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Sicktanick【 共收藏 7 張專輯, 121 首歌 】
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From the Vault : Rare & Unreleased 英文
1.Who Am I? (Spoken Word) (提供)
2.Payback (提供)
3.My Minds Playing Tricks On Me (提供)
4.No Justice No Peace (feat. Esham) (提供)
5.Dead to the World (提供)
6.Ghua (提供)
7.Purity in Murder (2005) (提供)
8.Final Touch (提供)
9.Bred to Kill (提供)
10.Erotica (S.IN Project 2006) (提供)
11.Magick (Spoken Word) (提供)
12.Set Something On Fire (Dttp Theme Song) (提供)
13.Black Christmas (2005) (提供)
14.25 Years (提供)
15.The Anthem (提供)
16.All Is Lost (Spoken Word) (提供)
17.Eraser (提供)
18.Doctrines of the Damned (2004 Demo) (提供)
19.Hurt (Hateful Edit) (提供)
20.Say Goodbye to Yesterday, Pt. 3 (提供)
Chapter 3 : Awake (The Ministry of Hate) 英文
1.No God but Man (提供)
2.Sic Semper Tyrannis (提供)
3.Born from Filth (提供)
4.Prelude to War (提供)
5.Sign of Hate (提供)
6.Hericide (提供)
7.The Promised Land (提供)
8.Edict of Grace (提供)
9.Antithetical (提供)
10.Occult Rap (提供)
11.Final Graven Kiss (提供)
12.Americunt (提供)
13.I Am (提供)
14.Faust Ft Texas Microphone Massacre (提供)
15.Follow the Code (提供)
16.Salvation (提供)
17.My Friend in Darkness (提供)
18.Sicktanicks Last Supper (提供)
19.Eleven Fold (提供)
20.Exorkismos (提供)
21.The Vision and the Voice (提供)
22.Silence (提供)
23.Wish (提供)
Chapter 2 : In Nomine SickTanicK 英文
2.In Nomine SickTanicK (提供)
3.Unholy Blood Unholy Grail (提供)
4.Cornerstone (提供)
5.7 Vital Sins (提供)
6.The Abyss (提供)
7.Path of Initiation (提供)
8.Spoken Word No. 1 (提供)
9.Portrait of the Devil (提供)
10.Force of Destruction (提供)
11.Ritual Rape (提供)
12.Save Yourself (提供)
13.A New Aeon (提供)
14.Babylons Embrace (提供)
15.Spoken Word No. 2 (提供)
16.The Formula (提供)
17.Eyes Wide Shut (提供)
18.Let the Hate Reign (提供)
19.Ordo Ab Chao (提供)
20.Fuck Your God
21.Scream At the Heavens (提供)
22.Against All Gods (提供)
Doctrines of the Damned Part 2 (Collabs) 英文
1.This Is My Story This Is My Life
2.Doctrines of the Damned (feat. F2H) (提供)
3.Watch Your Saviors Die (feat. Dark Half & Razakel) (提供)
4.Scream (feat. Razakel) (提供)
5.I Hate This World (So Fuck This World) [feat. Mental Ward] (提供)
6.Deciples Rise (feat. Shy One & KGP) (提供)
7.Unholy Execution (feat. Scum) (提供)
8.Bezzulbubs Prophecy ft Kiltcha & Ignited (提供)
9.Ceremony In Flames ft Komatose & Two Clipz (提供)
10.My Flesh Is His Flesh ft Bloodshot & Cap One (提供)
11.SickTanicK ft Insane Poetry (提供)
12.Take The Devilz Hand ft TC & Demonic (提供)
13.God Hates Me (I Hate Him Too) ft Red Dawn (提供)
14.You Live Forever Part 2 (提供)
15.The Reflecting God ft Guttamind (提供)
16.Welcome To Reality (提供)
17.Hate Magnet - Misery (提供)
18.1222010 (提供)
The Lament Configuration 英文
1.The Engineer (提供)
2.Bloodlines (Spoken Word Interlude) (提供)
3.Solve Coagula (提供)
4.Hells Offerings (提供)
5.Suffering Divine (提供)
6.Endgame (提供)
7.Eternal Flame 2008 (feat. Razakel) (提供)
8.Apocolypse 2012 (提供)
9.Never Hold Us Back (feat. Two Clipz, Razakel & Bloodshot) (提供)
10.God Hates Me (I Hate Him Too) (feat. KGP & Stitch Mouth) (提供)
11.Seduction & Persuit (提供)
12.Signs of the Diabolic (提供)
13.The Lament Configuration (提供)
14.Hallowed Be Thy Name (提供)
15.For the Beast (feat. Cap One, Stitchez, Razakel & C-Poppin) (提供)
Chapter One : Doctrines of the Damned 英文
1.Doctrines of the Damned (提供)
2.Watch Your Saviors Die (提供)
3.Scream (提供)
4.I Hate This World (So Fuck This World) (提供)
5.Deciplez Rise (feat. Kgp) (提供)
6.Unholy Execution (提供)
7.Beezulbubs Prophecy (提供)
8.Ceremony in Flames (提供)
9.My Flesh Is His Flesh (提供)
10.Sicktanick (提供)
11.Take the Devils Hand (提供)
12.God Hates Me (I Hate Him Too)
13.You Live Forever (提供)
14.The Reflecting God (提供)
15.For You (提供)
16.Bite It You Scum (提供)
Premanitions 英文
1.Premanitions (Blessed Be The Damned)
2.In Tha Name Of
3.If I Cant Have You No One Can (提供)
4.Whatcha Wanna Know? (提供)
5.The Devils Prayer (4 Steps) (提供)
6.Anatha Angels Dead (提供)
7.Say Goodbye To Yesterday

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