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My Morning Jacket( 早安夾克樂團 )【 共收藏 16 張專輯, 221 首歌 】
我的早晨夾克是1998年在肯塔基州路易斯維爾成立的美國搖滾樂隊。樂隊目前由歌手/吉他手Jim James,貝斯手Tom Blankenship,鼓手Patrick Hallahan,吉他手Carl Broemel和鍵盤手Bo Koster組成。樂隊的聲音紮根於搖滾和鄉村,通常是實驗性的和迷幻的。部分原因是由於他們的現場表演,該團隊在二十世紀二十年代開始了以下的開始。

在首張專輯“The Tennessee Fire”(1999)發行後,該樂隊首先在歐洲取得成功。它的下一個版本At Dawn(2001)導致了一個大型的美國國家隊的跟隨,並在幾個陣容變化之前。在與主要品牌ATO唱片簽約後,樂隊發行了兩張專輯It Still Moves(2003)和Z(2005),後者代表了重大突破。該集團的下一個版本Evil Urges(2008)對粉絲和評論家而言更為分化,而第六張專輯Circuital(2011)的反應更為明顯。經過多年的合作項目和巡演之後,樂隊的第七張專輯The Waterfall於2015年發行。
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The Waterfall 英文
1.Believe (Nobody Knows)
2.Compound Fracture
3.Like a River
4.In Its Infancy (The Waterfall)
5.Get the Point
6.Spring (Among the Living)
7.Thin Line
8.Big Decisions
9.Tropics (Erase Traces)
10.Only Memories Remain
11.Hillside Song
12.Compound Fracture (Miami Jungle Version)
13.I Can't Wait
14.Only Memories Remain (Jim Demo) (提供)
Celebracion De La Ciudad Natal 英文
1.Evil Urges
2.Highly Suspicious
3.Interlude (提供)
5.Where To Begin
7.Phone Went West
Evil Urges 英文
1.Evil Urges
2.Touch Me I'm Going To Scream (Part 1)
3.Highly Suspicious
4.I'm Amazed
5.Thank You Too
6.Sec Walkin'
7.Two Halves
9.Look At You
10.Aluminum Park
12.Smokin From Shootin
13.Touch Me I'm Going To Scream (Part 2)
14.Good Intentions (提供)
Z 英文
3.Lay Low
4.Wordless Chorus
5.It Beats 4 U
7.Knot Comes Loose
8.Into the Woods
9.Off the Record
10.What a Wonderful Man
It Still Moves 英文
2.One Big Holiday
3.One in the Same
4.Rollin Back
5.Run Thru
6.Steam Engine
8.I Will Sing You Songs
9.Just One Thing
11.Master Plan
12.Easy Morning Rebel
At Dawn 英文
1.The Way That He Sings
3.Honest Man
4.At Dawn
6.Just Because I Do
7.Bermuda Highway
8.If It Smashes Down
9.X-Mas Curtain
10.Death Is The Easy Way
11.I Needed It Most
13.Phone Went Dead (提供)
The Tennessee Fire 英文
1.Butch Cassidy
2.The Dark
3.By My Car
4.I Think I'm Going to Hell
5.Heartbreakin' Man
6.If All Else Fails
7.Evelyn Is Not Real
8.The Bear
9.They Ran
10.Picture of You
11.War Begun
12.It's About Twilight Now
13.Nashville To Kentucky
14.Old Sept. Blues
15.I Will Be There When You Die
iTunes Live from Las Vegas At The Palms 英文
1.Tonight I Want to Celebrate With You (Live)
2.Knot Comes Loose (Live)
3.From Nashville to Kentucky (Live)
4.They Ran (Live)
5.Thank You Too (Live)
6.They Ran
Okonokos 英文
1.Dondante - Live
2.Run Thru (Live)
3.At Dawn (Live)
4.Xmas Curtain (Live)
5.O Is The One That Is Real (Live)
6.I Think I'm Going To Hell (Live)
7.Dancefloors (Live)
8.Anytime (Live)
9.Mahgeetah (Live)
10.Lay Low (Live)
11.Off The Record (Live)
12.Steam Engine - Live
13.Wordless Chorus (Live)
14.It Beats 4 U (Live)
15.One Big Holiday (Live)
16.I Will Sing You Songs (Live)
17.Lowdown (Live)
18.The Way That He Sings (Live)
19.What A Wonderful Man (Live)
Heartbreakin Man 英文
1.They Ran (acoustic)
2.Evelyn Is Not Real (be-mixed)
4.Tonite I Want to Celebrate With You
5.Old September Blues - Ga-ed Out version
Circuital 英文
2.Holding On To Black Metal
3.Victory Dance
4.Movin Away
5.Wonderful (The Way I Feel)
6.Outta My System
7.Friends Again
8.First Light
9.The Day Is Coming
10.Slow Slow Tune
11.You Wanna Freak Out
Chocolate and Ice EP 英文
Chapter 2: Learning - Early Recordings 英文
1.Dream a Lil Dream O' Me
2.Take My Breath Away!
3.I Won't Cry!
4.Why Don't U Love Me
5.I Will Be There When You Die / Sunrides and the Girls Scream (Live)
At Dawn & Tennessee Fire Demos Package 英文
1.Heartbreakin Man (Demo)
2.I Think I'm Going to Hell (Demo)
3.The Bear (Demo)
4.Chills (Demo)
5.Lead Me Father (Demo)
6.I Needed It Most (Demo)
7.At Dawn (Demo)
8.Lowdown (Demo)
9.Just Because I Do (Demo)
10.Bermuda Highway (Demo)
11.Hopefully (Demo)
12.The Way That He Sings (Demo)
13.Phone Went West - demo
Acoustic Citsuoca (Live) 英文
1.Sooner (Live)
2.Golden (Live)
3.Hopefully (Live)
4.Bermuda Highway (Live)
暫存 英文
1.Morning Rebel
2.El Caporal
3.O Is The One That Is Real
4.Just One Thing (Demo)
5.They Ran (Acoustic)
6.Rocket Man
8.Take My Breath Away
9.Olde September Blues
10.Burmuda Highway
11.Santa Claus Is Back In Town
12.I Will Be There When You Die (2 Meteor Session, Live)
13.It Beats For You
14.Can You See The Hard Helmet On My Head?
15.Come Closer
16.Old September Blues
17.All The Best
18.I Just Wanted To Be Your Friend
19.I Won't Cry
20.How Do You Know
21.Holdin On To Black Metal
22.Dondante [Live]
23.Where To Begin [Live]
24.Highly Suspicious [Live]
25.Evil Urges [Live]
26.Gideon [Live]
27.People Went West [Live]
28.Librarians [Live]
29.How Could I Know
30.Our World
31.True Love Ways
32.Magic Bullet
33.I Love You All the Time (Live) [Play It Forward Campaign]
34.Compound Fracture (Giorgio Moroder & Roman Luth Remix)
35.Death Is the Easy Way (Demo)
36.I Can't Wait (Bonus Track)
37.Compound Fracture (Miami Jungle Version) [Bonus Track]
38.Hillside Song (Bonus Track)
39.Only Memories Remain (Jim Demo) [Bonus Track]
40.M. White Rabbit
41.Suspicious Minds
42.Touch Me I'm Going to Scream, Pt. 1
43.Touch Me I'm Going to Scream, Part 2 (radio edit)
44.You're a Big Girl Now
45.It Makes No Difference (live)
46.Honest Man (live)
47.Wordless Chrous
49.Smoking From Shootin'
50.Circuital (Live)
51.Leaving On a Jet Plane
52.Outta My System (Dave Sitek Remix)
53.Lead Me Father
55.I Just Wanted to Say
56.Xmas Time Is Here Again
57.Wear Your Love Like Heaven
58.The Bear (live)
59.War Begun (live WFPK)
60.Touch Me I'm Going to Scream
61.Sec Walking
62.Weeks Go By Like Days
65.White Rabbit
66.Isobella With the White Umbrella
67.Outta My System (Alternate Universe take)
68.This Land Is Your Land
69.Touch Me I'm Going to Scream, Pt. 2

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