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羅賓·雨果·吉布,CBE(Robin Hugh Gibb,1949年12月22日-2012年5月20日),英國歌手、詞曲作者及唱片監製,出生於英國皇家屬地曼島的首府道格拉斯,雙親都是英國人。他在吉布斯家族五姐弟排行第三(在1969年,因為羅賓跟巴里和經理人吵架而單飛,姐姐 Lesley 成為代唱),是雙胞胎弟弟莫里斯(Maurice Ernest Gibb)的哥哥。他與莫里斯和哥哥巴里·吉布(Barry Alan Crompton Gibb)在澳洲組成的樂隊Bee Gees聞名世界,是20世紀搖滾樂和迪斯科高峰時間的代表樂團,開創了多種新穎的演唱方式,影響十分深遠,成為史上最成功的其中一支樂隊。在與大腸癌及肝癌長期搏鬥後,羅賓於2012年5月20日逝世,享年62歲。
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Saved By The Bell: The Collected Works Of Robin Gibb 1968-1970 英文
1.August October
2.Gone Gone Gone
3.The Worst Girl In This Town
4.Give Me A Smile
5.Down Came The Sun
6.Mother And Jack
7.Saved By The Bell
9.Farmer Ferdinand Hudson
10.Lord Bless All
11.Most Of My Life
12.One Million Years
13.Sing Slowly Sisters (提供)
14.Life (提供)
15.C' Est La Vie, Au Revoir
16.Everything Is How You See Me (提供)
17.I've Been Hurt
18.Sky West And Crooked (提供)
19.Irons On The Fire (提供)
20.Cold Be My Days (提供)
21.Engines Aeroplanes (提供)
22.The Flag I Flew (提供)
23.Return To Austria (提供)
24.It's Only Make Believe (提供)
25.All's Well That Ends Well (提供)
26.A Very Special Day
27.Great Caesar's Ghost
28.Anywhere I Hang My Hat (提供)
29.Loud and Clear (提供)
30.Why Not Cry Together (提供)
31.Alexandria Good Time (提供)
32.Janice (提供)
33.Love Just Goes (提供)
34.August October Agosto Ottobr (提供)
35.One Million Years Un Milione
36.Robin Talks To Brian Matthew (提供)
37.Robin Talks With David Wigg (提供)
38.The Band Will Meet Mr. Justi (提供)
39.The People's Public Poke Son (提供)
40.Indian Gin And Whiskey Dry
41.The Girl To Share Each Day (提供)
42.Come Some Halloween Or Chris (提供)
43.Heaven In My Hands (提供)
44.Goodbye Good World (提供)
45.Don't Go Away (提供)
46.Moon Anthem – Robin Gibb Orc (提供)
47.Ghost of Christmas Past – Ro (提供)
50 St. Catherine's Drive 英文
1.Days Of Wine And Roses
2.Instant Love
3.Alan Freeman Days
4.Wherever You Go
5.I am the World New Version
6.Mother Of Love
9.Cherish (提供)
10.Don't Cry Alone
12.One Way Love (提供)
13.Broken Wings (提供)
14.Sanctuary (提供)
15.Solid (提供)
16.All We Have Is Now
Magnet 英文
1.Wish You Were Here
2.No Doubt
3.Don't Rush
4.Earth Angel
5.Lonely Night in New York
6.Love Hurts (提供)
8.Watching You
How Old Are You 英文
1.Another Lonely Night in New York
3.I Believe in Miracles
4.Hearts on Fire
6.Don't Stop the Night
7.Kathy's Gone
8.In and Out of Love
9.How Old Are You
10.He Can't Love You
Walls Have Eyes 英文
1.Heartbeat in Exile
3.Someone to Believe In
4.Gone With the Wind
5.These Walls Have Eyes
7.Do You Love Her?
8.You Don't Say Us Anymore
Secret Agent 英文
1.Boys Do Fall In Love
2.In Your Diary
5.Secret Agent
6.Livin' In Another World
7.X-Ray Eyes
8.King of Fools
Saved By the Bell: The Collected Works of Robin Gibb 1969-1970 英文
1.Saved By the Bell (Stereo)
2.Most of My Life (Stereo)
3.Come Some Halloween Or Christmas Day (Demo)
5.I've Been Hurt
6.Cold Be My Days (提供)
7.Great Caesar's Ghost
8.Janice (提供)
My Favourite Christmas Carols 英文
1.Mother of Love
2.Ellan Vannin
3.Hark the Herald Angels Sing
4.I Saw Three Ships
5.Once in Royal David's City
6.Away in a Manger
7.Good King Wenceslas
8.God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
9.Silent Night (提供)
10.Oh Come All Ye Faithful
11.In the Bleak Mid Winter
12.Come Some Christmas Eve or Hallowe'en
Magnetic Tour 英文
1.I've Gotta Get A Message To You
3.To Love Somebody
4.How Deep Is Your Love
6.Saved By The Bell
7.New York Mining Disaster 1941
8.My Lover's Prayer
9.Nights On Broadway
10.Stayin' Alive
暫存 英文
1.We Three Kings
2.Juliet (Remastered Album Version)
4.Alls Well That End Well
5.C'est La Vie Au Revoire
6.Like a Fool
7.Don't Wanna Wait Forever (album version)
8.Juliet (Factory Team remix)
9.Oh! Darling

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