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W.A.S.P.( Wasp )【 共收藏 20 張專輯, 263 首歌 】
黃蜂。 是1982年由Blackie Lawless組建的美國重金屬樂隊,Blackie Lawless是樂隊中唯一的原始成員。 他們從20世紀80年代初出現的洛杉磯重金屬現場。 樂隊的人氣在20世紀80年代達到頂峰,但他們繼續錄製和遊覽,使他們成為西海岸重金屬樂隊最持久的一個。 黃蜂。 獲得了令人震驚的搖滾主題形象,歌詞和現場表演的臭名昭著。 他們已經出售了1200多萬張專輯。

該樂隊是80年代中期的父母音樂資源中心(PMRC)的突出目標,該組織推動錄製音樂的警告標籤。 樂隊與他們1987年的現場專輯“Live ... In the Raw”一曲,以“Harder,Faster”的歌曲永久化了與PMRC的戰鬥。 “我想成為某人”是W.A.S.P.的首張專輯中最成功的單曲,在VH1的100首最偉大的硬搖滾歌曲中排名第84。 他們最新的專輯“Golgotha”於2015年發行。


Blackie Lawless – lead vocals, rhythm guitar, bass, drums, keyboards (1982–present)
Doug Blair – lead guitar, backing vocals (1992, 2001, 2006–present)
Mike Duda – bass, backing vocals (1995–present)
Aquiles Priester – drums (2017–present)

Randy Piper – guitar (1982–1986)
Tony Richards – drums (1982–1984)
Rik Fox – bass (1982)
Chris Holmes – guitar (1983–1990, 1996–2001)
Steve Riley – drums (1984–1987)
Johnny Rod – bass (1986–1989, 1992–1993)
Frankie Banali – drums, percussion (1989–1990, 1992, 1995, 2001, 2004)
Stet Howland – drums (1991–2005)
Bob Kulick – lead guitar (1991–1995) (live performer and guest on The Crimson Idol and Still Not Black Enough)
Lita Ford - guitar (1993)
Mark Josephson - violin (1993)
Darrell Roberts – guitar (2002–2005)
Mike Dupke – drums (2006–2015)
Randy Black – drums (2015–2017)


Valentina[who?]– vocals on Unholy Terror
Roy Z – additional lead guitar on Unholy Terror
Jeremy Spencer - drums (2005)
Mark Zavon – guitar (2006)
Philip Wolfe – keyboards
Nate 'Diggs' Jones - Scatman (1986)
Ken Hensley – keyboards on The Headless Children (1989)
Chad Nelson - drums (1987)
Glen Soderling - drums (1987)
Kelly Martella - drums (1988–1989)
Patrick Johansson – live drums (2006, 2015)
歌曲列表方式 專輯列表(時間) 歌名列表(字數) 歌名列表(筆劃)
專輯名稱 年份 歌曲列表    
Golgotha 英文
2.Last Runaway
4.Miss You
5.Fallen Under
6.Slaves of the New World Order
7.Eyes of My Maker
8.Hero of the World
The Headless Children 英文
Snapper Classics
1.Forever Free
3.Mean Man
4.Rebel In The F.d.g.
5.The Headless Children
6.The Heretic
7.The Neutron Bomber
8.The Real Me
10.Mephisto Waltz (提供)
Babylon 英文
2.Live To Die Another Day
3.Babylon's Burning
5.Into The Fire
6.Thunder Red
7.Seas Of Fire
8.Godless Run
9.Promised Land
The Neon God - Part 2 - The Demise 英文
1.Never Say Die(Album Version)
2.Resurrector(Album Version)
3.The Demise(Album Version)
4.Clockwork Mary(Album Version)
5.Tear Down The Walls(Album Version)
6.Come Back To Black(Album Version)
7.All My Life(Album Version)
8.Destinies To Come(Neon Dion)(Album Version)
9.The Last Redemption(Album Version)
Unholy Terror 英文
1.Wasted White Boys
4.Raven Heart
5.Who Slayed Baby Jane?
6.Unholy Terror
7.Hate To Love Me
8.Loco-Motive Man
9.Let It Roar
Dominator 英文
1.Take Me Up
The Neon God - Part 1 : The Rise 英文
1.Wishing Well
2.Overture (提供)
3.Asylum #9
Live ... In The Raw 英文
1.Harder Faster
Wasp 英文
1.B A D (B Lawless)
2.I Wanna Be Somebody (B Lawless)
3.L O V E Machine (B Lawless)
4.On Your Knees (B Lawless)
5.School Daze (B Lawless)
6.Sleeping In The Fire (B Lawless)
7.The Flame (B Lawless, C Holmes, J Marquez, J Marqu
8.The Hellion (B Lawless)
9.The Torture Never Stops (B Lawless)
10.Tormentor (B Lawless, C Holmes)
Still Not Black Enough 英文
1.Black Forever
3.Goodbye America
4.I Can¹t
5.Keep Holding On
6.No Way Out Of Here
7.Scared To Death
8.Somebody To Love
9.Still Not Black Enough
10.Rock And Roll To Death
First Blood ... Last Cuts 英文
1.The Idol
Sunset And Babylon 英文
1.Sunset And Babylon
2.Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)
3.Sleeping In The Fire
4.I Wanna Be Somebody
The Crimson Idol 英文
1.Arena Of Pleasure
2.Chainsaw Charlie (Murders In The New Morgue)
3.Doctor Rockter
4.Hold On To My Heart
5.I Am One
6.The Great Misconceptions Of Me
7.The Gypsy Meets The Boy
8.The Idol
9.The Invisible Boy
10.The Titanic Overture
Inside The Electric Circus 英文
1.9.5. - N.a.s.t.y.
3.Easy Living
4.I Don't Need No Doctor
5.I'm Alive
6.Inside The Electric Circus
7.King Of Sodom And Gomorrah
9.Restless Gypsy
10.Shoot From The Hip
11.Sweet Cheetah
12.The Rock Rolls On
Scream 英文
1.Scream Until Ya Like It
Rock And Roll To Death 英文
1.Rock And Roll To Death
Dying For The World 英文
1.Shadow Man2.Rubber Man
Double Live Assassins (Live) 英文
1.Killahead (Live)
2.Blind in Texas (Live)
3.I Wanna Be Somebody (Live)
4.The Idol (Live)
5.Mean Man (Live)
6.Little Death (Live)
7.The Headless Children (Live)
8.The Horror (Live)
9.Kill Your Pretty Face (Live)
10.Wild Child (Live)
暫存1 英文
2.Kill Your Pretty Face
3.Kill, Fuck, Die
5.My Tortured Eyes
6.Take the Addiction
7.The Horror
8.Tokyo's On Fire
10.Wicked Love
11.I Wanna Be Somebody
12.L.O.V.E. Machine
13.The Flame
15.School Daze
17.X.T.C Riders
18.On Your Knees
20.The Torture Never Stops
21.Wild Child
23.Fistful Of Diamonds
24.Jack Action
26.Cries In The Night
27.The Last Command
28.Running Wild In The Streets
29.Sex Drive
30.The Big Welcome
31.9.5.- N.A.S.T.Y.
32.King Of Sodom And Gommorrah
34.Scream Until You Like It
35.The Raging Storm
36.Someone To Love Me (All I Need)
37.The Story Of Jonathon (Part 1 & 2)
38.Tie Your Mother Down
39.Rock 'N Roll To Death
40.Little Death
41.Drive By
42.Cocaine Cowboys
43.Damnation Angels
44.Dirty Balls
45.High On Flames
46.Don't Cry (Just Suck)
47.Saturday Night Cock Fight
48.Can't Die Tonight
49.Hot Rods to Hell
50.The Last Redemption
51.Show No Mercy
52.Paint It Black
54.Mississippi Queen
55.Flesh & Fire
56.Douche Bag Blues
57.Locomotive Breath
58.When The Levee Breaks
59.Phantoms In The Mirror
60.The Eulogy
61.Skin Walker
62.One Tribe
63.Long Way To The Top
64.Whole Lotta Rosie
65.Boom Boom My Heart
66.Run To The Future
67.Why I'm Here
69.I Wanna Be Somebody (Remix)
70.Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting
71.Blind in Texas
72.Why Am I Here
73.Me And The Devil
74.Somebody to Love
75.I Dont Need No Doctor
76.Trail of Tears
77.Hell for Eternity
78.Hallowed Ground (Acoustic Take 5)
79.Come Back to Black
81.Never Say Die
82.My Wicked Heart
83.Sister Sadie (And the Black Habits)
84.Black Bone Torso
85.All My Life
86.The Demise
87.What I'll Never Find
88.The Running Man
89.Destiny's To Come
90.The Rise
91.Red Room Of The Rising Sun
92.Why Am I Nothing
93.Stone Cold Killers
94.Someone To Love Me
暫存 英文
1.Clockwork Mary
3.Lake Of Fools
5.Saturday Night Cockfight
6.Hot Rods to Hell (Helldorado Reprise)
9.War Cry
10.For Whom The Bell Tolls
11.Goodbye America
12.Sweet Cheetah
13.King Of Sodom And Gomorrah
14.The Heretic (The Lost Child)
15.The Great Misconceptions Of Me
16.Rebel In The F.D.G.
18.I Am One
19.High On the Flames
20.The Manimal
21.The Idol - live acoustic
22.Chainsaw Charlie (Murders in the New Morgue) - Live
23.Hold On to My Heart - Live
24.The Great Misconceptions of Me - live Donnington 1992
25.The Real Me - live Donnington 1992
26.The Real Me (Live) - Live Donnington 1992
27.The Invisible Boy (Live) - Live Donnington 1992
28.I Am One (Live) - Live Donnington 1992
29.The Invisible Boy - live Donnington 1992
30.The Great Misconception of Me
31.Harder Faster (Live)
32.Sleeping (in the Fire) (live)
33.Hellion - live Lyceum 1984
34.On Your Knees (Live, Lyceum 1984)
35.Helldorado - live Key Club 2000
36.Dirty Balls - live Key Club 2000
37.Blind In Texas - live Key Club 2000
38.Damnation Angels - Live at The Key Club 2000
39.Inside the Electric Circus - live Key Club 2000
40.L.O.V.E. Machine - live Key Club 2000
41.Flesh and Fire (7' B-Side)
42.I Don't Need No Doctor (Live)
43.Sex Drive - live
44.Sleeping (In the Fire) [Acoustic]
45.Widowmaker (Live)
46.The Manimal (Live)
47.Animal (Fuck Like a Beast) (12' A-Side)
48.On Your Knees (live 1984)
49.Shoot From the Hip (live)
50.Forever Free (edit)
51.Cocaine Cowboy
52.Hot Like Fire
53.Bruk Out
54.The Red Room of the Rising Sun
55.Fistful of Diamonds - Live: Nakano Sun Plaza, 7 May '86
56.Sleeping in the Fire - Live: Nakano Sun Plaza, 7 May '86

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