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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Level 42( 水平42樂團 )
Level 42( 水平42樂團 )【 共收藏 32 張專輯, 335 首歌 】

從地下樂界躍入主流、憑著以貝斯為表現主軸的靈魂爵士放克樂風靡 80 年代英國流行音樂市場,並開啟新浪漫運動的 Level 4 樂團,被譽為與 Incognito、Light of The World、 Lynx…齊名、對當代英國樂團發展最具影響力的代表性團體之一。 從19881年同名專輯打入英國金榜 Top 20 開始,他們陸續推出「The Sun Goes Down」 (Living It Up)、「Lessons in Love」、「Something About You」等走紅英美兩地的暢銷排行作品;而樂團精湛的彈唱技巧更讓他們成為當時最受推崇的 live 表演團體。
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Something About You:The Collection 英文
1.Something About You
2.Lessons In Love
3.Running In The Family
4.Love Meeting Love(Album Mix Edit)
5.Turn It On(Extended Version) (提供)
6.Good Man In A Storm
7.The Sun Goes Down(Living It Up)
8.I Sleep On My Heart
9.The Chinese Way(Extended John Luongo Remix / New York Remix) (提供)
10.Standing In The Light
11.Leaving Me Now(Extended Version) (提供)
12.A Pharoah's Dream(Of Endless Time)
13.Last Chance
14.Flying On The Wings Of Love
15.Kansas City Milkman
17.Follow Me(Live At The Coronet / 1985) (提供)
Running In The Family 英文
1.Lessons In Love
2.Children Say
3.Running In The Family(Extended Version)
4.It's Over
5.To Be With You Again
6.Two Solitudes(Everyone's Love In The Air) (提供)
7.Fashion Fever
9.Freedom Someday
World Machine 英文
1.Coup D'etat (M King, P Gould)
2.Good Man In A Storm (M King, P Gould)
3.I Sleep On My Heart
4.It's Not The Same For Us (W Badarou, P Gould, M Ki
5.Leaving Me Now (M King, P Gould, W Badarou)
6.Lying Still (W Badarou, R Gould, M King)
7.Physical Presence (M King, P Gould)
8.Something About You (M Lindup, P Gould, R Gould, M
9.World Machine (W Badarou, P Gould, M King, M Lindu
The Early Tapes 英文
1.Autumn (Paradise Is Free)
2.Love Meeting Love
3.Wings Of Love
Turn It On 英文
1.A Physical Presence
2.Are You Hearing (what I Hear)
3.Can't Walk You Home
4.Children Say
5.Coup D'etat
6.Heaven In My Hands
7.I Sleep On My Heart
8.Love Games
9.Love Meeting Love
10.Running In The Family
11.Take Care Of Yourself
12.The Chinese Way
13.True Believers
14.Turn It On
15.Two Hearts Collide
16.Wings Of Love
Live At Wembley 英文
1.Children Say
2.Heaven In My Hands
3.It's Over
4.Lessons In Love
5.Love Games
7.Over There
8.Running In The Family
10.Something About You
11.Take A Look
12.The Chinese Way
13.To Be With You Again
Forever Now[Resurgent] 英文
1.Billy's Gone
2.The Bends
3.Play Me
4.The Sunbed Song
5.Past Lives
6.Don't Bother Me
7.Heart On The Line
9.Time Will Heal
10.Learn To Say No
11.Forever Now
12.Model Friend
13.Love In A Peacefull World
14.One In A Million
15.Talking In Your Sleep
Guaranteed 英文
3.Her Big Day
4.Seven Years
5.Set Me Up
6.The Ape
7.My Father's Shoes
8.A Kinder Eye
9.She Can't Help Herself
10.If You Were Mine
11.Lasso The Moon
12.With A Little Love
Staring At The Sun 英文
1.Heaven In My Hands
2.I Don't Know Why
3.Take A Look
4.Over There
7.Staring At The Sun
8.Two Hearts Collide
A Physical Presence 英文
1.Almost There
2.Eyes Waterfalling
3.Follow Me
4.Foundation And Empire (提供)
5.Hot Water
6.Kansas City Milkman
7.Love Games
8.The Chant Has Begun
9.The Chinese Way
10.The Sun Goes Down
True Colours 英文
1.The Chant Has Begun
2.Kansas City Milkman
3.Seven Days
4.Hot Water
5.A Floating Life
6.True Believers
7.My Hero
8.Kouyate -(There Is A Secret Between Us)
9.Hours By The Window
Standing In The Light 英文
2.The Sun Goes Down
3.Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
4.Dance On Heavy Weather
5.A Pharaoh's Dream(Of Endless Time)
6.Standing In The Light
7.I Want Eyes
9.The Machine Stops
Pursuit Of Accidents 英文
1.Wave Your Spell
2.The Pursuit Of Accidents (提供)
3.Last Chance
4.Are You Hearing (what I Hear)
5.Eyes Waterfalling
6.Shapeshifter (提供)
7.The Chinese Way
8.You Can't Blame Louis
Level 42 英文
1.Turn It On
2.43 (提供)
3.Why Are You Leaving
4.Almost There
5.Heathrow (提供)
6.Love Games
7.Dune Tune (提供)
World Machine 2CD 英文
1.World Machine - Live BBC - Previously Unreleased
2.Leaving Me Now - Live BBC - Previously Unreleased
3.I Sleep On My Heart - Live Previously Unreleased
4.Dream Crazy - Live - Previously Unreleased
5.Lying Still - Live Previously Unreleased
6.Physical Presence - Live - Previously Unreleased
7.Dream Crazy
The Very Best of Level 42 英文
1.Love Games (Level Best Remix)
2.The Chant Has Begun (Unique Mix)
3.The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up) [1.98 Radio Edit 1]
4.It's Over (Remix)
5.Lessons in Love
6.It's Over
7.Hot Water
The Early Tapes: July/Aug 1980 英文
2.Sandstorm (live)
3.Love Meeting Love (live)
The Acoustic Album 英文
1.Lessons In Love (Acoustic)
2.Something About You (Acoustic)
3.It's Over (Acoustic)
4.Take a look (Acoustic)
5.Starchild (Acoustic)
6.All I Need
7.Lessons In Love
Staring At The Sun (Expanded Version) 英文
1.Silence - Live In The United Kingdom / 1989
2.Heaven In My Hands (Remix)
4.Staring At the Sun
5.Man - Live In The United Kingdom / 1989
Something About You (Live) 英文
1.Why Are You Leaving (Live)
2.All Over You (Live)
3.Sleepwalkers (Live)
4.A Floating Life (Live)
5.The Sunbed Song (Live)
6.I Want Eyes (Live)
7.You Can't Blame Louis (Live)
8.Play Me (Live)
9.Hot Water (Live)
10.Running in the Family (Live)
Running in the Family: Acoustic Re-interpretations 25 Years On 英文
1.Lessons in Love (Unplugged)
2.The Sleepwalkers - Unplugged
3.Two Solitudes - Unplugged
4.Running in the Family - Unplugged
5.Children Say - Unplugged
6.Freedom Someday (Unplugged)
7.To Be with You Again (Unplugged)
8.It's Over (Unplugged)
Retroglide 英文
1.Dive Into the Sun
3.Hell Town Story
5.All Around
7.Sleep Talking
8.Just for You
9.The Way Back Home
11.All I Need
Master Series 英文

1.Something About You
2.To Be With You Again
3.Running In The Family
4.Hot Water
5.You Can't Blame Louis
7.Last Chance
8.Flying On The Wings Of Lo (提供)
9.So Dance On Heavy Weather (提供)
10.Take A Look
11.Love Games
12.Seven Days
13.Staring At The Sun
14.It's Not The Same For Us
15.Two Solitudes
16.Leaving Me Now
Living It Up 英文
1.Follow Me - Live At The Coronet, Woolwich / 1985
2.Turn It On - Edit Album Version
3.Lessons In Love
4.It's Over
5.Hot Water
7.The Way Back Home - Radio edit
Live at the Apollo 英文
1.Micro Kid (Live)
2.Starchild (Live)
3.To Be With You Again (Live)
4.The Micro Kid
5.Running In the Family (Live)
6.Lessons in Love
Level 42: The Remixes 英文
1.The Sun Goes Down (Livin' It Up) [Extended Version]
2.Love Games (Us Remix)
3.The Chinese Way (Extended John Luongo Remix / New York Remix)
Gold 英文
1.Bitter Moon
2.Starchild (Edit)
3.Lessons in Love
4.It's Over
5.Hot Water
7.Turn It On (Edit)
Collected 英文
1.The Way Back Home
2.Dive Into The Sun
3.It's Over - Remix
4.Lessons In Love
5.Hot Water
Best Of Level[水平42樂團絕選集] 英文

1.Love Games
2.The Chinese Way
3.The Sun Goes Down
4.Micro Kid (提供)
5.Hot Water
6.The Chant Has Begun
7.Something About You
8.Leaving Me Now
9.Lessons In Love
10.Running In The Family
11.To Be With You Again
12.It's Over
13.Children Say
14.Heaven In My Hands
15.Take A Look
18.Forever Now
19.The Sun Goes Down 1998 (提供)
Are You Hearing? 英文
1.Dance On Heavy Weather (Live)
2.Turn it On (Live)
3.Eyes Waterfalling (Live)
4.The Chinese Way (Live)
A Physical Presence (Remastered) 英文
1.Almost There (Live At Goldiggers / 1985)
2.Turn It On (Live 1985)
3.Eyes Waterfalling (Live At Hexagon, Reading / 1985)
4.Kansas City Milkman (Live At The Coronet, Woolich / 1985)
5.The Chant Has Begun (Live At The Coronet, Woolwich / 1985)
6.The Chinese Way (Live In Woolich / 1985)
7.The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up) (Live At Goldiggers / 1985)
8.Hot Water (Live At The Coronet, Woolwich / 1985)
9.Love Games (Live At Goldiggers / 1985)
暫存 英文
1.The Sleepwalkers
2.Sooner Or Later
3.Learn To Say No - Previously Unreleased
4.Past Lives - Previously Unreleased
5.Heart On The Line (Skeletal!)
6.A Pharaoh's Dream (Of Endless Time)
7.Love In A Peaceful World
8.All Over You
9.All She Wants
10.A Pharoah's Dream
11.Are You Hearing (What I Hear)?
12.As Years Go By
13.At This Great Distance
14.Floating Life
15.It's Not the Same for Us
16.Play Me - Previously Unreleased
17.Physical Presence
18.World Machine
20.With A Little Love
21.Two Hearts Collide
23.Tired Of Waiting
24.Three Words
25.Foundation and Empire (提供)
26.Good Man In The Storm
27.The Pursuit of Accidents (提供)
28.Heart on the Line
29.The Chinese Way
30.The Chant Has Begun
31.Take Care Of Yourself
32.Take A Look
34.Lying Still
35.Kouyate (There Is A Secret Between Us)
36.Lessons In Love - Live At Wembley / 1987
37.Love Games - Live At Wembley / 1987
38.Something About You - Live At Wembley / 1987
39.World Machine (Live At Wembley)
40.Hot Water (Edit)
41.Can't Walk You Home (Edit)
42.Starchild (1981 remix long version)
43.The Sleepwalkers (Live)
44.The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up) (extended version)
45.Turn It On (Edit Version)
46.Something About You (Acoustic Version)
47.A Physical Presence (Live)
48.Where's Yo' Head At? (John Morales Mix)
49.Physical Presence (live Wembley '86)
50.Heaven In My Hands (Live)
51.Follow Me (Live)

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