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Stichting Opwekking【 共收藏 7 張專輯, 50 首歌 】
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Opwekkingsliederen 22 英文
1.514: Enemy's Camp
2.515: Can You Believe
3.516: Look What the Lord Has Done
4.Enemys Camp (514)
5.Can You Believe (515)
6.Look What the Lord Has Done (516)
Opwekkingsliederen 04 英文
1.137: King of Kings and Lord of Lords
2.139: In Moments Like These
3.147: Father, We Love You
4.155: Hij is de Almachtige
Life@opwekking 18 Forever Jesus 英文
1.Live to Praise You (241)
2.The Way (242)
3.At the Cross (244)
4.There Is Power (245)
5.Jesus of Nazareth (247)
6.This I Believe (252)
7.Waiting Here for You (250)
Life@Opwekking 17 Alive 英文
1.Let Praise Awaken (229)
2.Alive (230)
3.Sing and Shout (231)
4.Lay Me Down (233)
5.Let It Be Known (237)
6.Jesus At the Center (238)
7.Your Name Brings Healing to Me (239)
Life@Opwekking 16: Breaking News (Live) 英文
1.We Are the Free (218) (Live)
2.Revelation Song (220) (Live)
3.No Compromise (224) (Live)
Life@Opwekking 11: All for You 英文
1.Happy Day (157)
2.You Never Let Go (159)
3.With All That I Am (165)
暫存 英文
1.No Longer Slaves (794) - Live
2.Heavenly Quality (34)
3.Our God Is an Awesome God (35)
4.Indescribable (146)
5.De vreugde des Heren is mijn kracht / 025: Laat ons met elkander
6.This Is My Desire (61)
7.What a Friend I've Found (63)
8.563: I Have a Light
9.I Have a Light (563)
10.389: Create in Me
11.054: Looft de Here, alle gij volken
12.065: Loof de Here mijn ziel
13.No Reason to Hide (205)
14.One Thing Remains (215)
15.King of Kings and Lord of Lords (137)
16.Hij Is de Almachtige (155)
17.Looft de Here Alle Gij Volken (54)
18.God You Are Good (130)
19.Meer Liefde, Meer Kracht (342)
20.He Knows My Name (94)

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