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Boy George( 喬治男孩 )【 共收藏 12 張專輯, 191 首歌 】
喬治·喬治(George Alan O'Dowd,1961年6月14日)是英國歌手,歌曲作者,DJ,時裝設計師和攝影師。 他是格萊美獎和英國屢獲殊榮的流行樂隊文化俱樂部的主唱。 在20世紀80年代,他們錄製了全球熱門歌曲,如“你真的想傷害我”,“時間(心臟的時鐘”)和“羯磨變色龍”,喬治以他的靈魂而聞名 聲音和雌雄同體的外觀。 他是1970年代末到80年代初出現的英國新浪漫運動的一部分。

他的音樂通常被分類為藍眼睛的靈魂,受到節奏和藍調和雷鬼的影響。 在1989 - 1992年期間,他是耶穌愛你的主唱。 他的二十世紀九十年代和二十世紀九十年代的獨奏音樂有著迷人的影響力,比如David Bowie和Iggy Pop。 最近,他發行了更少的音樂錄音,將他的時間分開在歌曲寫作,DJ,寫書,設計衣服和攝影之間。

八零年代著名新浪漫樂團「文化俱樂部」主唱的喬治男孩,早在1978年就開始了他的DJ事業,並和好友,同時也是知名DJ的Jeremy Healy在1979年組成了「閃電男孩」,

以一首「Vinyl Obsessive」打開知名度,之後Boy George和Mikey Craig、Roy Hay&Jon Moss等人所組成的樂團「Culture Club」。

因為在當時流行的新浪漫音樂中,融入了靈魂樂、雷鬼樂等等的元素,再加上仿傚自電影「埃及豔后」中奧黛麗赫本濃妝艷抹的妝扮,妝點出他雌雄莫辨的特殊造型,從此一炮而紅,不但在英國的流行樂壇上創下佳績,也在大西洋對岸的美國Billboard告示榜創下了不少Top 10的金曲,

尤其是電影「神通情人夢」的主題曲「Love is Love」,更是擄獲了不少當時少男少女的心,時至今日,相信許多人還是能哼出這段難忘的旋律。
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This Is What I Do 英文
1.Play Me (提供)
2.Feel The Vibration
3.King of Everything
4.Bigger Than War
5.Live Your Life
6.My God
7.It's Easy
8.Death of Samantha
9.Any Road
10.My Star
11.Love and Danger
12.Nice and Slow
凡夫俗子(Ordinary Alien) 英文
1.Turn 2 Dust
2.Yes We Can
3.Brand New
4.Amazing Grace
5.Don't Wanna See Myself (提供)
6.If I Were You
7.Go Your Own Way
8.Here Come The Girls(feat. Ave D) (提供)
9.Seconds(feat. Phiiilip Something) (提供)
10.After Dark
11.Kill The A & R (提供)
12.Human Racing
13.Look Pon U (提供)
14.Out Of Fashion
15.Sanitized (提供)
16.Time Machine
17.Psychology Of The Dreamer (提供)
18.Ragga Music (提供)
Ordinary Alien 英文
1.Turn 2 Dust
2.Yes We Can
3.Brand New
4.Amazing Grace
5.Don't Wanna See Myself (提供)
6.If I Were You
7.Go Your Own Way
8.Here Come The Girls (提供)
9.Seconds (提供)
10.After Dark
11.Kill The A&R (提供)
12.Human Racing
13.Look Pon U (提供)
U Can Never B 2 Straight 英文
1.Ich Bin Kunst
2.St. Christopher
3.She Was Never He
4.Cheapness And Beauty
5.Fat Cat
6.If I Could Fly
7.Unfinished Business
10.Letter To A School Friend
11.The Deal
12.Losing Control
13.Same Thing In Reverse
14.Il Adore
15.Bow Down Mister
16.Out Of Fashion
Unrecoupable One Man Bandit 英文
1.Broken Spirit
2.Gi Josephine
3.In Maya
4.Mr Strange
5.Number One
6.She Was Never He
7.Spooky Truth
8.Suffragette City
9.Vanity Case
10.Who Killed Rock N Roll
Cheapness&Beauty 英文
2.Cheapness And Beauty
3.Evil Is So Civilised
5.Genocide Peroxide
6.God Don't Hold A Grudge
7.If I Could Fly
8.Il Adore
10.Same Thing In Reverse
11.Satan's Butterfly Ball
12.Unfinished Business
13.Your Love Is What I Am
Everything I Own 英文
1.Cheapness And Beauty
2.Don't Cry
3.Everything I Own
5.If I Could Fly
6.Il Adore
7.I Love You
8.Keep Me In Mind
10.Something Strange Called Love
11.To Be Reborn
12.What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted
13.Where Are You Now?(When I Need You)
Martyr Mantras 英文
1.After The Love
2.Bow Down Mister
3.Generations Of Love
4.I Specialise In Lonliness
5.Love's Gonna Let You Down
6.Love Hurts
7.One On One
8.Siempre Te Amare
9.Too Much Love
High Hat 英文
1.Don't Cry
2.Don't Take My Mind On A Trip
3.Girl With Combination Skin
4.I'm Not Sleeping Anymore
6.Something Strange Called Love
7.Whether They Like It Or Not
9.You Are My Heroin
10.You Found Another Guy
Spin Dazzle - The Best of Boy George and Culture Club 英文
1.Bow Down Mister
2.Miss Me Blind
3.Church of the Poison Mind
4.Karma Chameleon
5.To Be Reborn
6.Time (Clock of the Heart)
7.Generations of Love (La La Gone Gaga Mix)
8.Bow Down Mister (A Small Portion 2B Polite Mix)
9.Everything I Own
10.Do You Really Want to Hurt Me
11.After the Love
Ordinary Alien (The Kinky Roland Files) 英文
1.Turn 2 Dust
2.Brand New
3.If I Were You
4.Go Your Own Way
5.After Dark
6.Human Racing
7.Amazing Grace
暫存 英文
1.A Boy Called Alice
2.Am I Losing Control?
3.American Boyz
4.Are You Too Afraid
5.Big Dark Man(Waiting)
8.Happy Family
9.I Asked For Love
10.I Go Where I Go
11.I Pray - '87 Remix
12.Just Ain't Enough
13.Leave In Love
15.Little Ghost
16.Live My Life
17.Mama Never Knew
18.More Than Likely
19.Next Time
20.No Clause 28
21.Oh Lord
22.State Of Love
23.Sweet Toxic Love
24.The Crying Game
25.These Boots Are Made For Walkin'
26.Use Me
27.We've Got The Right
29.Where Are You Now? (when I Need You?)
30.Crying Game
31.Stranger in This World
32.Move Away
33.One On One (Brydon L.P. Mix)
34.I'll Tumble 4 Ya
35.Love Hurts (L.P. Mix)
36.Come Clean
37.Crystal Blue Persuasion
38.Don't Go Down That Street
39.Grand Scheme Of Things
40.Love Is Leaving
41.Moghul Tomb
42.Peculiar World
43.Radio 1
44.Try Not To Be Afraid
45.When Will You Learn
46.You Spin Me Right Round
47.Genocide Peroxide (4 Maz) - 2002 Digital Remaster
48.Amazing Grace (Original Mix)
49.I Specialise in Loneliness
50.Video Games
51.Generations Of Love (Totally Outed Mix)
52.Everything I Own (extended P.W. Botha mix)
53.Only Child
54.Kookie Jar
55.Don't Take My Mind on a Trip (12' UK Acid mix)
56.You Found Another Guy (7' edit)
57.The Crying Game: The Crying Game

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