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Pellek【 共收藏 30 張專輯, 225 首歌 】
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A Marvelous Method Of Reclusion 英文
1.The Path Of Reclusion (提供)
2.The Master Of Reclusion
3.All That I Am
5.The Space Between
6.Intermezzo (提供)
7.In Windows
8.I Know You Don't Know
9.From The Depths
10.A Reason Unseen
Covers Vol. 19 英文
1.Hijo De La Luna (提供)
2.Clattanoia (Overlord Opening) (提供)
3.Chozetsu Dynamic (Dragon Ball Super Opening) (提供)
4.Escape From The City (City Escape)
5.Beat It
6.Dead Inside (提供)
7.Kiss The Girl (提供)
8.It's My Life
9.In The End
10.The Trooper
11.Database (Log Horizon Opening)
Ocean of Opportunity 英文
2.Northern Wayfarer
3.Sea of Okhotsk
4.Brigantine of Tranquility
5.God's Pocket
6.Stars and Bullet Holes
7.Sky Odyssey
9.The Last Journey
The '90s Sitcom Metal Medley 英文
1.Everywhere You Look (Full House Opening Theme)
2.I'll Be There For You (Friends Opening Theme)
3.Yo! Home To Bel Air (The Fresh Prince of Bel Air Opening Theme)
4.As Days Go By (Family Matters Opening Theme)
5.The Nanny Named Fran (The Nanny Opening Theme)
Pellek's YouTube Covers - Volume 15 英文
1.Maniac (Feat. 331erock)
2.Belle (Beauty and the Beast)
3.Hellfire (Hunchback of Notre Dame)
4.Flyers (Death Parade)
PelleK's Pokémon Medley 英文
1.Pokemon - Indigo League Theme
2.Pokemon - Advanced Theme
3.Pokemon - The Johto Journeys Theme
4.Pokemon - Galactic Battles Theme
5.Pokemon - Master Quest Theme
6.Pokemon - XY Theme
7.Pokemon - Adventures In Unova Theme
8.Pokemon - Rival Destinies Theme
9.Pokemon - Black and White Theme
10.Pokemon - Battle Dimension Theme
11.Pokemon - Diamond and Pearl Theme
12.Pokemon - Battle Frontier Theme
13.Pokemon - Advanced Battle Theme
14.Pokemon - Advanced Challenge Theme
15.Pokemon - Johto League Champions Theme
16.Pokemon - Adventures On the Orange Islands Theme
17.Pokemon - Sinnoh League Victors Theme
Covers, Vol. 2 英文
1.Take On Me
2.Yankee Doodle Dandy
4.When I Was Your Man
5.Man In the Mirror
8.Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
9.Call Me Maybe
10.Counting Stars
Covers Vol. 9 英文
1.Symphony of the Night
2.Friend Like Me
3.I'll Make a Man Out of You
4.Under the Sea
6.All Digimon Theme Songs
7.My Immortal
Covers Vol. 8 英文
1.Blue Bird (Naruto Shippuden)
2.Crossing Field (from 'Sword Art Online')
3.I'm On a Rampage
4.Heavy Metal Narwhals
5.Prince Ali
8.Someone Like You
Covers Vol. 7 英文
1.All of Me
2.Go Go Power Rangers!
3.Perfect Strangers
4.This Is War
5.Thundercats Theme
Covers Vol. 6 英文
1.DuckTales Theme
2.Spiderman Cartoon Theme
3.Down Under
4.The Escapist
5.Kiss From a Rose
6.Rolling In the Deep
Covers Vol. 5 英文
1.PelleK's Animedley
2.Barbie Girl
4.Once Upon a Dream
5.Smooth Criminal
6.Snake Eater (From Metal Gear Solid)
7.The Neverending Story
Covers Vol. 4 英文
1.Bohemian Rhapsody
2.Sweet Dreams
5.Dancing Queen
6.She's Gone
7.Carry On My Wayward Son
8.Rock You Like a Hurricane
Covers Vol. 3 英文
1.Ever Dream
2.What's Up
3.Village of Dwarves
4.This Is My Hell
5.The Bard's Song
6.Power Rangers
8.Glory To the Brave
9.Phantom of the Opera
11.Wings of a Butterfly
Covers Vol. 21 英文
1.Worlds Collide (League of Legends 2015 WC Theme)
2.Believe in Myself (Fairy Tail Opening 21)
3.This Will Be The Day (RWBY Opening)
Covers Vol. 20 英文
1.Come Little Children (Hocus Pocus)
2.Hello (Adele)
3.Part of Your World (The Little Mermaid)
4.The Power of Love (From Back to the Future)
5.Spooky Scary Skeletons
Covers Vol. 17 英文
1.Live and Learn (Sonic Adventure 2)
2.Scarface (Push It to the Limit)
3.They Don't Care About Us
4.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Theme
Covers Vol. 16 英文
1.You Give Love a Bad Name
2.The Show Must Go On
3.Elastic Heart
4.Glassy Sky (Tokyo Ghoul)
5.X.U. (Owari no Seraph)
6.Abnormalize (Psycho-Pass)
7.Shatter Me
8.Brave Heart (Digimon Adventure) English Version
9.I Really Like You
Covers Vol. 15 英文
1.One Reason (Deadman Wonderland)
2.Hellfire (Hunchback of Notre Dame)
3.Flyers (Death Parade)
4.The Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai)
5.The Curse of the Sad Mummy
6.Belle (Beauty and the Beast)
Covers Vol. 14 英文
1.Be Prepared
2.Chop Suey!
3.Power Rangers Dino Charge
4.To Be With You
Covers Vol. 13 英文
2.Circle of Life
3.Fly Me to the Moon (unplugged)
4.I Just Can't Wait to Be King
5.Let Me Hear (from Parasyte)
6.Livin' on a Prayer
7.A Cruel Angel's Thesis (from Neon Genesis Evangelion)
Covers Vol. 12 英文
1.Take On Me (Feat. 331Erock)
2.The Immigrant Song
3.The Beginning
4.This Is Halloween
5.What's This?
6.You Were There
Covers Vol. 11 英文
1.I Want Out
2.Kim Possible Theme (Call me, Beep me)
3.Trucker's Hitch
5.Yellow Flicker Beat
Covers Vol. 10 英文
1.Dream On
2.Arabian Nights
3.Heroes of the Storm
Covers Vol. 1 英文
1.Simple And
3.Simple and Clean
4.Melodies of Life
5.Song of the Lonely Mountain
6.Touch the Sky
7.Wrecking Ball
9.Let It Go
10.The Dragonborn Returns
11.The Fox
12.Never Gonna Give You Up
Compilation 英文
1.Escape From The City (City Escape)
2.I Really Like You
3.GO!!! (Naruto Opening 4)
4.I See Fire (The Hobbit)
5.Billie Jean
6.Blue (Da Ba Dee)
7.The Trooper
8.It's My Life
9.In The End
10.Beat It
11.Database (Log Horizon Opening)
Cloud Dancers 英文
1.Enveloped in Smoke (Dead Night)
2.The Grey Ballet
4.Restless Butterfly
5.Cloud Dancers
6.Carillon Canticle
7.Battle Supreme
Christmas With Pellek 英文
1.Twelve Days of Christmas
2.O Christmas Tree
3.Deck the Halls
4.Come All Ye Faithfull
5.Silent Night
Bag of Tricks 英文
1.Fugue State
2.Conflagrate My Heart
3.Born in Babylon
4.Stare Into My Eyes
5.Don't Belong
8.Send My Message Home
9.Reason and Psychosis
暫存 英文
1.You'll Be in My Heart (From 'Tarzan')
2.Go the Distance (From 'Hercules')
3.Share The World! (One Piece Opening 11)
4.Hard Knock Days (One Piece Opening 18)
5.XY&Z (Pokemon XY & Z Opening)
6.Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (Bleach Opening 4)
7.Distance (Naruto Shippuden Opening 2)
8.Perfect Illusion
9.Blue Bird (from Naruto Shippuden)
10.History Maker (From 'Yuri on Ice')

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