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Sodagreen【 共收藏 7 張專輯, 69 首歌 】
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Once In A Lifetime 英文
1.Flying Fish (提供)
2.Daylight (提供)
3.The Girl With Red Shoes (提供)
4.A Lovely Rose (提供)
5.Hold My Hand (提供)
6.Chasing, Chasing, Chasing (提供)
7.Little Love Song (提供)
8.The Playground In Rain (提供)
9.Once In A Lifetime (提供)
10.Having Fun In Life (提供)
11.No Sleep - Mandarin Version (提供)
Summer / Fever 英文
1.Claps (提供)
2.Summer Summer (提供)
3.The Sound That Remains (提供)
4.Surrounding (提供)
5.King's Garden (提供)
6.Peter And The Wolf (提供)
7.Together We Dance (提供)
8.No Sleep (提供)
9.Fever (提供)
10.Tempted (提供)
11.Near Future (提供)
Spring. Sunlight 英文
1.Rong Xue Zhi Qian (提供)
2.Mu Shen Da Shang Chun Se De Huo Che , Er (提供)
3.Ri Guang (提供)
4.Zai Wo Men Zhi Jian (提供)
5.Pei Yue (Instrumental) (提供)
6.Ge Zhan Ting Kao : (提供)
7.Yi Qian Zuo Pen Quan (提供)
8.Jiao Xiang Meng (提供)
9.Yi Ci Yuan De Mei Gui (提供)
10.Xi Xi Zhi Hou (提供)
11.Zao Dian Hui Jia (提供)
Sing With Me 英文
1.Little Universe (提供)
2.Temporarily Out Of Control (提供)
3.Theory Of Relativity IV (提供)
4.City Caught In The Rain (提供)
5.Memory (提供)
6.Floating (提供)
7.Creep (提供)
8.Spider's Sky (提供)
9.It's My Sea (提供)
10.Oh Oh Oh Oh... (提供)
11.Blue Eyes (提供)
12.The Only Thing I Care About Is You (提供)
13.Frequency (提供)
Incomparable Beauty 英文
1.Amusement (提供)
2.Floral Tea (提供)
3.Seasonal Rhapsody (提供)
4.Left Side (提供)
5.Incomparable Beauty (提供)
6.Daylight Moonshine (提供)
7.This Day (提供)
8.Simple Life (提供)
9.City (提供)
10.Believe (提供)
Little Universe 英文
1.You Are, You Will (提供)
2.Signs & Symbols (提供)
3.City Caught In Rain (提供)
4.Already (提供)
5.Noisy (提供)
6.Behind (Without) You (提供)
7.Falling (提供)
8.Wordless Hymn (提供)
Sodagreen 英文
1.Too Late For Regrets (提供)
2.That Moment Is Over (提供)
3.You (提供)
4.Twin Genes In A Landing Practice (提供)
5.Peeping (提供)

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