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Tesla( テスラ (バンド) )【 共收藏 21 張專輯, 288 首歌 】
特斯拉是美國重金屬樂隊,1981年年底在加利福尼亞州薩克拉門托市,由貝斯手Brian Wheat和吉他手Frank Hannon組成城市基德。主唱Jeff Keith,鼓手Troy Luccketta和吉他手Tommy Skeoch在1984年加入他們。到1986年,樂隊已經從其魅力衍生的聲音變成了一個“根本”的方向,新的名字叫“特斯拉”。到1990年,樂隊開始出現磨損跡象,隨著鼓手Stefano麵食Stevano意大利面向Luccketta的王位短暫休息,直到他出於個人原因離開。[需要引用] 1996年,樂隊解散,成員致力於自己到個人項目。 2000年,他們進行了改革,但是由於物質濫用,湯米·索科奇在2006年離開樂隊,並被戴夫·魯德(Dave Rude)所取代。他們在美國賣了1400萬張專輯。



Frank Hannon – lead guitar, bass, mandolin, keyboards, backing vocals (1981–1996, 2000–present)
Brian Wheat – bass, keyboards, backing vocals (1981–1996, 2000–present)
Jeff Keith – lead vocals (1984–1996, 2000–present)
Troy Luccketta – drums, percussion (1984–1996, 2000–present)
Dave Rude – guitar, bass, backing vocals (2006–present)


Tommy Skeoch – guitar, backing vocals (1984–1994, 1995, 2000–2006)
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Simplicity 英文
2.Flip Side!
4.Rise and Fall
5.So Divine...
6.Cross My Heart
8.Other Than Me
9.Break of Dawn
10.Burnout To Fade
11.Life Is a River
13.Time Bomb
14.'Til That Day
Psychotic Supper 英文
1.Call It What You Want
2.Can't Stop (提供)
3.Change In The Weather (提供)
4.Don't De-Rock Me (提供)
5.Edison's Medicine
6.Freedom Slaves (提供)
7.Government Personnel (提供)
8.Had Enough (提供)
9.Song And Emotion
10.Stir It Up (提供)
12.Toke About It
13.What You Give
14.Run Run Run (提供)
Twisted Wires & The Acoustic Sessions 英文
1.Song & Emotion
2.Second Street (acoustic)
3.Better Off Without You (acoustic)
4.I Love You (acoustic)
5.Into The Now (acoustic)
6.Hang Tough To (acoustic)
7.Edison's Medicine Medicine (acoustic)
8.What You Give Give (acoustic)
9.Shine Away Away (acoustic)
10.Changes Changes (acoustic)
11.Alot To Lose Lose (acoustic)
12.Caught In A Dream (acoustic)
Forever More 英文
1.In A Hole Again (提供)
2.I Wanna Live
3.Forever More
4.Breaking Free
5.All Of Me
6.Fallin Apart
7.The First Time
8.One Day At A Time
9.The Game
10.It's My Way
11.Pvt Ledbetter
Mechanical Resonance 英文
1.2 Late 4 Love
3.Cover Queen
4.Cumin' Atcha Live
5.Ez Come Ez Go
6.Little Suzi
7.Love Me
8.Rock Me To The Top
9.We're No Good Together
10.Before My Eyes
11.Gettin' Better
12.Modern Day Cowboy
Five Man Acoustical Jam 英文
1.Before My Eyes
2.Comin' Atcha Live , Truckin'
3.Down Fo' Boogie
4.Gettin' Better
5.Heaven's Trail (No Way Out)
7.Love Song
8.Modern Day Cowboy
9.Mother's Little Helper
12.The Way It Is
13.Tommy's Down Home
14.We Can Work It Out
Bust A Nut 英文
1.Action Talks
2.Alot To Lose
5.Games People Play
6.Mama's Fool
7.Need Your Lovin'
9.She Want She Want
10.Shine Away
12.The Gate, Invited
13.Try So Hard
14.Wonderful World
Gold 英文
1.Heaven's Trail
2.Lazy Days Crazy Nights
3.Love In Vain
4.I Ain't Superstitious
5.Rock The Nation (提供)
6.Children's Heritage
7.Cotton Fields
8.The Ocean
9.Last Action Hero
10.Into The Now
11.Heaven Nine Eleven
12.Thank You
13.Alot To Lose
14.Mama's Fool
15.Try So Hard
16.Gettin' Better
17.Love Song
18.Modern Day Cowboy
21.The Way It Is
22.Cumin' Atcha Live
23.Ez Come Ez Go
24.Little Suzi
25.Rock Me To The Top
26.Call It What You Want
27.Edison's Medicine
28.Song And Emotion
29.What You Give
30.Hang Tough (提供)
31.Caught In a Dream
32.Steppin' Over
Real To Reel 2 英文
1.Seasons Of Wither
2.Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers
3.Do You Feel Like We Do
4.I Want To Take You Higher
5.Is It My Body
6.Street Fighting Man
7.Not Fragile
8.Shooting Star
9.All The Young Dudes
10.Make It Last
11.Saturday Night Special
12.War Pigs
Into The Now 英文
1.Caught In a Dream
2.What A Shame
3.Only You
4.Miles Away
5.Come to Me
6.Look @ Me
7.Words Can't Explain
8.Mighty Mouse
9.Got No Glory
Time's Makin' Changes - The Best of Tesla 英文
1.Steppin' Over
The Great Radio Controversy 英文
1.Be A Man (提供)
2.Crazy Nights (提供)
3.Did It For The Money (提供)
4.Flight To Nowhere (提供)
5.Hang Tough (提供)
6.Lady Luck (提供)
7.Makin Magic
8.Party's Over (提供)
9.Yesterdaze Gone (提供)
10.Heaven's Trail (No Way Out)
11.Love Song
13.The Way It Is
Twisted Wires 英文
1.Into the Now
2.Second Street
3.Song and Emotion
4.Caught in a Dream
5.A Lot to Lose
6.I Love You
7.Shine Away
8.Better off Without You
9.What You Give
10.Edison's Medicine
11.Hang Tough (提供)
Standing Room Only 英文
1.Cumin' Atcha Live - 2001/ Live
2.Love Song
3.Freedom Slaves (提供)
4.Mama's Fool
5.The Way It Is
6.Gettin' Better
7.Hang Tough (提供)
8.Cumin' Atcha Live
9.Heaven's Trail (No Way Out)
10.Modern Day Cowboy - 2001/ Live
11.Love Song - 2001/ Live
12.Little Suzi - 2001/ Live
13.Signs - 2001/ Live
14.Freedom Slaves - 2001/ Live
15.Song And Emotion - 2001/ Live
16.The Way It Is - 2001/ Live
17.Gettin' Better - 2001/ Live
18.Hang Tough - 2001/ Live
19.Modern Day Cowboy
Standing Room Only (Live) 英文
1.Cumin' Atcha Live (Live)
2.Love Song (Live)
3.Mama's Fool (Live)
4.Heaven's Trail (No Way Out) [Live]
5.The Way It Is (Live)
6.Hang Tough (Live)
7.What U Give (Live)
8.Little Suzi (Live)
9.Freedom Slaves (Live)
10.Song and Emotion (Live)
11.Gettin' Better (Live)
12.Modern Day Cowboy (Live)
Replugged Live 英文
1.Lazy Days, Crazy Nights
2.Heaven's Trail (No Way Out) (Live)
3.Modern Day Cowboy (Live)
4.Love Song (Live)
5.Freedom Slaves (Live)
6.Mama's Fool (Live)
7.The Way It Is (Live)
8.Gettin' Better (Live)
9.Hang Tough (Live)
10.Cumin' Atcha Live
11.Edison's Medicine
12.Modern Day Cowboy
13.Love Song
14.Freedom Slaves (提供)
15.Mama's Fool
16.We're No Good Together
18.The Way It Is
19.Gettin' Better
20.Hang Tough (提供)
21.Edison's Medicine (Live)
22.Signs - 2000 / Live At The Arco Arena, Sacramento, CA
23.Freedom Slaves - 2000 / Live At The Arco Arena, Sacramento, CA
24.We're No Good Together - 2000 / Live At The Arco Arena, Sacramento, CA
25.Call It What You Want - 2000 / Live At The Arco Arena, Sacramento, CA
26.Gettin' Better - 2000 / Live At The Arco Arena, Sacramento, CA
27.EZ Come EZ Go - 2000 / Live At The Arco Arena, Sacramento, CA
28.Little Suzi - 2000 / Live At The Arco Arena, Sacramento, CA
29.Love Song - 2000 / Live At The Arco Arena, Sacramento, CA
30.We're No Good Together (Live)
31.Call It What You Want (Live)
32.Changes (Live)
33.Song & Emotion (Live)
34.EZ Come EZ Go (Live)
35.Heavens Trail (No Way Out)
36.Cumin' Atcha Live - 2000 / Live At The Arco Arena, Sacramento, CA
Real to Reel 英文
1.Thank You
2.I've Got a Feeling
3.Honky Tonk Woman
4.Rock Bottom
5.Bad Reputation
Five Man Acoustical Jam (Live) 英文
1.We Can Work It Out (Live)
2.Love Song (Live)
3.Modern Day Cowboy (Live)
4.Gettin' Better (Live)
5.The Way It Is (Live)
6.Heaven's Trail (No Way Out) [Live]
7.Lodi (Live)
8.Down Fo' Boogie (Live)
9.Tommy's Down Home (Live)
10.Mother's Little Helper (Live) (提供)
11.Before My Eyes (Live)
12.Paradise (Live)
Alive in Europe! 英文
1.Forever More - Live
2.Into the Now - Live
3.What You Give
4.Modern Day Cowboy
5.What a Shame
6.Shine Away
7.Love Song
8.The Way It Is
9.Hang Tough (提供)
10.Lil' Suzie - Live
11.Signs - Live
12.Modern Day Cowboy - Live
13.What a Shame - Live
14.Shine Away - Live
15.Love Song - Live
16.What You Give - Live
17.The Way It Is - Live
18.Hang Tough - Live
19.So What! - Live
20.Into the Now
10 Live! 英文
1.Modern Day Cowboy (Live at the Arco Arena, Sacramento, CA)
2.Love Song (Live at the Arco Arena, Sacramento, CA)
3.The Way It Is (Live at the Arco Arena, Sacramento, CA)
4.Gettin' Better (Live at the Arco Arena, Sacramento, CA)
暫存 英文
1.Signs (Live at the Trocadero)
2.A Wonderful World
3.It Is My Body
5.Seribu Bintang
6.What You Give (edit)
7.Love Song - Single Version
8.Caught in a Dream (radio edit)
9.Victorias Secret

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