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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Troy Ave
Troy Ave【 共收藏 11 張專輯, 138 首歌 】
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Roland Collins 英文
1.Riding in My Whip
2.Hot Boy
3.Freaks Only
4.Appreciate Me (提供)
5.Drug Game
6.News Talkin Intro Real Eyes Realize Real Lies (提供)
7.Rikers Island (提供)
8.Don't Forget (提供)
Free Troy Ave 英文
1.Intro (Troy Ave Speaks Freestyle)
2.That's My Bitch
3.Got the Juice
4.BONUS Banga (RIP) – Grind (提供)
5.Outro (Troy Ave Speaks)
6.Right Now
8.Thank You Jesus
9.Intermission (Troy Ave Speaks) (提供)
10.Thats My Bitch
11.I Love The Game
12.Best Friend (提供)
13.Chuck Norris
Badass (Single) 英文
Major Without A Deal 英文
1.Quarter Million
2.I'm Bout It
3.Young King
4.Real One June 5th
5.Doo Doo
6.Bang Bang
7.A Bronx Tale
8.Love You/How I'm On It
9.Fake Butt Busta
10.Do Betta
11.Finagle the Bagel
12.Gimmie That
13.Do Me No Favors
14.Any Time
15.Taste of Revenge
16.All About The Money
17.Your Style [Remix]
Troy Ave Presents BSB Vol. 5 英文
1.Good Time
2.3005 Feat. Young Lito & King Sevin (Keymix)
3.Brooklyn Zoo Feat. Avon Blocksdale, Young Lito & King Sevin (提供)
4.Your Style Feat. Puff Daddy, Mase & T.I. (Remix)
5.Hot Nigga Feat. Young Lito (提供)
6.Money Powder Respect Feat. Young Lito, King Sevin & Avon Blocksdale (提供)
7.Shining All My Life Feat. Young Lito & King Sevin (提供)
8.One Love (提供)
9.The Motion (提供)
10.Life Style (提供)
11.Lonely (Keymix) (提供)
12.Somthing Epic Feat. Maino (提供)
13.Cuffin Season (Keymix)
14.Cheekz Feat. King Sevin (提供)
15.LA Leakers Freestyle
16.Believe Me BSB (提供)
17.Paranoid (Keymix)
18.Hookah Feat. N.O.R.E. (Keymix) (提供)
BSB Vol. 4 (Mixtape) 英文
1.My Day
2.Wolves and Snakes
3.4 Amigos
4.Love Story
5.Out in Brooklyn
6.Me and You
7.Like Me (提供)
8.Your Style
9.My Lifetime (提供)
10.My Pride
11.If It Ain't About Money (提供)
12.My Block (提供)
13.So Ambitious
14.Road Trip (提供)
15.Outro (提供)
White Christmas 2 (Mixtape) 英文
1.Merry White Christmas
2.Lost Boyz
3.Brooklyn Shit
4.Fuk You Pay Me
5.Go Getter (提供)
6.Greetings & Salutations (提供)
7.Do It
8.Your Style
9.Glitter and Gold
10.Roll With It (提供)
11.If You Got It Like That (提供)
12.Do Better
13.My Lifetime (提供)
New York City: The Album (Mixtape) 英文
1.Classic Feel
2.Cigar Smoke
3.Divas & Dimes
4.New York City
5.Mama Tears
6.Viking (提供)
7.Me Against the World
8.My Grind
9.Show Me Love
10.Piggy Bank
11.Lullaby (提供)
12.Hot Out
14.I Know Why (提供)
15.Beneath Me (提供)
17.I'm Dat Nigga
Bricks In My Backpack 3 英文
1.De Facto (提供)
2.Lord As My Witness
4.Snow (提供)
5.Piece & Love (Swish) (提供)
6.Red Cup (提供)
7.Chiddy Chiddy Bang Bang (提供)
8.F.U.B.U. (For Us By Us) (提供)
9.Merlot Part Deux (提供)
10.Super Cool (提供)
11.RNS (提供)
12.N W Yay (提供)
13.Shame (提供)
14.Wheelin' & Dealin' (提供)
15.Pedico Paradise (提供)
16.Nightmare On Fed Street (提供)
New York City (Chop Not Slop Remix) 英文
1.Divas & Dimes (Chop Not Slop Remix)
2.Mama Tears (Chop Not Slop Remix)
3.My Grind (Chop Not Slop Remix)
4.Piggy Bank (Chop Not Slop Remix)
暫存 英文
1.Chuck Norris (Hoes & Gangstas)
2.Good Girl Gone Bad
3.She Belongs to the Game
4.Prime Time
5.Pac Man
6.Restore the Feeling / NYC
7.June 5th
8.Love Bands
9.I Know Why You Mad
11.Your Style (Extended Mix)
12.So Ambitious (feat. Avon Blocksdale)
14.On My Birthday

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