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Acid House Kings( 迷幻小屋樂團 )【 共收藏 5 張專輯, 51 首歌 】
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Acid House Kings(迷幻小屋樂團) Music Sounds Better With You (樂友樂) 英文
1.Are we lovers or are we friends?
3.Would you say stop?
4.Under water
5.I'm in A chorus line
6.Where have we been? (提供)
8.There is something beautiful
9.I just called to say jag älskar dig
10.Heaven knows I miss him now
Mondays Are Like Tuesdays And Tuesdays Are Like Wednesdays 英文
1.Summer's On It's Way (提供)
2.Swedish Hearts
3.You're A Beautiful Loser (提供)
4.A New Day, A New Career (提供)
5.Say Yes If You Love Me
6.One Two Three Four
7.Start Anew
8.She Keeps Hoping
9.Brown And Beige Are My Favourite Colours (提供)
10.This Love Is All We Need
11.Sunday Morning
12.Mondays Are Like Tuesdays (提供)
Sing Along With Acid House Kings 英文
1.The Saturday Train
3.Will You Love Me In The Morning?
4.That's Because You Drive Me
5.Do What You Wanna Do
6.This Heart Is A Stone
7.London School Of Economics
8.7 Days
9.I Write Summer Songs For No Reason
10.Tonight Is Forever
11.A Long Term Plan
12.Wipe Away Those Tears
Advantage Acid House Kings 英文
1.This And That
2.Yes! You Love Me
3.Family Friend
4.Heaven's Just A Kiss Away (提供)
5....But I Was Wrong
6.First Time (提供)
8.From The Notes I've Made So Far (提供)
9.Wake Up! (提供)
10.I Can't Let Go (提供)
11.Lover's Weekend
12.Brighter (提供)
暫存 英文
1.Are We Lovers Or Are We Friends
2.I Just Called To Say Jag Alskar Dig
3.Keep Your Love (Bonus Track)
4.Come Josephine
5.Would You Say Stop? (Dave DaG Remix)

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