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Sheena Easton( 席娜伊斯頓 )【 共收藏 12 張專輯, 145 首歌 】
80年代流行音樂界的女伶天后Sheena Easton,1959年4月27日出生於英國蘇格蘭的Belshill市,因受到Barbra Streisand電影《往日情懷(The Way We Were)》的感召,而立下朝音樂發展的理想,後來便進入了蘇格蘭皇家音樂戲劇學院研習,期間並加入Something Else樂團。接著,Sheena Easton參與BBC電視台“The Big Time: Pop Singer”節目演出,一曝光隨即擄獲EMI唱片公司的注意進而與其簽約。1980年,Sheena Easton初出道便一口氣發行了「Modern Girl」「9 To 5」兩首個人單曲,不僅雙雙打進全英單曲排行Top 10,成為該榜有史以來首位同時在排行前十名中佔有兩個席次的女藝人,其中「9 To 5」在更名為「Morning Train」轉而於美國發行後,更一舉拿下全美流行單曲、成人抒情榜雙料冠軍寶座,並榮獲葛萊美獎“最佳新進藝人”大獎,自此打開她的知名度,奠定她在80年代的輝煌音樂事業。
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World Of 英文
Do You 英文
1.Can't Wait Till Tomorrow
2.Do It For Love
3.Don't Break My Heart
4.Don't Turn Your Back
5.Jimmy Mack
7.Magic Of Love
8.Money Back Guarantee
9.When The Lightning Strikes Again
10.Young Lions
No Sound But A Heart 英文
2.Floating Hearts
3.No Ordinary Love
4.No Sound But A Heart
5.Still In Love
6.Still Willing To Try
7.The Last To Know
8.Wanna Give My Love
9.What If We Fall In Love
Best Kept Secret 英文
1.Almost Over You
2.Best Kept Man
3.Devil In A Fast Car
4.Don't Leave Me This Way
5.I Like The Fright
6.Just One Smile
7.Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
8.She's In Love With Her Radio
9.Sweet Talk
10.Telefone (Long Distance Love Affair)
Madness Money And Music 英文
1.Are You Man Enough
2.Ice Out In The Rain
3.I Don't Need Your Word
4.In The Winter
6.Madness, Money And Music
7.Please Don't Sympathise
8.There When I Needed You
9.Weekend In Paris
10.Wind Beneath My Wings
11.Wouldn't Beg For Water
12.You Do It
A Private Heaven 英文
1.All By Myself
2.Back In The City
3.Double Standard
4.Hard To Say It's Over
5.Hungry Eyes
6.Love And Affection
8.Sugar Walls
10.You Make Me Nervous
You Could Have Been With Me 英文
1.A Letter From Joey
2.A Little Tenderness
3.I'm Not Worth The Hurt
4.Isn't It So
6.Just Another Broken Heart
7.Savoir Faire (He's Got)
8.Telephone Lines
9.Trouble In The Shadows
10.You Could Have Been With Me
Take My Time 英文
1.Calm Before The Storm
3.Don't Send Flowers
4.Modern Girl
5.Morning Train
6.No One Ever Knows
7.One Man Woman
9.So Much In Love
10.Take My Time
11.Voice On The Radio
12.When He Shines
The World Of Sheena Easton - The Singles 英文
1.Modern Girl - 1993 Remastered Version
2.Morning Train (Nine To Five) [1993 Remaster]
3.For Your Eyes Only (1993 Remastered)
4.Machinery (1993 Remaster)
5.I Wouldn't Beg For Water (1993 Remaster)
6.Telefone (Long Distance Love Affair) [1993 Remaster]
7.Devil in a Fast Car (1993 Remaster)
8.Strut (1993 Remaster)
9.Sugar Walls (1993 Remaster)
10.Swear (1993 Remaster)
11.Do It For Love (1993 Remaster)
12.So Far So Good (1993 Remaster)
13.Eternity (1993 Remaster)
14.Magic of Love (1993 Remaster)
15.Jimmy Mack (1993 Remaster)
16.Almost Over You (1993 Remaster)
17.You Could Have Been With Me - 1993 Remastered Version
18.Almost Over You - 1993 Remastered Version
19.You Could Have Been With Me (1993 Remaster) (提供)
Freedom 英文
1.One More Reason
2.When You Speak My Name
3.Modern Girl '97
Fabulous 英文
1.Giving Up Giving In
2.On My Own
3.Don't Leave Me This Way
4.That's What Friends Are For
暫存 英文
1.A Dream Worth Keeping
2.Almost Over You(幾乎忘了你)
3.For Your Eyes Only
4.Carry A Dream
5.Follow My Rainbow
6.So Much In Love
7.Without You
8.Do It For Love
9.The Lover In Me
10.Telefone (Long Distance Love Affair)
11.I Wouldn't Beg For Water
12.You Could Have Been With Me
13.Devil In A Fast Car
14.Sugar Walls
15.No Deposit, No Return
16.One Love
18.Natural Love
19.Never Will I Marry
20.Morning Train (Nine To Five)
21.The Wind Beneath My Wings
22.The Nearness of You
23.So Far So Good
24.Magic Of Love
25.If It's Meant To Last
27.To Anyone
28.Body and Soul
29.Modern Girl
31.For Your Eyes Only (Title Song From The United Artists' James Bond Film)
32.How Deep Is the Ocean
33.Summer's Over
34.Almost Over You - 2002 Digital Remaster
35.Morning Train (Nine to Five) [Edit]
36.We've Got Tonight
37.Telephone (Long Distance Love Affair)
38.When Will He Call Me?
39.The Lover in Me (extended version)
40.You've Learned to Live Without Me
41.Cool Love
42.9 to 5 (Morning Train)
43.The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else
44.Try a Little Tenderness
45.Days Like This

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