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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手DJ Khaled( DJ 哈立德 )
DJ Khaled( DJ 哈立德 )【 共收藏 21 張專輯, 175 首歌 】
哈立德·穆罕默德·哈立德(Khaled Mohamed Khaled,1975年11月26日-),更為人熟知的是DJ 哈立德(DJ Khaled)這個稱呼,是一名美國唱片製作人、廣播台名人、DJ和唱片公司主管。他早期曾以阿拉伯攻擊(Arab Attack)這個藝名出道,但在九一一襲擊事件之後更改了藝名。曾是總部位於邁阿密的城市音樂電台WEDR的主持人和嘻哈組合恐怖小隊的DJ。從2004年到2006年,DJ 哈立德協助製作了多張嘻哈專輯,如神奇小子的〈Real Talk〉。

在2006年,DJ 哈立德發布了自己的第一章專輯《Listennn... the Album》。他陸續發布了《We the Best》(2007),《We Global》(2008),《Victory》(2010),《We the Best Forever》(2011),《Kiss the Ring》(2012)和《Suffering from Success》(2013)多張專輯。在2009年,DJ 哈立德成為了Def Jam南方分公司總裁,他同時還是We the Best Music Group的執行長和創立者。在2015年10月23日,DJ 哈立德發布了他的第八張錄音室專輯《I Changed a Lot》。他最近又發布了他的第九張錄音室專輯《Major Key》。
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I'm the One 英文
1.I'm the One
Shining 英文
1.Shining(feat. Beyonce & Jay)
Major Key 英文
1.I Got the Keys
2.Nas Album Done
3.Holy Key
4.Jermaine's Interlude
5.Ima Be Alright
6.Do You Mind
7.Pick These Hoes Apart
8.Fuck Up the Club
9.Work for It
10.Don't Ever Play Yourself
12.Forgive Me Father
I Got the Keys 英文
1.I Got the Keys
For Free 英文
1.For Free (feat. Drake)
I Changed a Lot 英文
1.I Don't Play About My Paper
2.I Ride
3.Gold Slugs
4.I Swear I Never Tell Another Soul
5.I Lied
6.How Many Times
7.You Mine
8.Every Time We Come Around
9.I Ain't Worried
10.They Don't Love You No More
11.My League
12.Hold You Down
13.Most High
14.Hold You Down (Remix)
15.Gold Slugs (Instrumental) (提供)
16.I Lied (Instrumental) (提供)
How Many Times (Single) 英文
1.How Many Times (feat. Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, & Big Sean)
Hold You Down (Single) 英文
1.Hold You Down (feat. August Alsina, Chris Brown, Future & Jeremih)
Suffering From Success 英文
1.Obama(Winning More Interlude)(Winning More Interlude) (提供)
2.Suffering From Success
3.I Feel Like Pac / I Feel Like Biggie
4.You Don't Want These Problems
6.No Motive
7.I'm Still
8.I Wanna Be With You Explicit Version
9.No New Friends SFTB Remix
10.Give It All To Me
11.Hells Kitchen
12.Never Surrender
13.Murcielago(Doors Go Up)
14.Black Ghost
15.Take That Off
16.Weed & Hennessy
No New Friends (Single) 英文
1.No New Friends
I Wanna Be With You (Single) 英文
1.I Wanna Be With You (Single)
Take It to the Head (Single) 英文
1.Take It to the Head (Single)
Kiss The Ring 英文
1.Shout Out to the Real
2.Bitches & Bottles (Let's Get It Started)
3.They Ready
4.I'm So Blessed
5.Hip Hop
6.I Did It for My Dawgz
7.I Don't See 'Em
8.Don't Pay 4 It
9.Suicidal Thoughts
10.Outro (They Don't Want War)
11.Don't Get Me Started
12.Aktion Pak
14.Piss 'Em Off
15.I Wish You Would
16.Take It to the Head
I Wish You Would (Single) 英文
1.I Wish You Would (Single)
We The Best Forever 英文
1.I'm On One(Explicit Version)
2.Welcome To My Hood(Explicit Version)
3.Money(Album Version)
4.I'm Thuggin(Album Version)
5.It Ain't Over Til It's Over(Album Version)(Explicit)
6.Legendary(Album Version)
7.Sleep When I'm Gone(Album Version)
8.Can't Stop(Album Version)
9.Future(Album Version)
10.My Life(Album Version)
11.A Million Lights(Album Version)(Explicit)
12.Welcome To My Hood(Remix)
I'm On One (Single) 英文
1.I'm On One (Single)
Victory 英文
3.Bring The Money Out (提供)
4.Killing Me (提供)
5.Rockin' All My Chains On
6.Fed Up
7.Put Your Hands Up
8.All I Do Is Win
10.Bringing Real Rap Back
11.On My Way
12.Rep My City
全球閃耀(We Global) 英文
1.Standing On The Mountain Top
2.Go Hard
3.Out Here Grindin'
4.Go Ahead
5.I'm On
6.Red Light
7.We Global
8.She's Fine
9.Final Warning
10.F*** The Other Side
11.Bullet (提供)
12.Blood Money
13.Defend Dade
Listennn... The Album 英文
1.Intro (Listennn... The Album)
2.Born N Raised
3.Gangsta Shit
4.Grammy Family
6.Holla At Me
7.Addicted (提供)
8.Watch Out
9.Destroy You
10.Never Be Nothing Like Me
11.Candy Paint
12.MIA (提供)
13.Where You At (提供)
14.Still Fly
15.Dip Slide Ride Out (提供)
16.Movement (提供)
17.The Future Of Dade (提供)
We The Best 英文
1.Intro (We The Best)
2.New York
3.Born N Raised
暫存 英文
1.I Wanna Be With You
2.I'm from the Ghetto
3.Welcome To My Hood
4.I'm On One
5.I'm Thuggin'
8.Can't Stop
9.My Life
10.A Million Lights
11.It Aint Over Til It's Over
12.Sleep When I'm Gone
14.Before the Solution
15.All My Life
16.We Takin' Over (Remix)
17.I'm So Hood
18.It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over
19.Sleep When I'm Gone
20.Fuck The Other Side
21.All I Do Is Win (Remix)
22.Brown Paper Bag
23.Hit Them Up
24.Welcome To My Hood (Single)
25.No New Friends (Single)
26.The Originators
27.S On My Chest
28.Obama (Winning More Interlude)
29.Helen Keller
30.All I Do Is Win - Feat. T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg & Rick Ross
31.Fed Up - Feat. Usher, Drake, Rick Ross & Young Jeezy
32.Out Here Grindin' feat. Akon, Lil Boosie, Plies, Ace Hood, Trick Daddy, Rick Ross
33.DJ Khaled
34.Holla at Me Baby
35.Holla at Me Baby (feat. Lil' Wayne, Paul Wall, Rick Ross, Fat Joe & Pitbull)
36.Cocaine Cowboy
37.DJ Khaled (Intro)
38.Put Your Hands Up (Instrumental) [Bonus Track]
39.Fed Up (Instrumental) [Bonus Track]
40.Out Here Grinding
41.No New Friends (clean version)
42.I'm on One (explicit)
43.No New Friends - SFTB Remix (Edited Version)
44.I'm On One - Edited Version
45.No New Friends - SFTB Remix (Explicit Version)
46.To the Max

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