.Kenosha, Wi
7.A Lazy Coon's Obiter Dictum
8.The Gus Haynes cribbage league (feat. Busdriver)
10.Folk-Metaphysics, 2Nd Ed. hoc ergo propter hoc (for Schopenhauer)
12.The otherground pizza party (feat. Open Mike Eagle)
13.Prop Joe's Clock Repair Shop
Cavalcade 英文
1.geometry and theology
2.sophistry and illusion ft. Nocando oleanders ft. Busdriver
4.besos al chiliagon swords ft. YC The Cynic
6.i am am
I Wish My Brother Rob Was Here 英文
1.Omar Don't Scare
2.Just Us (For My Friend Robert, Who Doesn't live Here Anymore)
3.One Lonely Owl
4.The Thief of Always
5.Sanguine Spin Cycles
6.Backpacker's Sermon From Mount Jansport
7.David Foster Wallace
8.For the Unheard Proboard Warriors! (feat. Nicholas J)
9.Bill Murray's Prayer
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