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Edguy( 刀鋒邊緣樂團 )【 共收藏 21 張專輯, 204 首歌 】

刀鋒邊緣樂團由一群十四歲的學生 Tobias Sammet 、 Jens Ludwig 、 Dirk Sauer 以及 Dominik Storch 在一九九二年成立,團名《 Edguy 》其實是他們當時的數學老師 Edgar 先生的暱稱。直到一九九八年 Tobias Exxel 加入時,他們依然沒有 Bass 手,主唱 Sammet 當時用鍵盤作出 Bass 的旋律。

錄製了兩張 Demo 後,他們在一九九五年得到 AFM Records 一紙合約。最初的兩張專輯銷售不甚理想,但一九九八年的《 Vain Glory Opera 》(顛覆歌劇)專輯是他們的轉捩點。之後他們又創作了兩張專輯,德國廠牌 Nuclear Blast 於二○○四年簽下他們。

在二○○一、二○○二之間, Tobias Sammet 發行了他的個人作品《 Avantasia 》(金屬歌劇:七封印傳說),參與的不乏許多知名音樂人,無庸置疑是一部成功的金屬歌劇。
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Space Police: Defenders of the Crown 英文
1.Sabre & Torch
2.Space Police
3.Defenders of the Crown
4.Love Tyger
5.The Realms of Baba Yaga
6.Rock Me Amadeus
7.Do Me Like a Caveman
8.Shadow Eaters
9.Alone in Myself
10.The Eternal Wayfarer
Age Of The Joker 英文
Nuclear Blast
1.Robin Hood
2.Nobody's Hero
3.Rock Of Cashel
4.Pandora's Box
6.Two out of Seven
7.Faces in the Darkness
8.The Arcane Guild
9.Fire On The Downline
10.Behind The Gates To Midnight World
11.Every Night Without You
Tinnitus Sanctus (Deluxe Edition) 英文
Nuclear Blast GmbH
1.Ministry Of Saints
2.Sex Fire Religion
3.Pride Of Creation
4.Nine Lives
5.Wake Up Dreaming Black
7.Thorn Without A Rose
10.Dead Or Rock
11.Aren't You A Little Pervert Too
Fucking With Fire - Live 英文
1.Land Of The Miracle
2.Drum Solo (提供)
3.Fucking With Fire
4.Save Me
6.Out Of Control
7.All The Clowns
8.Vain Glory Opera
9.Ministry Of Saints
10.Catch Of The Century
13.Lavatory Love Machine
14.Tears Of A Mandrake
17.King Of Fools
Hellfire Club 英文
1.The Piper Never Dies
2.We Don't Need a Hero
3.Down to the Devil
5.Rise of the Morning Glory
6.Lucifer in Love (提供)
7.Children of Steel (提供)
8.Heavenward (提供)
9.The Spirit Will Remain
11.Under The Moon
Burning Down The Opera 英文
1.Vain Glory Opera
2.The Headless Game
4.The Pharaoh
5.Welcome to the Opera (Intro) (提供)
6.Fallen Angels (提供)
7.Painting on the Wall (提供)
8.Solitary Bunny (Drum Solo) (提供)
9.Save Us Now (提供)
Kingdom Of Madness 英文
1.When A Hero Cries
2.Dark Symphony (提供)
3.Steel Church
4.Wings Of A Dream
5.Heart Of Twilight
6.Angel Rebellion
8.The Kingdom
Vain Glory Opera 英文
1.How Many Miles
Tinnitus Sanctus (Bonus Track Version) 英文
1.Catch of the Century (Live In los Angeles) [Bonus Track]
2.Dead or Rock
3.King of Fools (Live In los Angeles) [Bonus Track]
4.Avantasia (Live In los Angeles) [Bonus Track]
5.Fucking With Fire (Live In los Angeles) [Bonus Track]
6.Superheroes (Live In los Angeles) [Bonus Track]
7.Vain Glory Opera (Live In los Angeles) [Bonus Track]
8.Tears of a Mandrake (Live In los Angeles) [Bonus Track]
9.Lavatory Love Machine (Live In los Angeles) [Bonus Track]
10.Babylon (Live In los Angeles) [Bonus Track]
11.Sacrifice (Live In los Angeles) [Bonus Track]
Theater Of Salvation 英文
1.Another Time2.The Unbeliever
Superheroes EP 英文
1.The Spirit
Space Police - Defenders of the Crown (Bonus CD) 英文
1.Space Police
2.Space Police (Progressive version)
3.Aychim in Hysteria
5.Alone in Myself
6.Shadow Eaters
7.Do Me Like a Caveman
8.The Realms of Baba Yaga
9.Defenders of the Crown
Savage Poetry 英文
1.Roses To No One
3.Sacred Hell
Rocket Ride 英文
Mandrake 英文
1.Golden Dawn2.Jerusalem
King Of Fools EP 英文
1.Holy Water
Hall of Flames (The Best and the Rare) 英文
1.Tears of a Mandrake (Single)
2.The Devil And The Savant
3.Walk On Fighting (Live Version)
4.Wake Up The King (Live Version)
5.Key to My Fate
6.The Headless Game
Fucking With Fire 英文
1.Catch of the Century (Live in Sao Paolo 2006)
2.King of Fools (Live in Sao Paolo 2006)
3.Avantasia (Live in Sao Paolo 2006)
4.Mysteria (Live in Sao Paolo 2006)
5.Tears of a Mandrake (Live in Sao Paolo 2006)
6.Save Me (Live in Sao Paolo 2006)
7.Fucking With Fire (Live in Sao Paolo 2006)
8.Land of the Miracle (Live in Sao Paolo 2006)
9.Vain Glory Opera (Live in Sao Paolo 2006)
10.Lavatory Love Machine (Live in Sao Paolo 2006)
11.Babylon (Live in Sao Paolo 2006)
12.Sacrifice (Live in Sao Paolo 2006)
13.Out of Control (Live in Sao Paolo 2006)
Burning Down the Opera (Live) 英文
1.Fallen Angels (Live)
2.Inside (Live)
3.How Many Miles (Live)
4.Save Us Now (Live)
5.Vain Glory Opera (Live)
6.The Pharaoh (Live)
7.The Headless Game (Live)
8.Wings of a Dream (Live)
9.Painting On the Wall (Live)
10.Babylon (Live)
11.Out of Control (Live)
Age Of The Joker (Exclusive Bonus Version) 英文
1.God Fallen Silent (Bonus Track)
2.Behind the Gates To Midnight World
3.Fire On the Downline
4.The Arcane Guild
5.Faces In the Darkness
6.Two Out of Seven
8.Pandora's Box
9.Rock of Cashel
10.Nobody's Hero
11.Two Out of Seven (Single Version Bonus Track)
12.Aleister Crowley Memorial Boogie (Bonus Track)
13.Every Night Without You
暫存 英文
1.Aleister Crowley Memorial Boogie
2.God Fallen Silent
3.Cum On Feel The Noize
4.Standing In The Rain
5.The Pride Of Creation
6.Aren't You A Little Pervert Too?
7.Fucking With Fire (Hair Force One)
8.Scarlet Rose
9.Nailed On The Wheel
10.The Healing Vision
11.No More Foolin'
12.Walk On Fightning
13.Holy Shadows
14.Arrows Fly
15.Sands Of Time
16.Key To My Fate
17.But Here I Am
18.Misguiding Your Life
19.Eyes Of The Tyrant
20.Frozen Candle
21.Wake Up The King
22.For A Trace Of Life
23.Theater Of Salvation
24.Falling Down
25.Power And Majesty
26.The Unbeliver
28.We're Comin'
29.Ministry of Saints (Live)
30.Life And Times Of A Bonus Track
31.Wake Up the King (live)
33.Painting on the Wall (Single Edit)
34.Catch of the Century (Live In Los Angeles)
35.King of Fools (Live In Los Angeles)
36.Lavatory Love Machine (Live In Los Angeles)
37.Aren't You a Little Pervert Too? (Bonus Track)
38.Sabre & Torch (Edit)
39.Love Tyger (edit)
40.Catch of the Century (Live)
41.Lavatory Love Machine (Live)
42.Lavatory Love Machine (Acoustic)
43.King of Fools (edit)
44.Ministry Of Saints (edit)
46.Wasted Time
47.New Age Messiah
48.Nailed to the Wheel

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