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Mel Tillis【 共收藏 8 張專輯, 140 首歌 】
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Hitsides! 1970-1980 英文
1.Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town
You Ain't Gonna Believe This 英文
1.Might Be My Son (提供)
2.Give Him A Trim (提供)
3.Foot Foot (提供)
4.Mole Asses (提供)
5.Peed On The Matches (提供)
6.Slowin' Down (提供)
7.Two Black Eyes (提供)
8.Who's Gonna Wear The Dress (提供)
9.You Wouldn't Believe It (提供)
10.He Ought-a Said Something (提供)
11.Huntin' Buddies (提供)
12.I Thought He Only Had One Eye (提供)
13.I'm A-Paintin' Under This One (提供)
14.I'm So Proud Of You (提供)
15.Imogene And Henry (提供)
16.Intro (提供)
17.Am I Driving (提供)
18.Biscuit In The Pocket (提供)
19.Blow It Out With The Hose (提供)
20.Chickens In The Sack (提供)
21.Cleo (提供)
22.Duck Food (提供)
23.Sylvester (提供)
Who's Julie 英文
1.My Special Angel
2.That's Not Home
4.Sorrow Overtakes the Wine
5.Who's Julie
6.Daddy Sang Bass
7.Yours Love
8.Carroll County Accident
9.Detroit City
10.Ballad of Forty Dollars
Stateside 英文
1.Guide Me Home Georgia Moon
3.Burning Memories
4.Home Is Where the Hurt Is
5.I Love You Drops
6.Tormented Heart
7.Buried Alive
8.Mental Revenge
Mel Tillis 英文
1.Burning Memories (Live)
2.Send Me Down to Tucson (Live)
3.Good Woman Blues (Live)
4.I Got the Hoss (Live)
5.I Believe In You (Live)
6.Detroit City (Live)
Life Turned Her That Way 英文
1.If I Could Only Start Over
2.Walking on New Grass
3.Sweet Thang
4.Unmitigated Gall
5.Right Back in Your Arms Again
6.Old Gang's Gone
7.Alone With You
36 All-Time Greatest Hits 英文
1.She'll Be Hanging Round Somewhere
3.Commercial Affection
4.Heaven Everyday
6.Stomp Them Grapes
7.Midnight, Me and the Blues
8.Woman in the Back of My Mind
9.Brand New Mister Me
10.I Believe in You
11.Mental Revenge
12.I Ain't Never
13.Coca Cola Cowboy
14.You Are the One
15.Thank You for Being You
16.Don't Let Go
17.Something Special
18.Memory Maker
暫存 英文
1.Charlie's Angel
2.All Right I'll Sign The Papers (1968)
3.Burning Memories (1977)
4.Best Way I Know How (1975)
5.Arms Of A Fool (1971)
6.Ain't No California (1978)
7.Old Faithful (1969)
8.Life Turned Her That Way (1967)
9.These Lonely Hands Of Mine (1969)
10.Who's Julie (1969)
11.Good Woman Blues (1976)
12.Heart Over Mind (1970)
13.I Got The Hoss (1977)
14.Send Me Down To Tucson (1979)
15.Neon Rose (1973)
16.What Did I Promise Her Last Night (1978)
17.New Patches (1984)
18.Lying Time Again (1980)
19.Southern Rain (1981)
20.Walk On, Boy
21.What Did I Promise Her Last Night
22.Juke Box Man
23.Heartaches By The Number
24.Son Of A Bum
26.The Arms Of A Fool
27.Tupelo County Jail
28.'Pick Me Up On Your Way Down'
29.'Life Turned Her That Way'
30.New Patches
31.World (what Have I Done)
32.Midnight, Me And The Blues
33.One More Time
34.I'm Tired
35.One More Drink
36.I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You
37.Heart Over Mind
38.Games People Play
39.Goodbye Wheeling
40.Southern Rains
41.Mr. Dropout
42.Take My Hand
43.Neon Rose
44.Woman In The Back Of My Mind
45.I Got The Hoss
46.I Washed My Face In The Morning Dew
47.Southern Rain
48.Loco Weed
49.Old Faithful
50.Come On And Sing
51.Your Mother's Eyes
52.Survival Of The Fittest
53.All The Time
54.Ten Thousand Drums
55.Violet And A Rose
56.Thousand Miles Ago
57.No Love Have I
58.Lonely Girl
59.Another Bridge To Burn
61.If I Lost Your Love
62.Brooklyn Bridge
63.That's Where My Money Goes
64.Mary Don't You Weep
65.Holiday For Love
66.Above Suspicion
67.Lonely Street

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