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Mark Brine【 共收藏 12 張專輯, 165 首歌 】
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Mark Brine and His Folkabilly Bluezgrass 英文
1.Why I Yodel (提供)
2.Factory Blues (提供)
3.Hey, Lil' Girl (提供)
4.Who's Been Diggin' (The Garden Blues) (提供)
5.Springtime, Tennessee (提供)
6.Momma's Tears (提供)
7.In Between the Raindrops (提供)
8.Somethin' to Cry About (提供)
9.Kid At Heart (提供)
10.Those Lonesome Whistles (提供)
11.Willie (Can You Hear Me?) (提供)
12.Banjo Ringin' (提供)
13.That Ole Screendoor Song (提供)
14.The Picture That My Daddy Drew (提供)
The Carol And The True Folk Legend Of Jack Frost Soundtrack 英文
1.The Carol (Main Theme) (提供)
2.Voices In The Wind (提供)
3.Life's Just A Dream (提供)
4.Undoubtedly Angels (提供)
5.Rebel (提供)
6.If We Could Only Runaway (提供)
7.Emmanuel (God With Us) (提供)
8.Blood On The Cross (提供)
9.Your Doorway (Christmas Eve) (提供)
10.Orchid Lady Elegy (提供)
11.The Carol Rag (Feat. Fiddlin' Sid Harkreader) (提供)
12.Tears For Lydia (提供)
13.Wordless Dirge For Michelle (提供)
14.The Carol (Aka The Christmas Carol No One Listens For) (提供)
15.Voices In The Wind (Into Backwards) (提供)
16.If I Ever Make It Back To Heaven (提供)
17.Preparin' The Way (For The Coming Of The Sun) (提供)
18.To Be With Him (提供)
19.Where We Never Grow Old (Feat. Fiddlin' Sid Harkreader) (提供)
20.The Carol Rag (Return) (Feat. Fiddlin' Sid Harkreader & Linda Joseph) (提供)
21.Easter Everlasting (提供)
22.If I Ever Make It Back To Heaven (Return) (提供)
23.If Following My Dream (提供)
24.Real Special Feelin' (Return) (提供)
25.Wise Men (提供)
26.Mrs. Santa (提供)
27.The Beautiful Death/Angel Boy (提供)
28.And...I'll Wait For You (提供)
29.Silent Night (Feat. Linda Joseph) (提供)
30.Jesus Is The Reason (提供)
31.Voices In The Wind (Out Of Backwards) (提供)
32.Winter Snow (提供)
33.The Carol Theme (Conclusion) (提供)
Return to Americana 英文
1.Honey, We're Gonna Rise Above It (提供)
2.There's Still a Still on Stillman's Hill (提供)
3.Sorry...Gone Fishin' (提供)
4.To Himself, He Was Ole Jimmie Rodgers (提供)
5.Them Good Ole Days (提供)
6.Hillbilly Song (提供)
7.Gonna Move My Shoes (提供)
8.Won't Be Comin' Back (Gotta Move My Shoes) (提供)
9.Baseball Benny (The Baseball Strike Song) (提供)
10.Here's To The Vietnam Vet (提供)
11.Blue Roses (提供)
Return of the Drifter(Moralistic songs & recitations.. accordin' to MARK) 英文
1.Come Back, Luke The Drifter (the Real Answer Song!) (提供)
2.Return Of The Drifter (提供)
3.Where Have All The Children Gone? (to An Endless Holocaust!) (提供)
4.The Paper God (提供)
5.Mr. Are-you-jesus? (提供)
6.In My Son's Eyes (提供)
7.To Gain The World (提供)
8.The Old Bag Lady (提供)
9.ain't No Such Thing As A Good Thief (提供)
10.why Can't I Know It All Like When I Was A Kid (提供)
11.Gotta Get Back To God (提供)
12.Calling Down The Road (提供)
Out On Luke's Highway 英文
1.I Wanna Duet With You (提供)
2.Common Sense (提供)
3.Sweet Harmony (提供)
4.Hands On You (提供)
5.Little Buddy (提供)
6.I Got It Made (提供)
7.Your Cheatin' Heart (提供)
8.Love Just Doesn't Feel Right Anymore (提供)
9.The Rambler's Call (提供)
10.Gonna Lose Your Man (提供)
11.The Last Thing I Want to Hear From You (提供)
12.Blue Yodel (提供)
13.He Wrote Our Names (提供)
14.In Karrie's Smile (提供)
My Christmas Song for You 英文
1.Mary Had A Choice Too (Behold Mother) (提供)
2.My Christmas Song for You (提供)
3.Snowfall (提供)
4.Watching Their Flocks (提供)
5.It All Began With Love (提供)
6.Medley: Hark the Herald Angels Sing/I Wonder As I Wander (提供)
7.Three Holy Men (提供)
8.O Holy Night (提供)
9.The Christmas Tree in Mother's House (提供)
10.Silent Night (提供)
I Deliver 英文
1.Jessica Blue (提供)
2.Cranky Ole Cantankerous Cow (提供)
3.Let's Get Down Tonite (提供)
4.Still Waitin' For a Train (提供)
5.Chickenfeed (提供)
6.I Deliver (提供)
7.Mrs. Blues (提供)
8.Tom Cattin' (提供)
9.Ukulele Yodeliln' Blues (提供)
10.Like Crazy (提供)
11.El-Duke-O Blues (提供)
12.Love is a Game (提供)
13.Skinny Dippin' Blues (提供)
I'm Not Anyone 英文
1.I'm Not Anyone (提供)
2.Hello Lady (提供)
3.Its Me (提供)
4.Lord Sellin' Preacher (提供)
5.Words (提供)
6.Comin' Home to Love (提供)
7.That's When You'll Want Me Back Again (提供)
8.How Come We Can't Live Together (提供)
9.Mr. Marty (提供)
10.Dreams ('Nother One of Them Dreams) (提供)
11.Point of No Return (提供)
Fortunes: the Best of Mark Brine 英文
1.Fortunes (提供)
2.You Are My Sweet Dream (提供)
3.The Parlor Song (提供)
4.The Tale of the Troll '?n Me (提供)
5.The '?God Will Be Up' Lullaby (提供)
6.Ay'ee Lou'siana (alternate take) (提供)
7.Ukelele Yodelin' Blues (提供)
8.Plea for Forgiveness (提供)
for Karrie 英文
1.Up On Elk's Ridge (提供)
2.For Karrie (提供)
3.Baby, You Move Me (提供)
4.Once A Soldier (Always A Hero) (提供)
5.You Ain't Feelin' With A Full Deck (提供)
6.8th Grade Romance ( ... And They Danced) (提供)
7.Always Open Arms (提供)
8.Riverboat (提供)
9.Mae West Momma (提供)
10.Stephen (提供)
11.Even Blind Faith Has To See (提供)
12.Back Roads (提供)
13.Fly Away (提供)
Real Special Feelin' 英文
1.Real Special Feelin' (提供)
2.You Sure Got a Way (提供)
3.I've Always Been a Sucker For Your Smile (Miss Rebecca) (提供)
4.I Woke Up in Time (提供)
5.When the Moon Was in the Sky (提供)
6.If Your Thoughts Are Ever Mine (提供)
7.Aggie (alternate take) (提供)
8.Dear Jesse (提供)
9.So Lonely Without You (提供)
10.Kentucky Blue (提供)
11.Pretty Things (提供)
12.Now's the Time I Need You Most (提供)
13.You're My Songs (提供)
14.Always You (提供)
New Blue Yodel 英文
1.Shy Boy's Always Dance With The Big Girls (提供)
2.When You Love Me (you Love Me Right) Blues (提供)
3.Blues In My Mind (提供)
4.Aggie (提供)
5.Oh! Susanna (提供)
6.New Blue Yodel (提供)
7.When the Saints Go Marching In (提供)
8.Wrong Side of the Bourbon St. Blues (提供)
9.Ay'ee Lousiana (提供)
10.Jalopy Blues (提供)
11.Country Music's Gonna To the City (提供)
12.In the Hands of God (提供)

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