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Ocean Colour Scene( 海天一色合唱團 )【 共收藏 6 張專輯, 191 首歌 】
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Ocean Colour Scene(Deluxe) 英文
1.Talk On (提供)
2.How About You
3.Giving It All Away
5.Do Yourself A Favour
6.Third Shade Of Green
7.SwayAlbum Version
8.Penny Pinching Rainy Heaven Days
9.One Of Those Days
10.Is She Coming Home
11.Blue Deep Ocean
12.Reprise (提供)
13.One Of Those Days(Unreleased Version)
14.Talk On (提供)
15.Sway(Original Version)
16.Lullaby (提供)
17.One Of Those Days
18.Yesterday Today
19.Another Girl's Name
20.Fly Me
21.No One Says (提供)
22.My Brother Sarah
23.Mona Lisa Eyes
24.Bellechoux (提供)
26.Don't Play (提供)
27.The Seventh Floor
28.Patsy In Green
29.Suspended Motion
30.Blue Deep Ocean(Alt. Version / Out Take)
31.Is She Coming Home(Alt. Version / Out Take)
Painting 英文
1.We Don't Look In The Mirror
3.Goodbye Old Town
4.Doodle Book
5.If God Made Everyone
7.Professor Perplexity
8.George's Tower
9.I Don't Want To Leave England
10.The Winning Side
11.Mistaken Identity
12.The Union
13.The New Torch Song
14.Here Comes The Dawning Day
Saturday 英文
1.Just A Little Bit Of Love
2.Old Pair Of Jeans
3.Sing Children Sing
4.100 Floors Of Perception
5.Mrs. Maylie
7.Harry Kidnap
8.Magic Carpet Days
9.The Word
10.Village Life
12.What's Mine Is Yours
13.Fell In Love On The Street Again
15.Over My Head
16.Stay Alive Tonight (提供)
Moseley Shoals 英文
1.40 Past Midnight
2.Fleeting Mind
3.Lining Your Pockets
4.One For The Road
5.The Circle
6.The Day We Caught the Train
7.The Riverboat Song
暫存1 英文
1.Debris Road
2.Profit In Peace
3.Foxy's Folk Faced
4.Hundred Mile High City
5.Better Day
6.Get Blown Away
7.Besides Yourself
8.Travellers Tune
9.Big Star
10.Tele He's Not Talking
11.It's A Beautiful Thing
12.You've Got It Bad
14.All Up
15.Half A Dream Away
16.Huckleberry Grove
17.Mrs. Jones
18.Top Of The World
19.Here In My Heart
20.I Wanna Stay Alive With You
21.Robin Hood
22.Chelsea Walk
23.The Clock Struck 15 Hours Ago
25.Cool Cool Water
26.Charlie Brown Says
27.Beautiful Losers
28.Riverboat Song
29.It's My Shadow
30.Policeman & Pirates
31.The Downstream
32.Get Away
33.Another Girl's Name - Yesterday Today b-side
34.Biggest Thing
35.Day Tripper (提供)
36.Emily Chambers
37.Expensive Chair - It's A Beautiful Thing b-side
39.Flowers - Giving It All Away b-side
40.Fly Me - Yesterday Today b-side
41.Give Me A Letter
42.Going Nowhere For A While - It's a Beautiful Thing b-side
43.Hello Monday - Hundred Mile High City b-side
44.Hoping You're Making It Too - So Low b-side
45.I Am The News
46.I Need A Love Song - The Day We Caught The Train b-side
47.I Won't Get Grazed
48.If I Gave You My Heart
49.If You Get Your Way - Profit In Peace b-side
50.In My Field
51.Jane She Got Excavated
53.Lullaby - Sway b-side (提供)
54.Mariners Way - It's A Beautiful Thing b-side
55.Mechanical Wonder
56.Meet On The Ledge - originally by Fairport Convention
57.Men Of Such Opinion - You've Got It Bad (Ltd. Edition) b-side
58.Mona Lisa Eyes - Sway (re-issue) b-side
59.My Brother Sarah - Sway (re-issue) b-side
60.No One At All
61.No One Says - Yesterday Today b-side (提供)
62.On And On - Better Day b-side
63.On The Way Home - Travellers Tune b-side (originally by Neil Young)
64.Outside Of A Circle
65.Patsy In Green - Do Yourself A Favour b-side
66.Policemen & Pirates
67.Sail On My Boat
68.So Low
69.So Sad - The Riverboat Song b-side
70.Something For Me
71.Song For The Front Row - Travellers Tune b-side
72.Song Of A Baker - originally by The Small Faces
73.Soul Driver
74.Spark & Cindy
75.Step By Step
76.Suspended Motion - Do Yourself A Favour b-side
77.Take You Back - Up On The Downside b-side
78.The Best Bet On Chinaski - Better Day b-side
79.The Clock Struck Fifteen Hours Ago
80.The Day We Caught The Train (Acoustic)
81.The Face Smiles Back Easily - Hundred Mile High City b-side
82.The Inheritors - So Low b-side
83.The Seventh Floor - Do Yourself A Favour b-side
84.The Waves
85.These Are The Ones - Up On The Downside b-side
86.This Understanding - July/I Am The News (Ltd. edition b-side)
87.Up On the Downside
88.We Made It More
89.Yesterday Today - non-album single
90.You Are Amazing
91.This Day Should Last Forever
92.The Song Goes On
93.Free My Name
95.Move Things Over
96.Waving Not Drowning
97.Have You Got The Right
98.Start Of The Day
99.Make The Deal
暫存 英文
1.Hundred Mile City
2.Second Hand Car
3.I Want To See The Bright Lights
4.Golden Gate Bridge
5.Can't Get Back To The Baseline
6.Oh Collector
7.Spark and Cindy
8.Another Time To Stay
9.I Just Need Myself
10.Policemen And Pirates
11.Wah Wah
12.She's Been Writing
13.North Atlantic Drift
14.Robin Hood (Live)
15.Crazy Lowdown Ways
16.For Every Corner
17.On My Way
18.Everything Comes At the Right Time
19.When Evil Comes
20.I Love You
21.Drive Away
23.Loneliest Girl In The Whole Wide World
24.God's World

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