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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Soft Cell
Soft Cell【 共收藏 8 張專輯, 90 首歌 】
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Cruelty Without Beauty 英文
1.Monoculture2.Darker Times
Non Stop Erotic Cabaret 英文
2.Chips on My Shoulder
3.Entertain Me
5.My Secret Life
6.Say Hello, Wave Goodbye
7.Seedy Films
8.Sex Dwarf
The Art Of Falling Apart 英文
Soft Cell: The Twelve Inch Singles 英文
1.Tainted Dub / Where Did Our Love Go?
2.What! (Extended Version - Original 12' Edit)
3.Where the Heart Is (12' Version)
4.Numbers (12 Inch Version)
5.Memorabilia ('91 Grid Remix)
6.Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go (Extended)
Non Stop Ecstatic Dancing 英文
1.What! - Extended Version - Non Stop Ecstatic Dancing Edit
2.Tainted Love / Where Did Our Love Go (extended)
3.Tainted Love / Where Did Our Love Go - Extended Version
4.Sex Dwarf - Non Stop Ecstatic Dancing Version
Insecure Me Extended 英文
1.Insecure Me
Bedsitter Extended 英文
1.Bedsitter (Extended)
暫存 英文
1.Tainted Love
2.Down In The Subway
3.I Feel Love
4.Mr. Self Destruct (Live)
5.Mr Self Destruct
6.Say Hello, Wave Goodbye (Live)
8.Memorabilia (Live)
9.The Night
11.Tears Run Rings
12.Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart
14.Baby Doll
15.All Out of Love
16.The Best Way To Kill
17.Slave To This
18.The Art of Falling Apart
20.On An Up
21.A Lover Spurned
22.Heat (Live)
23.Waifs And Strays
24.Where Did Our Love Go?
25.Say Hello Wave Goodbye '91
26.Divided Soul
27.Meet Murder My Angel
28.Together Alone
29.Loving You Hating Me
30.Last Chance
31.Where The Heart Is
32.Soul Inside
33.Sensation Nation
34.It's a Mug's Game
35.Secret Life
36.Whatever It Takes
38.Forever The Same
39.Little Rough Rhinestone
40.Caligula Syndrome
41.Where The Heart Is '91
42.Somebody, Somewhere, Sometime
43.Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go?
44.Surrender To A Stranger
45.Chips On My Shoulder (NSED)
46.Say Hello Wave Goodbye (12' Version)
47.Where Did Our Love Go? - Original / 7' Single Version
48.Numbers - 2002 Edit Version
49.Soul Inside - Single Version
50.Bedsitter (Live)
51.Tainted Love '91 - Mendelsohn Remix - 12' Version
52.Insecure Me (2002 Edit)
53.Tainted Love (Soulchild Remix)
54.Where Was Your Heart (When You Needed It Most)
56.Torch (Original/7' Single Version)
57.Chips On My Shoulder (Original Version)
58.Memorabilia (extended version)
59.Memorabilia (Non Stop Ecstatic Dancing Version)
60.Love You Hating Me
61.Torch (Manhattan Clique remix - edit)
62.Surrender to a Stranger (MHC remix - edit)
63.Down in the Subway (Extended Single Version)
64.Tainted Love (Re-Recorded)
65.Tainted Love (Dubstep Remix)

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