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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Rucka Rucka ALI
Rucka Rucka ALI【 共收藏 8 張專輯, 120 首歌 】
Rucka Rucka Ali
出生: 1987 年 1 月 27 日,以色列耶路撒冷
身高: 1.67 公尺

Rucka Rucka Ali(1987年1月27日出生)是一位美國喜劇演員,音樂家和互聯網名人,因其在YouTube上的政治和主題歌曲模仿而聞名。 他的大部分內容都採用種族和種族刻板印象。 他被貼上了社交媒體中最成功的藝人之一,他在YouTube上收到了超過1億的點擊率,其中包括“Go Cops!”,“Ima Korean”,“Ching Chang Chong “,”埃博拉(拉拉)“和”TRUMP“。 他發布了七張獨立的錄音室專輯,其中四張專輯在自製廣告牌上發布。
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Black Man Of Steal 英文
1.Yeah, It's a Plane (Intro) (提供)
2.Supa Black Man
3.What the Black Says (提供)
4.Ebola (La La)
5.I'm Obama
6.All About That Rice (feat. DJ Not Nice) (提供)
7.Eff Germany
9.1 Up
10.Wigger (提供)
11.Obama Been Watchin'
12.I Have a Little Cock
13.Bing Bong
14.Because I'm White (提供)
15.Minecraft Won't Add Inches to Your Cock
16.I'm Just a Teenage Mutant, Ninja (提供)
17.Ring a Ding Dong
18.Crapping (提供)
19.Smack My Bitch
20.Coincidental Racist
21.Kim Jong Un Song
22.Just Like Black Peoples
23.I Wanna Rape
24.In the Sun
25.I Love Michelle
26.Let's Talk About Race
27.I'm Osama
28.I'm Not Racist
29.Fly Like Me (提供)
Probably Racist 英文
1.Probably Racist Intro
2.Lets Go Jesus!
3.Justin's Beaver
4.My Shit
5.Take Your Pants Off
6.Russia's Gay
7.Rebecca's Black (High Day)
8.I'm Afraid (of Black People)
9.Get Butt Naked
11.U Know A Black Guy
13.Osama Bin Found
14.Pic Of My Dick
15.Charlie Wins Over Japan
16.Whutchu Jewin?
17.Only 17
18.Justin's Beaver The Movie
19.Budder (提供)
20.Eff Australia
21.We're All Asian
22.4 My Nuckas
A Very Rucka Christmas 英文
1.A Bitch Nigga Christmas
2.Twas The Night Before Kwanzaa
3.Suck My Balls (Jingle Bells)
4.Sirent Night
5.Brother Toby (Deck The Halls)
6.Letter To Santa
7.We Wish
8.Smoke Christmas Tree
9.12 Days Of Christmas
Straight Outta West B 英文
2.I Heart Crack
3.Lemme See Dem Titties (feat Dali Llama & Tickle Man)
4.Get It Straight
5.West Branch Pillage (feat Dali Llama & Tickle Man)
6.Marywuza Lil Bitch (feat Jihad Joe & Deejay Voorheis)
7.Bitch Nigga
8.Smoke Tree
Compilation 英文
1.Jared the Footlong Lover
2.Talking Chinese
3.Kanye West Diss
Rucka's World 英文
1.If I Was Mongolian (feat. DJ Not Nice)
2.My Korea's Over (feat. DJ Not Nice)
3.My Korea's Over
I'm Black, You're White & These Are Clearly Parodies 英文
1.Intro (Fuck YouTube)
暫存 英文
1.Don't Be A Playa, Haiti
2.Fergie 'L.A. Love' PARODY Ebola (La La)
3.All About Rice
4.But I'm White
5.Ima Korean (feat. DJ Not Nice)
6.Crips & Bloods
7.I Don't Like Old People
8.I Don't Like White People
9.I Love Minorities
10.Go Cops!
11.Good Kids Smoke Crack
12.Send That Bitch A Kissyface (feat. Dali Llama & Tickle Man)
13.Ching Chang Chong (feat. DJ Not Nice)
14.I Can Do Whatever I'm White
15.Emo (Like A Nazi)
16.I Heart Crack (BONUS Album)
17.Outro (Russia's Still Gay)
19.I Say Herro
20.Fucka Zombie
21.Livin' in the Vatican
23.I Know That You'll Miss Obama
24.Peein' on the French
25.Ching Chang Chong
26.I've Got Cancer
27.I H8 Nickel Back
28.All About That Rape (Popsicle)
29.Ur a Cartoonist
30.I'm Really White, Dude
31.Minecraft Won't Add Inches to Your Cock (Mine It Up)
32.Al Qaedirection
33.Brony Style (Ima Pedophile)
34.Free Kony (Dog)
36.Life Is Over
38.We're All Asian (feat. Dj Not Nice)
39.If I Was Mongolian
40.All About That Rice
41.Hitler Is Pewdiepie
42.Dear White People
43.jew boy
44.Treat Jew Better
45.Without Jew

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