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MC Lyte【 共收藏 5 張專輯, 88 首歌 】
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Legend 英文
1.We Here Now featruing Mario (提供)
2.Ball featuring Lil' Mama & AV
3.Bomb Wild Out featuring AV (提供)
4.Dear John featuring Common & 10Beats
5.Last Time featuring Faith Evans & Coko (提供)
6.Wanted (提供)
7.Cravin' featuring Stan Carrizosa (提供)
8.40 Days featuring StayC Reign (提供)
9.Way Back (提供)
11.Love On Me featuring Kenny Lattimore (提供)
Da Undaground Heat, Vol. 1 英文
1.Phone Check 4 Interlude Outro (提供)
2.Ride Wit Me (Clean Edit) (提供)
3.U Can't Stop It (提供)
4.Supastar (提供)
5.God Said Lyte (A Cappella Version) (提供)
7.Bklyn (Live That) (提供)
8.Lyte Tha Emcee Pt. 2
9.Phone Check 2 Interlude (提供)
10.Where Home Is (提供)
11.Phone Check 3 Interlude (提供)
12.U Got It
13.God Said Lyte
14.Intro (提供)
15.Ride Wit Me
16.What Ya'll Want (提供)
17.Phone Check 1 Interlude (提供)
Bad As I Wanna B 英文
1.Cold Rock a Party
Lyte As A Rock 英文
1.10% Dis2.I Am Woman
暫存 英文
1.Lyte as a Rock
2.When In Love
3.Keep It Movin'
4.In My Business
5.Paper Thin
6.Cha Cha Cha
8.Poor Georgie
9.Eyes Are the Soul
10.Kickin' 4 Brooklyn
11.Have U Ever
13.Want What I Got
14.Mickey Slipper (Interlude)
15.It's All Yours
16.Slave 2 The Rhythm
17.Throwin' Words At U
18.Please Understand
19.One on One
20.Beyond the Hype
21.TRG (The Rap Game)
22.MC Lyte Likes Swingin'
23.K-Rock's the Man
25.Shut the Eff Up! (Hoe)
26.Take It Off
27.All That
29.Search 4 the Lyte
30.I Am the Lyte
32.Hard Copy
34.Ain't No Other
35.Stop, Look, Listen
36.I Cram to Understand U
37.Like a Virgin
38.Party Goin' on
39.Steady Fucking
40.Break It Down
41.Lola From The Copa
42.Top Billin'
43.Keep On, Keepin' On
44.Don't Cry Big Girls
45.Absolutely Positively.....Practical Jokes
46.Can You Dig It
47.Dear John
48.Cold Rock a Party (explicit LP version)
49.Keep on, Keepin' On (dirty soundtrack version)
50.Cold Rock a Party (radio edit clean)
51.Have U Ever (album version)
52.Paper Thin (album version)
53.Survival of the Fittest
54.Everyday (Smoothed Over remix)
55.I Can't Make a Mistake
56.I Can't Make a Mistake (radio edit)
57.Cold Rock a Party (Bad Boy Remix)

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