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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Ray Wylie Hubbard( 瑞伊·韋利·哈伯德 )
Ray Wylie Hubbard( 瑞伊·韋利·哈伯德 )【 共收藏 6 張專輯, 59 首歌 】
Ray Wylie Hubbard(生於1946年11月13日)是德克薩斯州鄉村歌手兼詞曲作者。


1976年Ray Wylie Hubbard和牛仔Twinkies - 華納兄弟。
1978離牆 - 孤星錄音,寶麗金
1980年的一些事情 - 叛徒記錄
1984年陷入法案 - 苦難愛公司記錄
1991失落的思路 - 苦難愛公司記錄
1994年Loco Gringo的Lament - DejaDisc Records
1997危險精神 - Rounder / Philo Records
1998年住在西博洛溪 - 苦難愛公司記錄
1999年不安分的騎士的十字軍 - Rounder / Philo Records
2001永恆&低調 - 羅唆/菲羅唱片
2003 GROWL - Rounder / Philo Records
2005年Delirium Tremolos - Rounder / Philo Records
2010啟示錄B. Endarkenment(提示:沒有C) - Bordello Records(30隻老虎/紅色)
2012格里夫的讚美詩 - 博爾德羅唱片(三十隻老虎/紅色)
2015 The Ruffian's Misfortune - Bordello Records
2017告訴惡魔,我盡快到達那裡 - Bordello Records


1976 Ray Wylie Hubbard and the Cowboy Twinkies – Warner Bros.
1978 Off the Wall – Lone Star Records, Polygram
1980 Something About the Night – Renegade Records
1984 Caught in the Act – Misery Loves Company Records
1991 Lost Train of Thought – Misery Loves Company Records
1994 Loco Gringo's Lament – DejaDisc Records
1997 Dangerous Spirits – Rounder/Philo Records
1998 Live at Cibolo Creek – Misery Loves Company Records
1999 Crusades of the Restless Knights – Rounder/Philo Records
2001 Eternal & Lowdown – Rounder/Philo Records
2003 GROWL – Rounder/Philo Records
2005 Delirium Tremolos – Rounder/Philo Records
2006 Snake Farm
2010 A. Enlightenment B. Endarkenment (Hint: There is no C) – Bordello Records (Thirty Tigers/RED)
2012 The Grifter’s Hymnal – Bordello Records (Thirty Tigers/RED)
2015 The Ruffian's Misfortune – Bordello Records
2017 Tell The Devil That I'm Getting There As Fast As I Can – Bordello Records
歌曲列表方式 專輯列表(時間) 歌名列表(字數) 歌名列表(筆劃)
專輯名稱 年份 歌曲列表    
1.All Loose Things
2.Hey Mama My Time Ain't Long
3.Too Young Ripe, Too Young Rotten
4.Chick Singer Badass Rockin'
5.Bad On Fords
6.Mr. Musselwhite's Blues
7.Down By the River
8.Jessie Mae
9.Barefoot In Heaven
10.Stone Blind Horses
Grifter's Hymnal 英文
1.Coricidin Bottle
2.South of the River
4.New Year s Eve at the Gates of Hell
5.Moss and Flowers
6.Red Badge of Courage
7.Train Yard
8.Coochy Coochy
9.Mother Blues
11.Count My Blessings
12.Ask God
Ray Wylie Hubbard And The Cowboy Twinkies 英文
1.West Texas Country Western Dance Band
3.$60 Ford (提供)
4.Bordertown Girl (提供)
5.Lovin' Of The Game (提供)
6.Compromise (提供)
7.Blackeyed Peas (提供)
8.Jazzbo Dancer (提供)
9.He's The One (Who Made Me #2) (提供)
10.Bell Of Texas (提供)
Live At Cibolo Creek Country Club 英文
1.Last Train to Amsterdam (Live)
2.Wanna Rock and Roll (Live)
3.Redneck Mother (Live)
A: Enlightenment B: Endarkenment 英文
1.Every Day Is The Day Of The Dead
3.The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse
4.A. Elightenment B. Endarkenment (Hint: There Is No C)
5.Drunken Poet's Dream
6.Down Home Country Blues (提供)
7.Wasp's Nest
8.Pots And Pans (提供)
9.Tornado Ripe
10.Whoop And Hollar (提供)
11.Black Wings
暫存 英文
1.Drivin' Wheel
2.Conversation with the Devil
3.Torn In Two
4.Rock And Roll Gypsies
5.After All These Years
6.Dust of the Chase
7.Whoop & Hollar
8.Pots & Pans
9.The Way Of The Fallen
10.Live and Die Rock and Roll
11.Basics of Love
12.Lucifer and the Fallen Angels

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