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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手The Firesign Theatre
The Firesign Theatre【 共收藏 6 張專輯, 33 首歌 】
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I Think We're All Bozos on This Bus 英文
1.Side .002 (提供)2.Side .001 (提供)
How Can You Be in Two Places at Once When You're Not Anywhere at All 英文
1.The Further Adventures of Nick Danger (提供)2.How Can You Be in Two Places at Once When You're Not Anywhere at All (提供)
The Tale of the Giant Rat of Sumatra 英文
1.An Outrageously Disgusting Disguise (提供)
2.Where There's Smoke, There's Work (提供)
3.Where Did Jonas Go When The Lights Went Out? (提供)
4.Not Quite The Solution He Expected (提供)
5.Pickles Down The Rat Hole! (提供)
6.The Electrician Exposes Himself! (提供)
Don't Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me the Pliers 英文
1.This Side (提供)2.The Other Side (提供)
Tv Or Not Tv 英文
1.Channel 85 Sign-On (提供)
2.Escaping From The Declining Fall Of The Roaming Umpire, Chapter XIII (提供)
3.Police Lineup (提供)
4.Salute My Boots (提供)
5.The Channel 85 Story (提供)
6.Cirque Internationale (提供)
7.Insert Here (提供)
8.Communist Love Song (提供)
9.Channel 85 Reply (提供)
10.Tobor Radar Robot (提供)
11.The Pills Brothers On Drugs (提供)
12.The Mz Information Society (提供)
13.Bring Us Together (提供)
14.Nasi Goring (提供)
15.Our Lady Of The Torch (提供)
16.Emergency Alert (提供)
17.Emerging Fall Of The Roaming Umpire, Program VII (提供)
18.Give Up This Day (提供)
19.Channel 85 Sign-Off (提供)
Not Insane or Anything You Want To 英文
1.Not Insane (提供)2.Not Responsible (提供)

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