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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Pam Tillis
Pam Tillis【 共收藏 7 張專輯, 113 首歌 】
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All Of This Love 英文
1.All Of This Love
2.Deep Down
3.Mandolin Rain
4.Sunset Red And Pale Moonlight
5.It's Lonely Out There
6.The River And The Highway
7.You Can't Have A Good Time Without Me
8.Betty's Got A Bass Boat
9.Tequila Mockingbird
10.No Two Ways About It
Put Yourself In My Place 英文
1.Maybe It Was Memphis
2.Blue Rose Is
3.Don't Tell Me What To Do
4.Ancient History
5.Already Fallen
6.Draggin' My Chains
7.I've Seen Enough To Know
8.Melancholy Child
9.One Of Those Things
10.Put Yourself In My Place
Above And Beyond The Doll Of Cutey 英文
1.Killer Comfort
2.Love Is Sneakin' up On You
3.Make It Feel Better
4.Wish I Was In Love Tonight
5.You Don't Miss
6.Never Be The Same
7.You Just Want To Be Weird
8.Popular Girl
9.It Ain't Easy Bein' Easy
10.Let's Get Crazy
Sweetheart's Dance 英文
1.Sweetheart's Dance
2.Calico Plains
3.When You Walk In The Room
4.Spilled Perfume
5.They Don't Break'em Like They Used To
6.In Between Dances
7.Better Off Blue
8.Mi Vida Loca (My Crazy Life)
9.'Til All The Lonely's Gone
Homeward Looking Angel 英文
1.Shake The Sugar Tree
2.Let That Pony Run
3.Cleopatra, Queen Of Denial
4.Do You Know Where Your Man Is
5.'Fine, Fine, Very Fine Love'
6.How Gone Is Goodbye
7.Homeward Looking Angel
8.Love Is Only Human
9.Rough And Tumble Heart
10.We've Tried Everything Else
I Said a Prayer (Live) 英文
1.Mi Vida Loca (my Crazy Life) [Live]
2.I Said a Prayer (Live)
3.Demolition Angel (Live)
4.Heartache (Live)
5.Last Train To Clarksville (Live)
6.Calico Plains (Live)
7.All the Good Ones Are Gone (single) [Live]
8.Cleopatra, Queen of Denial (Live)
9.Blue Rose Is (single) [Live]
10.Do You Know Where Your Man Is (Live)
11.Don't Tell Me What To Do (Live)
12.Maybe it Was Memphis (Live)
暫存 英文
1.What We Believe In
3.All the Good Ones Are Gone
4.Land Of The Living
5.I Said A Prayer
6.Every Time
7.You Put The Lonely On Me
8.A Whisper And A Scream
9.Lay The Heartache Down
10.Hurt Myself
11.Not Me
12.Whiskey On The Wound
13.We Must Be Thinking Alike
14.After Hours
15.A Great Disguise
16.I Was Blown Away
17.Milk And Honey
18.Pull Your Hat Down Tight
19.I Smile
20.Goodbye Wheeling
21.Unmitigated Gall
23.Waiting On the Wind (Bonus Track)
24.Violet and a Rose
25.Detroit City
27.There Goes My Love
28.Those Memories of You
29.Mental Revenge
30.Jagged Hearts
31.Come on and Sing
32.Burning Memories
33.I Ain't Never
34.Heart Over Mind
35.Tennessee Nights
36.Thunder and Roses
37.Not Like It Was With You
38.Five Minutes
39.So Wrong
40.Demolition Angel
41.Medley: Spilled Perfume / Let That Pony Run / Good Ones
42.Cleopatra (LIVE)
43.That Was a Heartache (Live)
44.The River and the Highway (Live)
45.When You Walk in the Room (Live)
46.Waiting On the Wind
47.In Between Dances (Live)
48.Over My Head
49.Colors of the Wind
50.Silver Wings
52.Silent Night Medley (I Wonder As I Wander, Away In a Manger & Silent Night)

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