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Beanie Sigel【 共收藏 8 張專輯, 143 首歌 】
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This Time 英文
1.Intro (提供)
2.This Time (提供)
3.That's All I Know
4.Expensive Taste (提供)
5.Kush Dreaming (提供)
6.Bang Bang Youth (提供)
7.Bad Boy Mack (提供)
8.No Hook (提供)
9.The Reunion
10.Sigel Is What They Call Me (提供)
The Broad Street Bully 英文
1.Ready For War (提供)
2.You Over Did It (提供)
3.Why Shouldn't I (提供)
5.Tear Drops (提供)
6.Where's My Opponent (提供)
7.All For It (提供)
8.Sicker Than Your Average (提供)
9.Run To The Roc
10.Bang (提供)
11.Return Of The Chain Gang (提供)
12.The Ghetto
The B Coming 英文
Def Jam
1.Feel It in the Air
2.I Can't Go On This Way
3.One Shot Deal
4.Gotta Have It
5.Don't Stop
6.Purple Rain
7.Oh Daddy
9.Bread & Butter
10.Lord Have Mercy
12.Tales of a Hustler Pt. 2
13.Look at Me Now
14.It's On
15.Wanted(On The Run)
The Reason 英文
1.Nothing Like It
2.Beanie(Mack Bitch)
3.So What You Saying
4.Get Down
5.I Don't Do Much
6.For My Niggaz
7.Watch Your Bitches
8.Think It's A Game
9.Man's World
10.Gangsta, Gangsta
11.Tales Of A Hustler
12.Mom Praying
13.Still Got Love For You
14.What Your Life Like 2
Truth 英文
1.Anything - Featuring Jay-z
3.Everybody Wanna Be A Star
4.Mac And Brad
5.Mac Man
7.Raw And Uncut
8.Remember Them Days
9.Ride 4 My
10.Stop, Chill
11.The Truth
12.What A Thug About
13.What Your Life Like
14.Who Want What
The Solution 英文
1.Creep Low (提供)
2.Bout That
3.All The Above
4.Hail Mary (提供)
5.Bang Bang (提供)
7.You Ain't Ready
8.ROC Anthem (提供)
9.Loyalty (提供)
10.Judgment Day
The Roc Boys 英文
1.Boss (提供)
2.The Last Two (提供)
3.Under Attack (提供)
4.Freeway-Errrly (提供)
5.Serious (提供)
6.Bac Ya Boyz Down (提供)
7.Word Right (提供)
8.Live In Effect (提供)
9.Fresh Ta Def (提供)
10.Cyphr (提供)
11.May They Rest (提供)
12.Average Cat (Jay-Z Diss) (提供)
暫存 英文
1.Roc The Mic
2.'Stop, Chill'
3.Get That Dough
4.In the Club
5.So What You Saying'(feat. Memphis Bleek
6.For My Niggaz'(feat. Daz Dillinger
7.Think It's A Game'(feat. Jay-Z, Freeway, Lil Chris
8.Gangsta, Gangsta'(feat. Kurupt
9.Tales Of A Hustler'(feat. Sparks
10.Still Got Love For You'(feat. Jay-Z and Rell
11.Roc The Mic'(feat. Freeway
12.No Glory
13.How I Can Kill Jigga Man
14.Remember Them Dayz
15.Thug About
16.What Ya Life Like
17.What Your Life Like, Pt. 2
18.Don't Stop (ft. Snoop Dogg)
19.Mack Bitch
20.For My Niggas
21.For My Ni**** - Featuring Daz
23.Ride 4 My Niggas
24.All Of The Above
25.I'm In
26.Raw & Uncut
27.Tales Of A Hustler Part II
28.Watch Your Bitch
29.You Ain't Ready For Me
31.Mac & Brad (Beanie Featuring Scarface)
32.Dear Self
33.It's Not Right
34.Hood I Know
35.Why Must I
36.Bitch Niggas
37.Don't Realize
38.Rock The Mic
39.When You Hear That
40.Change Gonna Come
41.Future Of Tha Roc
42.Philly's Finest
43.Roc The Mic (Remix)
45.Feel It In the Air (Radio Edit)
46.Bread And Butter
47.Who Want What (feat. Memphis Bleek) (Mr. Andersonic remix)
48.Do It Again
49.Mac Bitch
50.Purple Rain (feat. Bun B)
51.Wanted (Green Lantern mix)
52.Roc The Mic - Album Version (Edited)
53.Got Nowhere...

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