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Magnum( 鉅著樂團 )【 共收藏 22 張專輯, 212 首歌 】
Magnum是英國搖滾樂隊。他們是由Tony Clarkin(吉他,詞曲作者)和Bob Catley(主唱)在伯明翰組建的,以便在城市的Rum Runner夜總會出現。瑪格南多年來經歷了多次人事變動,然而,Catley和Clarkin的核心仍然存在。

馬格南早期最重要的成就是1982年的“追逐龍”,在英國專輯榜上達到第17位。它包括幾支將成為樂隊現場表演主角的歌曲,特別是“線上戰士”,“神聖時刻”和“精神”。樂隊1986年的專輯“Vigilante”代表了一個由主流女王鼓手Roger Taylor和David Richards最近一起創作“A A Magic of Magic”的作品。樂隊於1988年創下了商業高峰,當時他們首次進入英國十大專輯“Wings of Heaven”,排在第五位,併入圍了三大40首單曲“不信任的日子”,“開始談戀愛”和“一定是愛”。緊隨其後的是Keith Olsen製作的Goodnight L.A.,並於1990年在英國專輯排行榜上排名第九,為樂隊“Rockin'Chair”製作了另一首40首單曲。

1995年,克拉克宣布馬格南的分裂;他後來組成另一個樂隊,Catley和Al Barrow被稱為Hard Rain。 Magnum於2001年改組,並從那時起又發行了8張錄音室專輯。他們最新的專輯“神聖的謊言”於2016年2月發行。


鮑勃·卡特利 - 主唱(1972 - 1995年,2001年至今)
Tony Clarkin - 主音吉他,(1972 - 1995年,2001年至今)
Al Barrow - 低音吉他,伴唱(2001至今)
哈里詹姆斯 - 鼓,打擊樂(2002-2005,2007年至今)
李·莫里斯 - 鼓(2017年至今)
里克本頓 - 鍵盤(2017年至今)


Kex Gorin - 鼓,打擊樂(1972-1984;去世)
Bob Doyle - 低音吉他(1972)
Dave Morgan - 低音吉他,主唱(1972-1975)
理查德·貝利 - 鍵盤,長笛,聲樂(1976-1980)
Mark Stanway - 鍵盤(1980-1984,1985-1995,2001-2016)
吉姆·辛普森 - 鼓,打擊樂(1984-1985)
米奇巴克 - 鼓,打擊樂(1985 - 1995年)
吉米科普利 - 鼓,打擊樂(2005 - 2007年;去世)
哈里·詹姆斯 - 鼓,打擊樂(2002-2005,2007-2017)


格倫維爾哈丁 - 鍵盤(1980)
羅賓喬治 - 節奏吉他(1983)
勞倫斯·阿切爾(Laurence Archer) - 主音吉他(1984);由Tony Clarkin填補)
Eddie George - 鍵盤(1984-1985)


Les Kitcheridge - 吉他,主唱(1972)
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Sacred Blood, Divine Lies 英文
1.Sacred Blood, Divine Lies (提供)
2.Crazy Old Mothers (提供)
3.Gypsy Queen (提供)
4.Princess In Rags (提供)
5.Your Dreams Won't Die (提供)
6.Afraid of the Night (提供)
7.Forgotten Conversation (提供)
8.Quiet Rhapsody (提供)
9.Twelve Men Wise And Just (提供)
10.Don't Cry Baby (提供)
1.Falling For the Big Plan
2.Crying In the Rain
3.Too Many Clowns
4.Midnight Angel
5.Live 'Til You Die
6.Unwritten Sacrifice
7.Burning River
8.The Valley of Tears
9.The Art of Compromise
10.Don't Fall Asleep
11.Wisdom's Had Its Day
On The 13th Day 英文
1.All The dreamers
2.Blood Red laughter
3.Didn't Like You Anyway
4.On The 13th Day
5.So Let It Rain
6.Dance Of The Black Tattoo
7.Shadow Town
8.Putting Things In Place
9.Broken Promises
10.See How They Fall
11.From Within
12.Those Were The Days(Demo) (提供)
13.Eyes Like Fire(Full Version)
14.Blood Red Laughter(Acoustic Version)
15.We All Need To Be Loved(Live From Prague CZ)
16.Shadow Town(Acoustic Version)
17.Moonking(Live From Mannheim D)
Into The Valley Of The Moon King 英文
1.A Face In The Crowd
2.In My Minds Eye
3.Time To Cross That River
4.All My Bridges
5.No One Knows His Name
6.If I Ever Lose My Mind
Wings Of Heaven Live 英文
1.Don't Wake The Lion (Too Old To Die Young)
2.Pray For The Day
3.Sacred Hour
4.C'est La Vie
5.Les Morts Dansant
6.Back Street Kid
7.Out Of The Shadows
8.Like Brothers We Stand
9.How Far Jerusalem
10.Dragons Are Real
11.All England's Eyes
13.Kingdom Of Madness
14.Start Talking Love
15.One Step Away
16.When We Were Younger
17.Days Of No Trust
18.Different Worlds
19.It Must Have Been Love
20.Wild Swan
Chase The Dragon 英文
1.On The Edge Of The World
2.Soldier Of The Line
3.The Lights Burned Out
4.The Sacred Hour
5.The Spirit
6.The Teacher
7.Walking The Straight Line
8.We All Play The Game
Wings of Heaven Live 2008 英文
1.When We Were Younger (Live)
2.Out of the Shadows (Live)
3.One Step Away (live) (提供)
4.Must Have Been Love (live)
5.Like Brothers We Stand (Live)
6.Dragons Are Real (Live)
7.Different Worlds (live) (提供)
8.Don't Wake the Lion (live) (提供)
The Visitation 英文
1.Black Skies
2.Spin Like A Wheel
3.The Last Frontier
4.Freedom Day
5.Mother Nature's Final Dance
6.Midnight Kings
7.Tonight's The Night
8.Wild Angels
9.The Visitation
10.Doors To Nowhere
The Spirit 英文
1.Pray For The Day - Live Version
2.Rockin' Chair - Live Version
3.Vigilante - Live Version (提供)
4.On a Storyteller's Night
5.How Far Jerusalem
6.When The World Comes Down - Live Version
7.Sacred Hour - Live Version
8.Kingdom Of Madness - Live Version
9.The Spirit - Live Version
10.How Far Jerusalem - Live Version
11.Reckless Man - Live Version
12.Les Morts Dansants - Live Version
13.Days Of No Trust - Live Version (提供)
The Last Dance 英文
1.Rock Heavy (live)
2.One Sacred Hour (live)
3.Love Is a Stranger (live)
The Gathering 英文
1.Find the Time (Kingdom of Madness session outtake)
2.The Spirit (Previously Unreleased)
3.Midnight (You Won't Be Sleeping) (Previously Unreleased) (提供)
4.The Moonking
5.Sacred Hour (live From the Farewell Tour) (提供)
6.The Last Dance (live From the Farewell Tour)
7.Maybe Tonight (acoustic version) (提供)
8.Hanging Tree (single B-Side)
9.Heartbroke and Busted
10.All England's Eyes (On a Storyteller's Night demo)
11.Long Days, Black Nights (7' single B-Side)
12.The Lights Burned Out (Chase the Dragon session outtake) (提供)
13.Changes (7' single remix)
14.Breath of Life
The Eleventh Hour 英文
1.The Word2.Breakdown
Stronghold 英文
1.Love Is a Stranger (Live from Koln, Germany 24/11/95)
2.Only In America (Live - Christmas TV Show '92)
3.You're the One (Live - Christmas TV Show '92)
4.Changes (Live from Koln, Germany 24/11/95)
5.Back to Earth (Live from Koln, Germany 24/11/95)
6.Just Like an Arrow (Live from Koln, Germany 24/11/95) (提供)
7.Les Morts Dansant (Live from Koln, Germany 24/11/95)
8.How Far Jerusalem (Live from Koln, Germany 24/11/95)
9.Days of No Trust (Live from Koln, Germany 24/11/95) (提供)
10.Sacred Hour (Live from Koln, Germany 24/11/95) (提供)
11.The Last Dance (Live from Koln, Germany 24/11/95)
12.Tell Tale Eyes (Live from Koln, Germany 24/11/95)
13.Two Hearts (Live from Koln, Germany 24/11/95)
14.Rock Heavy (Live from Koln, Germany 24/11/95)
15.The Tall Ships (Live from Koln, Germany 24/11/95)
16.Spirit (Live from Koln, Germany 24/11/95)
17.Wild Swan (Live from Koln, Germany 24/11/95) (提供)
18.Start Talking Love (Live from Koln, Germany 24/11/95) (提供)
19.Rocking Chair (Live from Koln, Germany 24/11/95)
20.Vigilante (Live from Koln, Germany 24/11/95) (提供)
21.Kingdom of Madness (Live from Koln, Germany 24/11/95)
Road to Paradise - Anthology (1978-83) 英文
1.All of My Life (Live At The Marquee, London)
2.Great Adventure (Live At The Marquee, London)
3.Invasion (Live At The Marquee, London)
4.Kingdom of Madness (Live At The Marquee, London)
5.Everybody Needs (Live)
On a Story Teller's Night: Live in Concert (Live) 英文
1.The Lights Burned Out (Live) (提供)
2.On a Story Tellers Night (Live)
3.The Prize (Live)
4.Two Hearts (Live)
5.The Last Dance (Live)
6.Before First Light (Live)
7.Endless Love (Live)
8.How Far Jerusalem (Live)
On A Storyteller's Night 英文
1.Steal Your Heart
Marauder (Live) 英文
1.The Battle (Live at the Marquee, London)
2.Reborn (Live at the Marquee, London)
3.So Cold the Night (Live at the Marquee, London)
4.If I Could Live Forever (Live at the Marquee, London)
5.Foolish Heart (Live at the Marquee, London)
6.In the Beginning (Live at the Marquee, London)
7.Changes (Live at the Marquee, London)
8.Lords of Chaos (Live at the Marquee, London)
Live from Birmingham 英文
1.You're the One (Live)
2.Stormy Weather (Live)
3.Midnight (Live)
4.On Christmas Day (Live)
5.Midnight (提供)
6.Pray for the Day (Live) (提供)
Kingdom Of Madness 英文
1.Baby Rock Me
Goodnight L.A. 英文
Days of Wonder 英文
1.Invasion - Live 1976
2.All of My Life - Live 1976
3.In the Beginning - Live 1976
4.Lords of Chaos - Live 1976
5.Without Your Love - Live 1976
6.Stormbringer - Live 1976
7.Find the Time - Live 1976
8.Baby Rock Me - Live 1976
9.Universe - Live 1976
10.Kingdom of Madness - Live 1976
11.Master of Disguise - Live 1976
12.Everybody Needs - Live 1976
13.The Battle - Live 1976
暫存 英文
2.Eyes Like Fire
3.We All Need To Be Loved
4.Matter Of Survival
5.Rockin Chair
6.Hold Back Your Love
7.Endless Love
8.Just Like An Arrow - Live Version
9.Feels Like Treason
10.Cry to Yourself
11.All England's Eyes (demo)
12.Wild Angels (Live in Aschaffenburg)
13.So Let It Rain (Radio Edit)
14.Lonesome Star (7' Single B-Side) [Bonus Track]
15.Out of Shadows
16.It's Time To Come Together
17.This Heart
18.After the Rain
19.All That Is Real
20.Freedom Day (Live)
21.Unwritten Sacrifice (Live)
22.Breakdown (BBC Friday Rock Show) [Live]
23.Steal Your Heart (2005 Remastered Version)
24.So Far Away
25.Those Were The Days
26.Peaches and Cream

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