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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Ron Browz
Ron Browz【 共收藏 7 張專輯, 71 首歌 】
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Blvck Circus 英文
1.Mr. Miyagi (feat Shawty Lo)
2.6 Millie
3.King Auto-Tune
4.Bout That Bread (feat Maino)
5.Mo Wavy
7.Made It Out That Kitchen (feat Lenox Mobb)
8.Fuk Wrong Witcha Mind (feat Lantana)
9.Flex (feat Belly)
10.Real Nigga [feat. Nore (P.A.P.I.) ]
11.Ass So Fat
12.You Wanna Dance
13.Talk Rite (feat Karty)
14.Turned Up
15.Better Than You
16.Rollin [feat. Nore (P.A.P.I.) ]
Stranded On Lenox 英文
1.Pray For My Enemies (提供)
2.All Night (提供)
3.Involved (提供)
4.Ima Target (提供)
5.Stranded On Lenox (提供)
6.Never (提供)
7.What Up Tho (提供)
8.Trippy Loopy (提供)
9.Flow (提供)
10.25,000 (提供)
11.Ring The Alarm (提供)
12.Watch You Twerk It (提供)
13.Dancer House (提供)
14.Money For Life (提供)
15.Exotic Remix (提供)
16.Take This (提供)
17.It's A Given (提供)
Write Cha Name (Single) 英文
1.Write Cha Name
Main Event (Single) 英文
1.Main Event
EtherBoy 英文
1.Pop Champagne
2.Jumping (Out The Window)
3.What They Call Me (Big Time)
4.Intro (提供)
5.I'm From Uptown (提供)
6.I Promise (提供)
7.Panties In The Microwave (提供)
8.Simple Man
9.I Do My Thing (提供)
10.For My Ladies (提供)
11.Can't Deny It (提供)
12.In Love Witcha Boy
13.Wheels Fall Off (提供)
14.Arab Money (Remix)
Etherlibrium 英文
1.Etherlibrium Intro (提供)
2.Wishing On A Star (提供)
3.In A Zone (提供)
4.Don't Breathe It (提供)
5.What Up Bro Remix (提供)
6.Good Morning (提供)
7.You Can Blossom (提供)
8.Harlem Put Ya Hands Up (提供)
9.Winded (提供)
10.My Friend Skit (提供)
11.Slow Motion (提供)
12.Start Off Walking (提供)
13.Half Time 2010 (提供)
14.Wanna Be You (提供)
15.I Swear (提供)
16.EtherBoy Allstars (提供)
暫存 英文
1.I'm Smacked
2.20 Dollarz (Remix) [feat. Nicki Minaj]
3.El Chapo
4.El Chapo (Clean)
5.20 Dollars
6.She Don't Like Me

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