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Chic( Nile Rodgers & Chic )【 共收藏 21 張專輯, 189 首歌 】
別緻(/ʃiːk/ SHEEK),現名為尼羅羅傑斯和別克,是一支由吉他手尼羅羅傑斯和貝司手愛德華茲組成的1976年組建的美國樂隊。 它記錄了許多商業上成功的迪斯科歌曲,包括“Dance,Dance,Dance(Yowsah,Yowsah,Yowsah)”(1977),“Everybody Dance”(1977),“Le Freak”(1978),“我希望你的愛” 1978年),“好時光”(1979年)和“我禁止的情人”(1979年)。 該組織認為自己是迪斯科運動的搖滾樂隊,“這對嬉皮士的和平,愛和自由很有幫助”。 2017年,Chic第11次入圍名人堂搖滾名人堂。
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I’ll Be There EP 英文
1.I'll Be There2.Back In The Old School (提供)
An Evening With Chic 英文
1.An Evening With Chic (提供)
Past Memoirs 英文
1.Intro (提供)
2.Point Of View (提供)
3.Laurence Pritcharj (提供)
4.Time Lapses (提供)
5.Damage (提供)
6.Painstalking Ex (提供)
7.Voices Of Confusion (提供)
8.Didn't You Know (提供)
9.Didn't You Know (Suite) (提供)
10.Meditational Psychosis (提供)
11.Passion (feat. Drumcatcher) (提供)
12.End Of Your World (提供)
13.Past Dweller (提供)
14.The Milky Way (提供)
Nile Rodgers Presents: The Chic Organization Up All Night [The Greatest Hits] 英文
1.Le Freak
2.Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah)
3.I Want Your Love
4.Soup for One
5.Chic Cheer
6.My Feet Keep Dancing
7.He's the Greatest Dancer
8.Upside Down
9.Everybody Dance (12? Version)
10.We Are Family
11.Spacer (12? Version) (提供)
12.Lost in Music
13.Saturday (提供)
14.Got to Love Somebody
15.I'm Coming Out
16.Why (12? Version) (提供)
17.My Forbidden Lover (12? Version)
18.Thinking of You
19.I Love My Lady (提供)
20.Backfired (12? Version) (提供)
21.High Society (12? Version) (提供)
22.Reach Your Peak (12? Version) (提供)
23.Your Love Is Good (12? Version) (提供)
24.My Old Piano (提供)
Chic-Ism 英文
2.One And Only One
3.Something You Can Feel
4.Your Love
5.Chic Mystique
6.Doin' That Thing To Me
8.In It To Win It
9.My Love's For Real
10.Take My Love
13.Chic Mystique (Reprise)
Risque 英文
1.Good Times
2.My Forbidden Lover
3.Will You Cry (When You Hear This Song)
4.Can't Stand to Love You
sandopi 英文
1.Le Freak (radio edit)
2.Everybody Dance (radio edit)
3.Your Love (radio edit)
4.Soup for One (radio edit)
5.Hangin' (radio edit)
6.Dance, Dance, Dance
7.I Want Your Love
The Best of Chic, Vol. 2 英文
1.Rebels Are We (Single Edit)
2.Stage Fright (Single Edit)
3.Real People (Single Edit)
The 12' Singles Collection 英文
1.Good Times - 2006 Remastered Version Original 12' Mix
2.Good Times (12' Mix) [Remastered]
3.Everybody Dance (12' Mix)
4.I Want Your Love
Nile Rodgers Presents: The Chic Organization Boxset, Vol. 1: Savoir Faire 英文
1.Chic Cheer (Remastered)
2.Everybody Dance (12' Mix)
3.You Are Beautiful (Remastered)
4.Chip Off the Old Block (Remastered)
5.Real People (Remastered)
6.My Feet Keep Dancing (Remastered)
7.Good Times (Remastered Original 12' Mix)
8.At Last I Am Free (Remastered)
9.Savoir Faire (Remastered)
10.Le Freak (Remastered)
11.I Want Your Love (Dimitri from Paris Remix)
Nile Rodgers Presents: The Chic Organization Box Set, Volume 1 / Savoir Faire 英文
1.My Forbidden Lover (12' mix)
2.Everybody Dance (12' mix)
3.Dance Dance Dance (Yowsah Yowsah Yowsah) (12' mix)
4.I Want Your Love (Dimitri From Paris remix)
5.Le Freak
Magnifique - The Very Best Of Chic 英文
1.Everybody Dance (Edit Version)
2.My Forbidden Lover (Edit Version)
3.I Want Your Love (Edit Version)
4.Chic Mystique (Lovely Radio Edit) [W/Out Rap]
5.Le Freak
Live at the Budokan 英文
1.I Want Your Love (Live)
2.Le Freak (Live)
3.I Want Your Love
4.Dance Dance Dance
5.Dance Dance Dance (Live)
6.Dance, Dance, Dance (Intro)
7.Good Times / Rapper's Delight (Medley) [Live]
8.Good Times / Rapper's Delight
9.Good Times (Intro) [Live]
10.Le Freak
Les plus grands succès de Chic (Chic's Greatest Hits) 英文
1.I Want Your Love (Edit)
2.Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah) [Edit]
3.Good Times (Original 12' Mix)
4.Everybody Dance (12' Mix)
5.My Feet Keep Dancing
Greatest Hits (Live) 英文
1.Dance Dance Dance (Intro) [Live]
2.We Are Family (Intro) [Live]
3.Good Times (Intro) [Re-Recorded Version]
Experience Chic Live from Amsterdam 英文
1.Good Times (Live Version)
2.He's the Greatest Dancer (Live Version)
3.Everybody Dance (Live Version)
4.Dance, Dance, Dance (Live Version)
5.Chic Cheer (Live Version)
6.My Forbidden Lover (Live Version)
7.Le Freak (Live Version)
8.I'm Coming Out (Live Version)
9.I Want Your Love (Live Version)
10.We Are Family (Live Version)
Everybody Dance: Remixed Dance Classics 英文
1.Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah) (Pal Joey mix)
2.Everybody Dance (Hardhouse mix)
3.I Want Your Love (Stonebridge mix)
Definitive Groove: Chic 英文
1.Everybody Dance - 2006 Remastered Version
2.My Forbidden Lover - 2006 Remastered Version
3.Stage Fright - 2006 Remastered Version Single Edit
4.Chic Mystique - 2006 Remastered Version
5.Everybody Dance
6.My Feet Keep Dancing
7.I Want Your Love
8.Le Freak
Dance Dance Dance (Live) 英文
1.We Are Family (Live Intro)
2.Good Times (Live Intro)
3.Dance Dance Dance (Live Intro)
4.I Want Your Love (Live)
Best of Chic and Kool & The Gang 英文
1.I Want Your Love (Remastered)
2.Everybody Dance (Remastered)
3.Soup for One (Remastered)
4.Rebels Are We (Remastered)
暫存 英文
1.Good Times
2.Le Freak (12 inch)
3.At Last I Am Free
4.Sometimes You Win
5.Stage Fright
6.What About Me
7.Strike Up the Band
8.Just Out Of Reach
10.Give Me The Lovin
11.Your Love Is Cancelled
13.You Can't Do It Alone
14.Savoir Faire
15.You Are Beautiful
16.Flash Back
17.A Warm Summer Night
18.Show Me Your Light
19.Happy Man
20.Will You Cry
21.Chip Off the Old Block
22.Funny Bone
23.When You Love Someone
24.Rebels Are We
26.'Dance, Dance, Dance'
27.I Loved You More
28.Est-Ce Que C'est Chic
29.Falling In Love With You (Edited Version)
30.Le Freak - Single Edit
31.Good Times - 2006 Remastered Original 12' Mix
32.Chic Mystique (single version)
33.You Can Get By (radio edit)
34.Savoir Faire (Full-Lenght version)
35.Le Freak (single version)
36.Chic Cheer (remix)
37.I'm Coming Out (Live)
38.Give Me the Lovin' (Remastered)
39.When You Love Someone - Remastered
40.Take a Closer Look
41.Le Freak (Dimitri From Paris remix)
42.I'm Comin' Out (Live)
43.La Freak
44.Jack Le Freak (edit)

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