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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Jon McLaughlin( 強·麥勞夫林 )
Jon McLaughlin( 強·麥勞夫林 )【 共收藏 12 張專輯, 104 首歌 】
強·麥勞夫林(Jon McLaughlin,1982年9月27日-),美國唱作歌手,生於美國印第安納州。早年學習古典音樂,後因車禍導致雙手骨折,無法繼續演奏鋼琴。直到高中時,麥勞夫林才重新開始彈鋼琴,並開始練習唱歌。

2007年,他因在電影《曼哈頓奇緣》中演唱《So Close》,而獲得奧斯卡提名。同年,亦發行個人第一張專輯,名為《Indiana》。

2008年,發行第二張專輯,名為《OK Now》。
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Like Us 英文
1.The Beginning (提供)
2.Before You
3.Down in History
4.I Am Always Going to Love You
5.Don't Mess with My Girl
6.I Want You Anyway
7.Thank God
8.More Than Me
9.You and I
10.Let Go
11.Walk Away
The Christmas EP 英文
1.Jingle Bells (提供)
2.Merry Merry Christmas Everyone (提供)
3.Away in a Manger (提供)
4.Christmas Saved Us All (提供)
5.The Christmas Song (提供)
Holding My Breath 英文
1.Above the Radio (提供)
2.Throw It on the Fire (提供)
3.The Truth (提供)
4.Imaginary Tea (提供)
5.Oh! (提供)
6.Fire Away (提供)
7.Broken Hearted (提供)
8.Oh Jesus (提供)
9.Anybody Else
10.Doesn't Mean Goodbye
12.At Night
Summer Is Over (Single) 英文
1.Summer Is Over (Single)
Promising Promises 英文
1.You Never Know
2.The Atmosphere
4.Without You Now (Stripped & Unplugged)
5.Maybe It's Over (Stripped & Unplugged) (提供)
6.What I Want (Stripped & Unplugged)
Forever If Ever 英文
Jon McLaughlin
1.Without You Now
2.A Little Too Hard (And A Little Too Fast)
3.Summer Is Over
4.Promising Promises
5.If Only I
6.Maybe It's Over
7.What I Want
8.I'll Follow You
9.You Are What I'm Here For
10.I Brought This On Myself
11.My Girl Tonight
12.These Crazy Times
OK Now 英文
1.Four Years
2.You Can Never Go Back
3.Throw My Love Around
4.The Middle
5.You Are The One I Love
6.Always On My Mind
7.Things That You Say
8.Dance Your Life Away
9.Smack Into You
10.I'm Talking To You
11.We All Need Saving
12.Beating My Heart
The Early Recordings 英文
1.Some Tight Fix
2.Blue Skies
3.Once Again
5.Loving Me
6.Giving You Reasons
7.Cool On The Outside (提供)
Live At House of Blues (Live Nation Studios) 英文
1.Industry - Live At House of Blues
2.Beating My Heart - Live At House of Blues
3.You Are The One I Love - Live At House of Blues
4.Human - Live At House of Blues
5.Why I'm Talking To You - Live At House of Blues
6.For You From Me - Live At House of Blues
7.You Can Never Go Back - Live At House of Blues
8.Beautiful Disaster - Live At House of Blues
9.Indiana - Live At House of Blues
Indiana 英文
2.Beautiful Disaster
3.Just Give It Time
4.Already In
5.For You from Me
8.Anthem for American Teenagers
10.Amelia's Missing
11.Praying to the Wrong God
13.Until You Got Love
15.Throwing A Line
Holding My Breath EP - (String Version) 英文
1.Throw It on the Fire (String Version)
2.Broken Hearted (String Version)
3.Anybody Else (String Version)
4.Above the Radio (String Version)
暫存 英文
1.So Close
2.Another Layer
3.Why I'm Talking To You
4.Proud Father
5.Song Tight Fix
6.Beautiful Lies
7.Summer Is Over feat. Sara Bareilles
8.These Crazy Times / Wool Over Eyes
9.Places I Already Know
10.One of Four

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