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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Lily Allen( 莉莉艾倫 )
Lily Allen( 莉莉艾倫 )【 共收藏 20 張專輯, 193 首歌 】
莉莉·艾倫(Lily Allen,全名Lily Rose Beatrice Allen;1985年5月2日-)是英格蘭創作歌手、脫口秀主持人,以歌曲《Smile》、《LDN》、《Oh My God》、《The Fear》、《FuckYou》而為人熟悉。她於2008年主持自己的節目《Lily Allen and Friends》。

莉莉·艾倫在15歲時輟學,並專注於提升表演及作曲的技巧。2005年,她於社交網站MySpace公開她部份的歌曲,後來更於英國廣播公司的電台上播放,亦與英國Regal Records簽了合約。她第一首單曲《Smile》於2006年7月攀升至英國單曲排行榜的首位。在2007年,專輯《Alright, Still》曾獲提名全英音樂獎的「最佳專輯獎」。2008年,此專輯亦獲得第50屆葛萊美獎的「最佳另類音樂專輯」提名。現時,此專輯於全球售出越260萬張。

2009年,第二張錄音室專輯《It's Not Me, It's You》發布,並取得了更大的商業成功。專輯首支主打單曲《The Fear》成功打入美國Billboard Hot 100。隨後她宣布將抽身於樂壇暫作休息。 沉寂3年後,莉莉於12年發推表示正在錄製她的第三張錄音室專輯,消息稱該專輯約於2014年正式發布。2013年8月,莉莉宣布新專輯音樂「即將」發行。2013年11月,艾倫錄製了Keane(基音樂團)歌曲《Somewhere Only We Know》的翻唱版本作為約翰·劉易斯百貨商場聖誕廣告的背景樂。這支單曲在iTunes上以數位下載形式發行,並迅速登上英國iTunes下載榜第一名。2013年11月12日,新單曲《Hard Out Here》的MV在艾倫的官方YouTube帳號上發行。並在同月18日於iTunes上公開發售。
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Sheezus Special Edition 英文
2.L8 CMMR(持久先生)
3.Air Balloon(氣球)
4.Our Time(趴踢時光)
5.Insincerely Yours(惺惺作態)
6.Take My Place(取代我)
7.As Long As I Got You(只要有你)
8.Close Your Eyes(閉上雙眼)
9.URL Badman(終極駭客)
10.Silver Spoon(銀湯匙)
11.Life For Me(我的人生)
12.Hard Out Here(生存之道)
13.Wind Your Neck In(給我注意一點)
14.Who Do You Love ?(你愛誰)
15.Miserable Without Your Love(愛的苦痛)
16.Holding On To Nothing(無謂的執著)
17.Somewhere Only We Know(秘密基地)
Air Balloon 英文
1.Air Balloon
Sheezus 英文
3.Air Balloon
4.Our Time
5.Insincerely Yours (提供)
6.Take My Place
7.As Long As I Got You
8.Close Your Eyes
9.URL Badman
10.Silver Spoon
11.Life For Me
12.Hard Out Here
13.Wind Your Neck In
14.Who Do You Love?
15.Miserable Without Your Love
16.Holding On To Nothing
17.Somewhere Only We Know
Hard Out Here (Single) 英文
1.Hard Out Here
It's Not Me, It's You (Special Edition) 英文
1.The Fear (Acoustic)
2.22 (Acoustic)
3.Who'd Have Known (Acoustic)
4.He Wasn't There (Acoustic)
5.I Could Say (Acoustic)
6.Womanizer (Acoustic)
7.Mr Blue Sky
8.The Count (aka Herve) And Lily Face The Fear (Explicit)
9.Not Fair (Style Of Eye Remix)
It's Not Me. It's You 英文
EMI/Regal Capitol Toshiba-EMI
1.Everyone's At It
2.The Fear
3.Not Fair
5.I Could Say
6.Back To The Start
7.Never Gonna Happen
8.Fuck You
9.Who'd Have Known
12.He Wasn't There
F.U.E.P. (EP) 英文
1.Fag Hag
2.Kabul Shit
3.Womanizer (Acoustic Version)
Alright Still 英文
2.Knock 'Em Out
4.Everything's Just Wonderful
5.Not Big
6.Friday Night
7.Shame For You
8.Littlest Things
9.Take What You Take
10.Friend Of Mine
12.Nan You're A Window Shopper(台灣未收入)
War Child Presents Heroes 英文
1.Straight To Hell
URL Badman 英文
1.Sheezus (Redlight Deconstructed Mix)
2.Bass Like Home
3.URL Badman
Spotify Sessions 英文
1.Hard Out Here - Live From Spotify, London
2.Our Time - Live From Spotify, London
3.Somewhere Only We know - Live From Spotify, London
4.The Fear - Live From Spotify, London
Remixed 英文
1.Everyone's at It (Doc Fritz Recreational mix)
2.Chinese (Doc Fritz Toolie mix)
3.Who'd Have Known (Doc Fritz Moss Side mix)
4.Fuck You (Doc Fritz Fossa Nova mix)
5.Never Gonna Happen (Doc Fritz What's Happening mix)
6.I Could Say (Doc Fritz Function mix)
7.22 (Doc Fritz 23 mix)
8.Not Fair (Doc Fritz Uncool mix)
9.The Fear (Doc Fritz Fearchestral version)
10.He Wasn't There (Doc Fritz Welsh mix)
Not Fair 英文
1.Not Fair (clean radio edit)
2.Not Fair
4.The Count (aka Hervé) and Lily Face the Fear
5.The Fear (The Count (aka Hervé) and Lily Face the Fear remix)
NRJ Sessions: Lily Allen 英文
1.The Fear (Live)
2.Littlest Thing (Live)
3.Everyone's At It (Live)
NRJ Session 英文
1.Fuck You - Live from Paris
2.The Fear - Live from Paris
3.Littlest Thing - Live from Paris
4.Everyone's At It - Live from Paris
LDN 英文
1.LDN (Warbox original dub)
2.LDN - Acoustic - Live At Bush Hall
3.Naïve (live acoustic)
It's Not Me, It's Doctor Rosen Rosen 英文
1.Everyone's At It (Doctor Rosen Rosen remix)
2.Him (Doctor Rosen Rosen remix)
3.Chinese (Doctor Rosen Rosen remix)
4.Fuck You (Doctor Rosen Rosen remix)
5.Never Gonna Happen (Doctor Rosen Rosen remix)
6.Back To The Start (Doctor Rosen Rosen remix)
7.I Could Say (Doctor Rosen Rosen remix)
8.22 (Doctor Rosen Rosen remix)
9.Not Fair (Doctor Rosen Rosen remix)
10.The Fear (Doctor Rosen Rosen remix)
11.He Wasn't There (Doctor Rosen Rosen remix)
Compilation 英文
1.I'll Be Just Fine
2.Miss a thing
5.Falling over myself
6.Age of Beige
7.Stop shop
8.Stop Right There
9.I Don't Mind Babe
Alfie 英文
1.Everybody's Changing
2.LDN (Switch Remix)
3.Smile (Digital Soundboy Remix)
5.Alfie (live)
暫存 英文
1.Little Things
2.It's Not Fair
3.Smile [Radio Edit]
4.Naive (The Kooks Cover)
5.Oh My God
6.Sunday Morning
7.I Don't Know
9.Cheryl Tweedy
10.Absolutely Nothing
11.Nan You're a Window Shopper
12.Mr. Blue Sky
13.U Killed It
16.Blank Expression
17.Who'd've Known
18.Go Back To The Start
19.Who'd Of Known
20.F**k You - New Clean Edit
21.Not Fair - Live From BBC 1's Radio Live Lounge
22.Something's Not Right
23.Little Soldier
24.Wind Your Neck In (Bonus Track)
25.Who Do You Love? (Bonus Track)
26.Miserable Without Your Love (Bonus Track)
27.Somewhere Only We Know (Bonus Track)
28.Sheezus (Corbakh Remix)
29.Air Balloon (Taiki&Nulight Vocal Remix)
30.Hard Out There
31.As Long As I Got You (Clean Edit)
32.Absolutley Nothing
33.The Fear (Clean Version)
34.Smile (Acoustic Version)
35.22 (Twenty Two)
36.The Count (aka Hervé) & Lily Face the Fear
37.Womanizer (acoustic session)
38.He Wasn't There (Lily live in London)
39.It's Not Me, It's You (track by track interview)
40.Who'd Have Known (instrumental)
41.Promotional Excerpt Compilation
42.Fuck You (Live)
43.22 (Acoustic Version)
44.LDN (radio edit)
46.Our Time (Radio Edit)
47.URL Badman (Clean Edit)
48.The Fear (The People vs. Lily Allen) [Remake]
49.5 O'Clock in the Morning (Who'd Have Known) [Remix]
50.F** Hag
51.Kabul S***
52.Shame for You (Live at Bush Hall)
53.Megamix: It's Not Me, It's You
54.Littlest Things (radio edit)
55.Don't Get Me Wrong
56.Gangsters (live)
57.F*** You
58.Mister Blue Sky
61.Lost My Mind

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