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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手The Flashbulb
The Flashbulb【 共收藏 6 張專輯, 96 首歌 】
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Opus at the End of Everything 英文
1.The Trees In Juarez (提供)
2.Blurry Figures, Far Away (提供)
3.Arrival To An Empty Room (提供)
4.Beebs (提供)
5.A World I Never Noticed (提供)
6.It Pours (提供)
7.Terra Firma (提供)
8.Good Luck Out There (提供)
9.Dim Distant Porch Lights (提供)
10.Insomnia In Roscoe Village (提供)
11.Precisely Wrong (提供)
12.Between The Waves (提供)
13.Selected Garden (提供)
14.Distant Shots (提供)
15.Island On An Endless Plane (提供)
16.It Never Ends (提供)
17.The History Of Rain (提供)
18.In The Grass (提供)
19.Something That Had Died (提供)
20.Fast Forward To Here (提供)
21.Longing In A Stairway (提供)
22.For The Asking (提供)
23.Hospital Ride (提供)
24.What I Imagine You To Be Like (提供)
25.Autumn Leaves And A Bath Tub (提供)
Soundtrack To A Vacant Life 英文
1.Prelude (提供)
2.Kirlian Voyager
3.Steel For Pappa (提供)
4.Dirt Bikes And Street Vendors (提供)
5.Bodies In The House Next Door (提供)
6.Forbidden Tracks (提供)
7.Sunset Dept. (提供)
8.Someone (提供)
9.La Tristesse Durera Toujours (提供)
10.That Missing Week (提供)
11.Remember Tomorrow (提供)
12.The First Rain And You (提供)
13.Warm Hands In Cold Fog (提供)
14.Near The Woods (提供)
15.Sunshine (提供)
16.No Running Water (提供)
17.Leaving Georgia (提供)
18.Severed (提供)
19.Vicious Circle (提供)
20.Swollen Trees (提供)
21.Submerged Renewed (提供)
22.Hello Mr. Tree (提供)
23.I Believed In God (提供)
24.Pine Ridge, SD (提供)
25.That Final Week (提供)
26.Returning Flight Theme (提供)
27.Floating Through Time (提供)
28.Highway One (提供)
29.Hello, I'm Benn (提供)
30.Suspended In A Sunbeam
31.When The Sky Ends
These Open Fields 英文
1.I Can Smell You on My Bed
2.Eleven Ways to End the Pain
3.This Is the End of Everything
Love As A Dark Hallway 英文
1.Wake Up, Gladiator (提供)
2.Pastorial Whiskers (提供)
3.The Basement Guitarist (提供)
4.The Basement Community (提供)
5.Heroes On Your Lawn At Night (提供)
6.A Baptist Church In Georgia (提供)
7.Virtuous Cassette (提供)
8.Tres Ebow (提供)
9.Let Me Walk You To Your Honda (提供)
10.Teeming Disconnected (提供)
11.Love As A Dark Hallway (提供)
12.An Imperfect Song At A Gig That Never Existed (提供)
13.We Are Alone In A City (提供)
Arboreal 英文
1.Dreaming Renewal (提供)
2.The Great Pumpkin Tapes (提供)
3.Lines Between Us (提供)
4.Burning The Black And White (提供)
5.Telescopic Memorial (提供)
7.Tomorrow Untrodden (提供)
8.A Raw Understanding (提供)
9.Dread, Etched In Snow (提供)
10.A Million Dotted Lines (提供)
11.Once Weekly (提供)
12.Springtime In Distance (提供)
13.Undiscovered Colours (提供)
14.Dragging Afloat (提供)
15.The Trees In Russia (提供)
16.We, The Dispelled (提供)
17.Meadow Crush (提供)
暫存 英文
1.Come Horn (提供)
2.Winter's Last Gasp
3.Your New Human
4.Plastic Dreams
5.California Dreaming
6.Miles and Miles
7.Chik Habit

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