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...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead( 死亡足跡合唱團 )【 共收藏 8 張專輯, 82 首歌 】
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IX 英文
1.The Doomsday Book (提供)
2.Jaded Apostles (提供)
3.A Million Random Digits (提供)
4.The Lie Without A Liar (提供)
5.The Ghost Within (提供)
6.The Dragonfly Queen (提供)
7.How to Avoid Huge Ships (提供)
8.Bus Lines
9.Lost in the Grand Scheme (提供)
10.Like Summer Tempests Came His Tears (提供)
11.Sound Of The Silk (提供)
12.Keep Warm Fire (提供)
13.Feelings and how to Destroy Them (提供)
14.Tao Of The De (提供)
Madonna 英文
1.And You Will Know Them... (提供)
2.Mistakes & Regrets
3.Totally Natural
4.Blight Takes All
5.Clair De Lune
6.Flood Of Red
7.Children Of The Hydra's Teeth (提供)
8.Mark David Chapman
9.Up From Redemption
10.Aged Dolls
11.The Day The Air Turned Blue (提供)
12.A Perfect Teenhood
13.Sigh Your Children
被遺忘的歌曲(Lost Songs) 英文
1.Open Doors
2.Pinhole Cameras
3.Up To Infinity
4.Opera Obscura
5.Lost Songs
6.Flower Card Games
7.A Place To Rest
8.Heart Of Wires
11.Bright Young Things
12.Time And Again
Lost Songs 英文
1.Open Doors
2.Heart Of Wires
5.Bright Young Things
6.Time And Again
7.Pinhole Cameras
8.Up To Infinity
9.Opera Obscura
10.Lost Songs
11.Flower Card Games
12.A Place To Rest
...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead 英文
1.An Ounce Of Prevention
2.Fake Fake Eyes
3.Gargoyle Waiting
4.Half Of What
5.Prince With A Thousand Enemies
6.Richter Scale Madness
7.When We Begin To Steal...
8.Novena Without Faith
The Century Of Self 英文
1.Isis Unveiled
2.Halcyon Days
3.Bells Of Creation
4.Fields Of Coal
5.Inland Sea
6.Luna Park
7.Pictures Of An Only Child
8.Insatiable (One)
9.Insatiable (Two)
10.Far Pavillions
Tao Of The Dead 英文
1.Summer Of All Dead Souls (提供)
2.Introduction: Let Us Experiment (提供)
3.Pure Radio Cosplay (提供)
4.Somewhere Over The Double Rainbow (提供)
5.Ebb Away (提供)
6.Pure Radio Cosplay (Reprise) (提供)
7.How Much Fun (提供)
8.The Spiral Jetty
9.The Wasteland (提供)
10.Fall Of The Empire (提供)
11.Cover The Days Like A Tidal Wave (提供)
12.The Ship Impossible (提供)
暫存 英文
1.Relative Ways

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