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The Turtles( Turtles )【 共收藏 5 張專輯, 100 首歌 】
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You Baby 英文
1.You Baby (Remastered)
2.Give Love a Trial (Remastered)
3.I Need Someone (Remastered)
4.Just a Room (Remastered)
5.I Know That You'll Be There (Remastered)
6.Let Me Be (Remastered)
7.Almost There (Remastered)
8.Pall Bearing, Ball Bearing World (Remastered)
Turtle Soup 英文
1.You Want to Be a Woman (Remastered)
2.She Always Leaves Me Laughing (Remastered)
3.Marmendy Mill (Demo) (Remastered)
4.You Don't Have to Walk in the Rain (Remastered)
5.Love in the City (Remastered)
6.Somewhere Friday Night (Remastered)
7.Bachelor Mother (Remastered)
8.House on the Hill (Remastered)
9.How You Love Me (Demo) (Remastered)
10.There You Sit Lonely (Remastered)
11.Torn Between Temptations (Remastered)
The Battle of the Bands 英文
1.The Last Thing I Remember - Remastered
2.Elenore (Remastered)
3.Surfer Dan - Remastered
4.You Showed Me - Remastered
5.Food - Remastered
6.She's My Girl - Remastered
7.Sound Asleep - Remastered
8.The Story of Rock and Roll - Remastered
9.Earth Anthem (Alternate Version) - Remastered
All the Singles 英文
1.Let Me Be (Remastered)
2.Guide for the Married Man (Remastered)
3.Think I'll Run Away (Remastered)
4.You Don't Have to Walk in the Rain (Remastered)
5.Love in the City (Remastered)
6.Lady-O (Remastered)
7.Gas Money (As 'The Dedications') (Remastered)
8.We Ain't Gonna Party No More (Remastered)
9.Eve of Destruction (Remastered)
10.The Walking Song (Remastered)
11.She'd Rather Be with Me (Remastered)
12.Happy Together (Remastered)
13.Your Maw Said You Cried (Remastered)
14.Wanderin' Kind (Remastered)
15.Grim Reaper of Love (Remastered)
16.We'll Meet Again (Remastered)
17.Outside Chance (Remastered)
18.Makin' My Mind Up (Remastered)
19.Can I Get to Know You Better (Remastered)
20.Like the Seasons (Remastered)
21.Me About You (Remastered)
暫存 英文
1.Green Tambourine
3.Guide For The Married Man
4.Happy Together
5.It Ain't Me Babe
7.Let Me Be
8.Outside Chance
10.You Baby
11.You Know What I Mean
12.You Showed Me
13.Sound Asleep
14.You Don't Have To Walk In The Rain
15.Surfer Dan
16.So Happy Together
17.Grim Reaper Of Love
18.Can I Get To Know You Better
19.She'll Come Back
20.Love In The City
21.She's My Girl
22.She'd Rather Be With Me
23.Me About You
24.Is It Any Wonder
25.The Story Of Rock 'n' Roll
26.Too Young to Be One (Mono) - Remastered
27.Person Without a Care (Mono) - Remastered
28.There You Sit Lonely - Remastered
29.Marmendy Mill (Demo) - Remastered
30.Say Girl - Remastered
31.It Was a Very Good Year (Mono) - Remastered
32.Glitter and Gold (Mono) - Remastered
33.Let the Cold Winds Blow (Mono) - Remastered
34.Love Minus Zero (Mono) - Remastered
35.Like a Rolling Stone (Mono) - Remastered
36.Happy Thogether
37.Story of Rock and Roll
38.Juntos Y Felices
39.You Baby (Mono)
40.Happy Together (mono single mix)
41.Person Without a Care
43.Rugs of Woods & Flowers (Mono) (Remastered)
44.I'm Chief Kamanawanalea (We're the Royal Macadamia Nuts)
45.Chicken Little Was Right
46.Come Back
47.Umbassa and the Dragon
48.Story of Rock 'n' Roll
49.'A Guide for the Married Man'
50.So Goes Love
51.To See The Sun (From Chalon Road)

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