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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Torture Squad
Torture Squad【 共收藏 12 張專輯, 87 首歌 】
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Return Of Evil 英文
1.Return of Evil (提供)
2.Swallow Your Reality (提供)
3.Iron Squad (提供)
4.Dreadful Lies
Esquadrão de Tortura 英文
1.No Escape From Hell
2.Pull the Trigger
3.Patria Livre (提供)
5.Architecture of Pain
6.Never Surrender
7.In the Slaughterhouse
8.Conspiracy of Silence
9.Nothing to Declare
10.For the Countless Dead (Dirge) (提供)
11.Fear to the World
Hellbound 英文
1.MMXII (提供)
2.Living For The Kill
3.The Beast
4.The Fall Of Man
5.Chaos Corporation
6.Man Behind The Mask
7.In The Cyberwar
8.Twilight Of The Mankind
9.The Four Winds (提供)
Æquilibrium 英文
1.Generation Dead
2.Raise Your Horns
3.Holiday In Abu Ghraib
7.Black Sun
8.The Spirit Never Dies
9.Last Tunes Blues (提供)
10.The Unholy Spell 2010
The Unholy Spell 英文
1.A Soul in Hell (Bônus)
2.Under the Wings of the Empire
3.Welcome Home
4.Area 51
5.The Host
6.Abduction Was the Case
7.Spiritual Cancer
9.The Unholy Spell
Shivering 英文
1.Criminal Brutality
3.A Soul in Hell
4.Darkness Hides the Light
5.Dreadful Lies
Pandemonium 英文
1.Horror and Torture
2.Towers on Fire
3.World of Misery
4.Leather Apron
5.Out of Control
7.The Curse of Sleepy Hollow
Far Beyond Existence 英文
1.Far Beyond Existence
2.No Fate
3.Blood Sacrifice
Death Chaos and Torture Alive 英文
1.Towers on Fire - Live
2.Convulsion - Live
3.The Unholy Spell - LIve
4.Pandemonium - Live
5.Murder of a God - Live
6.Abduction Was the Case - LIve
7.World of Misery - Live
8.Area 51 - Live
9.The Host - Live
Coup D'ètat 英文
1.Pull the Trigger (Live)
2.In the Cyberwar (Live)
3.No Escape from Hell (Live)
4.Living for the Kill (Live)
5.Wardance (Live)
6.Generation Dead (Live)
7.Chaos Corporation (Live)
8.Horror and Torture (Live)
Asylum of Shadows 英文
1.Asylum of Shadows - Live in Germany 2000
2.Murder of a God - Live in Germany 2000
3.Mad Illusion - Live in Germany 2000
4.Finally the Disgrace Reigns - Live in Germany 2000
暫存 英文
1.Mandate for Freedom
2.Shades of the Evil
3.Agonies in Your Brain
4.Finally the Disgrace Reigns
5.The Beast Within
7.Cursed by Disease

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