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Bob Marley【 共收藏 116 張專輯, 2189 首歌 】
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Is This Love 英文
1.Is This Love (feat. LVNDSCAPE & Bolier)
1.Them Belly Full (提供)
2.Rebel Music
4.War/No More Trouble (提供)
The Greatest Hits Anthology 英文
2.Do It Twice
3.Go Tell It On the Mountain
4.Mellow Mood
5.My Cup
6.Soul Almighty
7.Rainbow Country
8.Don't Rock My Boat
9.Fussin and Fighting
11.How Many Times
12.It's Allright
13.Soul Shakedown Party
14.Mr. Brown
16.Corner Stone
Songs Of Freedom 英文
1.Acoustic Medley (Guava Jelly; This Train; Cornerst
3.Back Out
5.Bus Dem Shut (Pyaka)
8.Craven Choke Puppy
9.Do It Twice
11.Guava Jelly
13.High Tide or Low Tide
15.I'm Hurting Inside
16.I'm Still Waiting
18.Judge Not
19.Lick Samba
20.Mellow Mood
21.Mr Brown
22.Nice Time
23.One Cup of Coffee
25.One Love/People Get Ready
26.RastaMan Chant
28.Screw Face
29.Simmer Down
31.Soul Rebel
32.Soul Shakedown Party
34.Thank You Lord
37.Don't Rock the Boat
38.Duppy Conqueror
39.Keep On Moving
40.Lively Up Yourself
41.Put It On
42.Small Axe
43.Sun Is Shining
44.Concrete Jungle
46.Is This Love
48.Rat Race
49.Stir It Up
51.Burnin' And Lootin'
52.Get Up, Stand Up
53.I Shot The Sheriff
54.No More Trouble
55.Slave Driver
56.Give Thanks And Praises
57.Rastaman Live Up!
58.Natural Mystic
59.Three Little Birds
60.Waiting In Vain
61.Easy Skanking
62.Running Away
63.Time Will Tell
64.Could You Be Loved
65.No Woman No Cry
66.Redemption Song
67.Trenchtown Rock
68.Bend Down Low
69.Natty Dread
70.Africa Unite
71.Crazy Baldheads
72.Iron, Lion, Zion
73.One Drop
74.So Much Trouble In The World
75.Who The Cap Fit
76.Johnny Was
77.Ride Natty Ride
Survival 英文
1.Wake Up And Live
2.Ambush In The Night
3.Ride Natty Ride
4.One Drop
5.Africa Unite
7.Babylon System
8.Top Rankin'
10.So Much Trouble In The World
Exodus 英文
1.One Love / People Get Ready
2.Three Little Birds
3.Turn Your Lights Down Low
4.Waiting In Vain
7.The Heathen
9.So Much Things To Say
10.Natural Mystic
Dreams Of Freedom:Ambient Translations Of Bob Marl 英文
2.Midnight Ravers
3.Waiting In Vain
4.No Woman No Cry
5.Is This Love
6.Burnin' And Lootin'
7.One Love/People Get Ready
8.The Heathen
9.So Much Trouble In The World
10.Them Belly Full(But We Hungry)
11.Rebel Music(3 O'clock Roadblock)
Natural Mystic[The Legend Lives On] 英文
1.Sun Is Shining
2.Trenchtown Rock(Live)
4.Who The Cap Fit
5.Africa Unite
6.Pimpers Paradise
7.So Much Trouble In The World
8.Keep on Moving
9.Time Will Tell
10.Easy Skanking
11.Natural Mystic
12.Crazy Baldheads
13.One Drop
14.Iron Lion Zion
15.Roots, Rock, Reggae
Natty Dread 英文
2.Talkin' Blues
3.Bend Down Low
4.Natty Dread
5.So Jah Seh
6.Rebel Music(3 O'clock Roadblock)
7.Them Belly Full(But We Hungry)
8.No Woman No Cry
9.Lively Up Yourself
Talkin' Blues 英文
1.Am-A-Do (提供)
2.Walk The Proud Land (提供)
3.You Can't Blame The Youth
4.Kinky Reggae
5.Burnin' And Lootin'
6.Get Up, Stand Up
7.I Shot The Sheriff
8.Slave Driver
9.Bend Down Low
10.Talkin' Blues
11.RastaMan Chant
African Herbsman 英文
1.400 Years
2.Brain Washing
3.Riding High
5.Sun Is Shining
6.Put It On
7.Don't Rock The Boat
8.All In One
9.Stand Alone
10.Fussing And Fighting
11.Keep On Moving
12.African Herbsman
13.Trench Town Rock
14.Duppy Conqueror
15.Small Axe
16.Lively Up Yourself
Rastaman Vibration 英文
1.Rat Race
3.Night Shift
4.Who The Cap Fit
5.Crazy Baldheads
6.Want More
7.Cry To Me
8.Johnny Was
9.Roots, Rock, Reggae
10.Positive Vibration
Burnin' 英文
1.Rasta Man Chant
2.One Foundation
3.Pass It On
4.Burnin' And Lootin'
5.I Shot The Sheriff
7.Get Up, Stand Up
8.Put It On
9.Duppy Conqueror
10.Small Axe
Legend-Best Of 英文
1.Buffalo Soldier
2.Could You Be Loved
4.Get Up, Stand Up
5.Is This Love
6.I Shot The Sheriff
8.No Woman No Cry
9.One Love / People Get Ready
10.Redemption Song
11.Satisfy My Soul
12.Stir It Up
13.Three Little Birds
14.Waiting In Vain
Legend 英文
2.Get Up, Stand Up
3.Could You Be Loved
4.Satisfy My Soul
6.No Woman No Cry
7.Buffalo Soldier
8.I Shot The Sheriff
9.Is This Love
10.Stir It Up
11.One Love/People Get Ready
12.Redemption Song
13.Three Little Birds
Babylon By Bus 英文
1.Concrete Jungle
3.Is This Love
5.Kinky Reggae
6.Lively Up Yourself
7.Positive Vibration
8.Rat Race
9.Rebel Music(3 O'clock Roadblock)
10.Stir It Up
11.The Heathen
Confrontation 英文
1.Rastaman Live Up!
2.I Know
3.Stiff Necked Fools
4.Trench Town
5.Blackman Redemption
6.Give Thanks And Praises
7.Mix Up, Mix Up
8.Jump Nyabinghi
9.Buffalo Soldier
10.Chant Down Babylon
Rebel Music 英文
1.Crazy Baldheads
2.Get Up, Stand Up
3.Rat Race
4.Rebel Music(3 O'clock Roadblock)
5.Ride Natty Ride
7.Slave Driver
8.So Much Trouble In The World
9.Them Belly Full(But We Hungry)
Uprising 英文
1.Redemption Song
2.Forever Loving Jah
3.Could You Be Loved
4.Pimper's Paradise
5.Zion Train
7.We And Dem
8.Bad Card
9.Real Situation
10.Coming In From The Cold
Kaya 英文
1.Time Will Tell
2.Running Away
4.Misty Morning
5.She's Gone
6.Satisfy My Soul
7.Is This Love
8.Easy Skanking
Live! 英文
1.Them Belly Full (But We Hungry)
2.Trenchtown Rock
3.Lively Up Yourself
4.Burnin' And Lootin'
5.Get Up, Stand Up
6.I Shot The Sheriff
7.No Woman No Cry
Catch A Fire 英文
1.Midnight Ravers
2.No More Trouble
3.Kinky Reggae
4.Stir It Up
5.Rock It Baby
6.Stop That Train
7.400 Years
8.Slave Driver
9.Concrete Jungle
Wail'n Soul'm Singles Selecta 英文
1.Nice Time (Wail'n Soul'm version)
2.Pound Get A Blow (提供)
3.Thank You Lord (Wail'n'Soul'm Version)
4.Bend Down Low (Wail'n'Soul'm Version)
5.Stir It Up (1967 Version)
6.Mellow Mood (Wail'n'Soul'm Version)
7.Stir It Up
8.Thank Your Lord (vocal channel)
9.Hypocrites (vocal channel) (提供)
10.Chances Are (Wail'n Soul'm version) (提供)
11.This Train (Wail'n Soul'm Version)
12.The Lord Will Make Away Somehow
13.Steppin' Razor (Wail'n Soul'm Version) (提供)
14.Don't You Rock My Boat (Wail'n Soul'm Version)
15.The Lord Will Make Away Somehow (Wail'n Soul'm Version)
16.Hurtin Inside (提供)
17.Hurtin' Inside (Wail'n Soul'm version) (提供)
Upsetter Revolution Rhythm 英文
1.Duppy Conqueror V/5
3.Riding High
4.Put It On
5.Kaya (Alternate Take)
6.Duppy Conqueror (Version 5)
7.Don't Rock My Boat
8.Brain Washing
9.Sun Is Shining
Ultra Rarities 英文
1.Slogans (version 1) (提供)
2.So Jah Say (dub)
4.Could You Be Loved (alternate)
5.Forever Loving Jah (alternate)
6.So Much Trouble (alternate)
7.Rat Race (alternate)
8.Roots Rock Reggae (alternate dub)
9.Who the Cap Fit (alternate)
10.Slogan (Alt) (提供)
11.Soul Rebel (acoustic)
12.Wisdom (acoustic) (提供)
13.Nice Time (alternate)
The Unreleased Versions 英文
1.Stop That Train (Hot version)
2.Trenchtown Rock (alternate mix)
3.Waiting in Vain (Red Hot)
4.Slave Driver (alternate mix)
5.Iron Lion Zion (Previously original)
6.I'm Hurting Inside (alternative mix)
7.High Tide or Low Tide (Previously)
8.Rasta Man Chant (Hot version)
9.Get Up Stand Up (Explosive mix)
10.Coming in Form the Cold (extended mix)
11.Burnin' and Lootin' (Previously)
12.Rainbow Country (dub)
13.Is This Love (Horns mix)
The Santana Secret Tape 英文
1.Keep On Moving (Dub Take 1)
2.One Love (Dub Take 2)
3.Buffalo Soldier (Dub Mix 2)
4.Crisis (Version)
5.Bad Card (Version)
6.Forever Loving Jah (Instrumental)
7.Pimpers Paradise (Dub)
8.Revolution (Take 2)
9.Rebel Music (Live) (提供)
10.Waiting In Vain (Live)
The New Birth Of 英文
1.Coming in From the Cold (Bubb'ing)
2.She Used to Call Me Dada
3.Three Little Birds
4.Exodus 77
5.Burnin' and Lootin'
6.Get Up Stand Up
7.Natty Dread
The Legend Live - Santa Barbara County Bowl: November 25th 1979 英文
1.Wake Up and Live (Live at the Santa Barbara County Bowl)
2.I Shot the Sheriff (Live)
3.Kinky Reggae (Live)
4.Jamming (Live)
5.Positive Vibration (Live)
6.Stir It Up (Live)
7.Is This Love (Live)
8.Them Belly Full (But We Hungry) [Live] (提供)
9.Concrete Jungle (Live at the Santa Barbara County Bowl)
10.Zimbabwe (Live at the Santa Barbara County Bowl)
11.Crazy Baldhead (Live at the Santa Barbara County Bowl)
12.Running Away (Live at the Santa Barbara County Bowl)
13.One Drop (Live at the Santa Barbara County Bowl)
14.Africa Unite (Live at the Santa Barbara County Bowl)
15.Ride Natty Ride (Live at the Santa Barbara County Bowl)
16.Ambush in the Night (Live at the Santa Barbara County Bowl)
17.Exodus (Live)
The Gold Collection 英文
1.How Many Times
2.Duppy Conqueror
3.Put It On
4.Do It Twice
5.Cheer Up
6.Lively Up Yourself
7.Natural Mystic
8.Satisfy My Soul
9.All in One
10.Nice Time
11.Soul Almighty
12.Try Me
13.Small Axe
14.Riding High
15.Sun Is Shining
16.Rainbow Country
18.400 Years
20.Touch Me
21.Mellow Mood
22.Go Tell It on the Mountain
23.Soul Rebel
24.Stop That Train
25.Stir It Up
26.Mr. Brown
27.Trench Town Rock
28.I Like It Like This
29.Corner Stone
30.Brain Washing
31.Concrete Jungle
32.Concrete Jungle (dub version)
33.It's Alright
34.African Herbsman (dub version)
35.Keep on Movin' (dub version)
36.Don't Rock My Boat (dub version)
37.Soul Rebels (dub version)
38.Kaya (dub version)
39.Can't You See
40.Fussing and Fighting
41.Thank You Lord
43.Satisfy My Soul (dub version)
44.Soul Almighty (dub version)
45.No Sympathy (dub version)
46.No Sympathy
48.Brand New Second Hand
49.Sun Is Shining (dub version)
The Essential Box 英文
1.How Many Times
2.Riding High
3.Mr. Brown
4.Small Axe
5.Sun Is Shining
6.Try Me
7.Put It On (Astralasia Remix)
8.Soul Rebel (Pistel Remix)
9.Dreamland (Version)
10.Duppy Conqueror (Version)
11.400 Years
12.Natural Mystic
13.Lively Up Yourself
14.Touch Me
15.Cheer Up
16.Do It Twice
18.Mellow Mood
19.Satisfy My Soul
20.Soul Almighty
21.Rainbow Country
22.Kaya (Version)
23.Sun Is Shining (Version)
24.Concrete Jungle
25.Brain Washing
26.It's Alright
27.African Herbsman (Weeks Remix)
28.Fussing & Fighting (David Harrow Remix) (提供)
29.Keep On Moving (Mono Mix)
30.Don't Rock My Boat
31.Can't You See
32.You Can't Do That To Me (提供)
34.Trench Town Rock
35.Man To Man
36.No Sympathy
39.Stop The Train
40.Fussing And Fighting
The Complete Wailers 1967-1972, Part 3 英文
1.Keep on Moving (extended version, part 1)
2.Satisfy My Soul Jah Jah
4.Screwface (2)
6.Concrete Jungle
8.Lively Up Yourself
9.Cry to Me
10.Reggae on Broadway
11.Trouble Dub
12.Face Man (Screwface version) (提供)
13.Dreamland (2)
14.All in One Medley (alternate) (Bend Down Low / Nice Time) (feat. Lee Perry) (提供)
15.Brand New Second Hand (second hand alternate)
16.Satisfy My Soul Babe
17.Send Me That Love
18.Comma Comma (提供)
19.Dracula (Who Is Mr. Brown version) (提供)
20.I'm Hurting Inside
The Complete Wailers 1967-1972, Part 2 英文
1.Soul Almighty
2.No Water (False Start) (dub version) (提供)
3.Corner Stone (dub version)
4.Rebel's Hop (dub version) (提供)
5.Soul Almighty (dub version)
6.My Cup (dub version) (提供)
7.No Sympathy (dub version)
8.It's Alright (dub version)
9.Try Me (dub version)
10.Soul Rebel (dub version)
11.My Sympathy (400 Years version) (dub version)
12.Reaction (dub version) (提供)
13.Riding High
14.Put It On (alternate)
15.No Sympathy
16.Fussing and Fighting
17.Four Hundred Years
18.Brain Washing
19.Rebel (version 2)
20.Brain Washing (version) (Dub Tracks) (提供)
21.Sun Is Shining (version) (Dub Tracks)
22.Second Hand (version) (Dub Tracks)
23.Long Long Winter (version) (Dub Tracks)
24.Kaya (version 2) (Scat mix) (Dub Tracks)
25.Turn Me Loose (Kaya alternate)
26.All in One (original)
27.Don't Rock My Boat (alternate 2)
29.Run for Cover (Soul Rebel alternate) (提供)
30.Jah Is Mighty (Corner Stone alternate)
31.Keep on Moving (original)
32.Stand Alone (version) (Dub Tracks)
33.African Herbsman (version) (Dub Tracks)
34.Memphis (version) (Dub Tracks)
The Complete Wailers 1967-1972, Part 1 英文
1.The Lord Will Make a Way Somehow
2.Sugar Sugar
3.Go Tell It to the Mountain (提供)
4.Can't You See (alternate take)
5.Mr. Chatterbox (alternate take)
6.Soul Shake Down Party (alternate take)
7.Don't Rock My Boat
8.Stop the Train
9.Thank You Lord
10.Touch Me
11.Cheer Up
12.Nice Time (alternate)
13.Bend Down Low (alternate)
14.Chances Are (alternate) (提供)
15.Selassie Is the Chapel
16.Rocking Steady
17.Adam and Eve
18.Give Me a Ticket
19.Black Progress
20.Rock to the Rock (提供)
21.Mellow Moods (alternate)
22.Soul Rebel (original)
23.Put It On (alternate)
24.How Many Times
The Complete Upsetter Collection 英文
1.Run for Cover (Soul Rebel Version) (提供)
2.Duppy Conqueror - Alternate Mix
3.Try Me
4.Natural Mystic
5.Soul Rebel
6.Rainbow Country
7.Satisfy My Soul
8.Soul Almighty
9.Put It On
10.Riding High
12.Sun Is Shining
13.Mr. Brown
14.Small Axe
15.400 Years
16.Jah Is Mighty - Corner Stone Version 2
17.All in One (Medley, Part 1)
18.It's Alright (alternate version)
19.Run For Cover (Soul Rebel) (提供)
20.Concrete Jungle
21.Brain Washing
22.Don't Rock My Boat
23.I Know A Place
24.Four Hundred Years
25.No Sympathy
26.Corner Stone
27.Who Colt the Game
The Best of the Early Years 英文
1.Sun Is Shining (5.1 mix)
2.Trenchtown Rock
3.Try Me
4.Sun Is Shining
5.Duppy Conqueror
6.Small Axe
7.Lively Up Yourself
8.Soul Rebel
9.Mr. Brown
12.Don't Rock the Boat
13.Duppy Conqueror (5.1 mix)
14.Trench Town Rock (5.1 mix)
15.Lively Up Yourself (5.1 mix)
16.Kaya (5.1 mix)
17.Keep on Moving (5.1 mix)
18.Concrete Jungle (5.1 mix)
19.Soul Rebel (5.1 mix)
20.Concrete Jungle
21.I Know a Place
22.Natural Mystic
The Anniversary of Bob Marley 英文
1.Misty Morning (version)
2.Is This Love? (version)
3.Jungle Fever
4.Top Rankin' (take 3)
5.Turn Your Lights Down Low
6.Concrete Jungle (take 3)
7.Rat Race (take 3)
8.One Drop
Talkin' Blues (Live) [Remastered] 英文
1.Lively Up Yourself (Live In the Studio)
2.Am-A-Do (提供)
3.Kinky Reggae
4.Talkin' Blues
5.You Can't Blame the Youth
6.I Shot the Sheriff
7.Slave Driver
8.Get Up, Stand Up
9.Burnin' and Lootin'
10.I Shot the Sheriff (Alternate Live)
11.Bend Down Low (Live In the Studio)
12.Rastaman Chant (Live In the Studio)
13.Stop That Train (Live In the Studio)
Soul Revolutionaries: The Early Jamaican Albums 英文
1.African Herbsman (version)
2.Corner Stone
3.Put It On (version)
4.Try Me
5.Soul Rebel
6.Duppy Conqueror
7.Riding High
8.Sun Is Shining
10.Go Tell It on the Mountain
11.Cheer Up
12.Do It Twice
13.400 Years
14.Sun Is Shining (version)
15.Kaya (version)
16.My Sympathy
17.Keep on Moving (version)
18.Fussing and Fighting (version)
19.Stand Alone (version)
20.Brain Washing (version) (提供)
21.It's Alright
22.Brain Washing
23.Don't Rock My Boat
24.Can't You See
25.Stop the Train
26.No Sympathy
Soul Rebels 英文
1.My Cup *2 - JAD
2.Brand New Second Hand
3.No Sympathy
5.Corner Stone
6.Dreamland Version
8.Try Me
9.400 Years
10.Soul Rebel
11.Soul Almighty
12.Four Hundred Years
13.Soul Rebel Version 4
14.Brand New Second Hand (Alternate Version)
15.Soul Rebel (5.1 mix)
16.It's Alright
17.Rebel's Hop *3
18.Soul Rebel - 1970 Version
19.Jah Is Mighty
Soul Adventurer 英文
1.Soul Rebel (alternate 2)
2.Sun Is Shining (side 2)
3.Rainbow Country (full length)
4.Don't Rock My Boat (alternate 3)
5.Reaction (full length) (提供)
6.No Sympathy (full length)
7.Put It On (full length)
8.Concrete Jungle (alternate)
9.Duppy Conqueror (version 4)
10.It's Alright (alternate)
11.Keep on Moving (alternate)
12.Natural Mystic
Shakedown: Marley Remixed 英文
1.Soul Shakedown Party (Steve 'Silk' Hurley remix)
2.Small Axe (Groove Deluxe remix)
3.Bend Down Low (Groove Deluxe remix)
4.Keep On Movin' (Groove Deluxe remix)
5.African Herbsman (Groove Deluxe remix)
6.Sun Is Shining (BNM Corp remix)
7.Satisfy My Soul (Groove Deluxe remix)
8.Rock Steady remixed by Sweet N Little
9.Sugar, Sugar (Marcal remix)
10.Kaya (Groove Deluxe remix)
Selection 英文
1.Put It On (dub version)
2.Corner Stone (dub version)
3.Soul Almighty (dub version)
4.Thank You Lord
5.Try Me
6.Rainbow Country
7.400 Years
8.Soul Almighty
9.Nice Time
10.It's All Right (dub version)
11.400 Years (dub version)
12.Mr. Chatterbox (dub version)
13.Redder Than Red (dub version) (提供)
14.Mellow Mood (dub version)
15.Don't Rock My Boat
Roots, Rock, Remixed 英文
1.Soul Shakedown Party (Fort Knox Five Remix)
2.400 Years (Jimpster Remix)
3.Trenchtown Rock (Trio Elétrico Remix)
4.Rainbow Country (DJ Spooky's Subliminal Funk Remix)
5.Soul Rebel (Afrodisiac Sound System Remix)
6.Sun Is Shining (Yes King Remix)
7.Duppy Conqueror (Fort Knox Five Remix)
8.Lively Up Yourself (Bombay Dub Orchestra Remix)
9.Small Axe (Paul & Price Remix)
10.One Love (Cordovan Remix)
Remixed & Unmixed 英文
1.Kaya (remixed by Kevin Haskins From Love & Rockets)
2.Riding High
3.Put It On
4.Mr. Brown
6.Sun Is Shining
7.Lively Up Yourself
8.Rainbow Country
9.Small Axe
10.Soul Rebel
11.Mr. Brown (Spahn Ranch remix)
12.Don't Rock My Boat (The in dub mix)
13.Brain Washing (Filter Section remix) (提供)
14.Brain Washing
15.Don't Rock My Boat
16.Fussing and Fighting (David Harrow remix)
17.Sun Is Shining (Silverbeam remix)
18.Natural Mystic
Remix Revolution Greats 英文
1.Keep on Moving (Interface remix)
2.Riding High (Fear No Art/Monto Phonics remix)
3.Sun Is Shining (Silverbeam remix)
4.Brain Washing (Filter Section remix) (提供)
5.Don't Rock My Boat (The in dub remix)
6.Fussing and Fighting (David Harrow remix)
7.African Herbsman (remixed by Sen Dog of Cypress Hill)
8.Mr. Brown (Spahn Ranch remix)
9.Kaya (remixed by Kevin Haskins of Love & Rockets)
10.Soul Rebel (Pistel remix)
11.Put It On (Astralasia remix)
Reggaeton Mixes 英文
1.Keep on moving (Chosen Few mix)
2.Mr. Brown (Reggaeton Dance Hall mix)
3.Riding high (Suave mix)
4.Stand alone (Rad mix)
5.Kaya (David Harrow mix)
6.African herbsman (Rad mix)
7.Fussing and fighting (David Harrow mix)
8.Don't rock my boat (Meeks vs Vincent Jones mix)
9.Sun is shining (Rad mix)
10.Soul rebel
Rebel 英文
1.Comma Comma (提供)
2.Kaya (alternate)
3.Sun Is Shining (DJ version) (feat. Johnny Lover)
4.Fussing and Fighting
5.Duppy Conqueror (version 4)
6.Trouble Dub (alternate mix)
7.Satisfy My Soul Babe (alternate)
8.Guava Jelly (alternate) (提供)
9.Screwface (alternate)
10.Thank You Lord
11.Soul Rebel (alternate 2)
12.Put It On (Full Length)
13.Lively Up Yourself
14.Cheer Up
15.Touch Me
16.Rainbow Country
17.Try Me
18.Corner Stone
19.Concrete Jungle (original)
20.It's Alright (full length)
21.Hold on to This Feeling (feat. Rita Marley)
22.Lonely Girl (feat. Rita Marley) (提供)
23.Lonesome Feeling (alternate)
24.Cry to Me (acoustic version)
25.Natural Mystic (original)
26.Keep on Moving (extended version, Part 3) (feat. Peter Tosh & Bunny Wailer)
27.Milk Shake and Potato Chips
28.It Hurts to Be Alone (alternate) (提供)
29.I'm Hurting Inside (original)
30.Chances Are (a cappella mix) (提供)
31.There She Goes (alternate)
32.Bend Down Low (alternate Jamaican Soul mix)
33.Rocking Steady (original Jamaican Soul mix)
34.Nice Time (alternate Jamaican Soul mix)
35.Rock to the Rock (original Jamaican Soul mix) (提供)
36.Don't Rock My Boat (original)
37.All in One (medley) (feat. Lee Perry)
Original Cuts 英文
1.Sun Is Shining (Alternate Version)
2.Man to Man
3.Kaya (version)
4.Trenchtown Rock
5.Small Axe
6.Lively Up Yourself
8.Stir It Up
9.Duppy Conqueror
10.Bend Down Low
11.Sun Is Shining
12.Stop the Train
13.Stir It Up - 1967 Version
14.Duppy Conqueror (Alternate Version)
15.Don't Rock My Boat (version)
16.Pass It On (previously unreleased version) (提供)
17.Bend Down Low - 1968 Version
18.Concrete Jungle
19.Don't Rock My Boat
20.400 Years
Natural Mystic 英文
1.Who Colt The Game
2.Mr Brown
3.Sun Is Shining
5.Mellow Mood
6.Riding High
7.Soul Rebel
8.Small Axe
9.Lively Up Yourself
10.Who the Cap Fit
11.Thank You Lord
13.Trenchtown Rock (live)
14.Africa Unite
15.Trenchtown Rock
16.All in One
17.Stop That Train
18.Jah Is Mighty
19.Put It On
20.Go Tell It On The Mountain
21.Do It Twice
22.Duppy Conqueror
23.Time Will Tell
24.Positive Vibration
25.Pimper's Paradise
26.One Drop
27.So Much Trouble in the World
28.Iron Lion Zion
29.Soul Almighty
30.Satisfy My Soul
32.Corner Stone
34.Touch Me
35.Try Me
36.Rainbow Country
37.Natural Mystic
38.Soul Captives (提供)
39.How Many Times
40.Duppy Conquerer (提供)
41.400 Years
42.Cheer Up
43.Rebels Hop (提供)
44.All In One (Medley) (提供)
45.Back Out
46.Crazy Baldhead
47.No Sympathy
48.Brand New Second Hand
49.Four Hundred Years
50.Stop the Train
51.Fussing and Fighting
52.Can't You See
53.Who The Cap Fit - Edit
54.Stop That Train (Vocal: Peter Tosh)
55.Roots, Rock, Reggae
56.Don't Rock My Boat
57.Brain Washing
59.It's Alright
60.Trenchtown Rock - Live At The Lyceum, London/1975
61.You Can't Do That To Me (提供)
Natty Rebel 英文
1.Brand New Second Hand (version)
2.Cheer Up
3.Soul Rebel (original)
4.Stop the Train
5.Down Pressor
6.Man to Man (Who the Cap Fits)
7.Run for Cover (Soul Rebel Alt.) (提供)
8.The World Is Changing
9.Rocking Steady (Alt.)
10.Jah Is Mighty (Corner Stone Alt.)
11.Long Long Winter (version)
12.Mr. Chatter-Box
13.Soon Come (version) (提供)
14.Can't You See (Alt.)
15.Brand New Second Hand
16.Nice Time
Millenium Hits 英文
1.Sun Is Shining (Radio de Luxe edit)
3.Burnin and Lootin
4.Roots Rock Reggae
5.Turn Your Ligths Down Low (提供)
6.Rainbow Country (Funkstars club mix)
7.Black Survivers
8.Johnny Was
Marley OST 英文
1.Jammin' - Live At One Love Peace Concert
2.Could You Be Loved
3.Corner Stone
4.One Love
5.Small Axe
6.Natty Dread
7.Real Situation
8.Judge Not
9.Mellow Mood
10.Stir It Up
11.Redemption Song
12.Three Little Birds
13.Get Up, Stand Up
14.War - Live At The Rainbow (提供)
15.Concrete Jungle
17.Roots, Rock, Reggae
18.Crazy Baldhead - Groucho Mix
19.Trenchtown Rock - Live At The Roxy Theatre
20.Exodus - Kindred Spirit Dub Mix
21.No Woman, No Cry - Live At The Lyceum
22.Simmer Down
23.High Tide Or Low Tide
Man To Man 英文
1.Comma Comma (提供)
2.Riding High - Version
3.Kaya - Version
4.Man To Man
5.Soul Almighty (version)
6.Corner Stone (version)
7.Put It On (version)
8.No Sympathy
9.Duppy Conqueror - Version 4
10.Four Hundred Years
11.Soul Rebel - Version 4
12.Nice Time
13.400 Years
14.Soul Rebel
16.Reggae On Broadway
17.High Tide Or Low Tide
18.Jah Is Mighty
19.Try Me
20.Don't Rock My Boat
21.Don't Rock My Boat (Vocal Mix) [JAD]
22.It's Alright (version) (提供)
23.Wisdom (Acoustic Demo) [JAD] (提供)
24.Keep On Moving (Dub Remix) [JAD]
25.Duppy Conqueror (Version 4) [JAD]
26.High Tide or Low Tide (JAD)
27.Kaya (Alternate Version) [JAD]
28.Heat Of The Day (JAD acoustic demo)
29.No Sympathy - Version
30.Brain Washing - Version (提供)
31.Brain Washing (Version) (提供)
32.Brain Washing
33.It's Alright
34.No Sympathy (Four Hundred Years Version)
35.Shocks Of The Mighty (提供)
36.Nice Time (Version) (提供)
37.Give Me A Ticket - Rita Marley
38.Trouble Is On The Road Again
39.Stand Alone (JAD)
Live to Air 英文
1.Rastaman Chant - Live
2.Slave Driver - Live
3.Kinky Reggae - Live
Live Jam 英文
1.Catch A Fire
2.Can't Blame The Youths
3.Burning And Lootin
4.Get Up Stand Up
5.Rastaman Vibration
6.Bend Down Low
7.Stop That Train
8.Kinky Reggae
9.Lively Up Yourself
Live Forever: The Stanley Theatre, Pittsburgh, PA, September 23, 1980 英文
1.Burnin' & Lootin' (提供)
2.Redemption Song
4.Get Up Stand Up
6.Work - Live at the Stanley Theatre - 9/23/1980
7.Is This Love - Live at the Stanley Theatre - 9/23/1980
8.Could You Be Loved - Live at the Stanley Theatre - 9/23/1980
9.Coming In From The Cold - Live at the Stanley Theatre - 9/23/1980
10.Redemption Song - Live at the Stanley Theatre - 9/23/1980
11.Exodus - Live at the Stanley Theatre - 9/23/1980
12.Could You Be Loved
13.No Woman No Cry (Live)
14.Exodus (Live)
16.No Woman No Cry
17.Crazy Baldhead
18.Running Away
19.Positive Vibration
20.Natural Mystic
21.Zion Train
23.Is This Love
24.Jamming - Live at the Stanley Theatre - 9/23/1980
25.No Woman No Cry - Live at the Stanley Theatre - 9/23/1980 (提供)
26.Crazy Baldhead (Live) (提供)
27.Running Away (Live)
28.Natural Mystic (Live)
29.Greetings (Live)
30.Burnin' & Lootin' (Live) (提供)
31.Them Belly Full (Live) (提供)
32.Burnin' and Lootin' (Live)
33.Crazy Baldhead - Live at the Stanley Theatre - 9/23/1980 (提供)
34.Them Belly Full - Live at the Stanley Theatre - 9/23/1980 (提供)
35.Positive Vibration - Live at the Stanley Theatre - 9/23/1980
36.Jamming (Live)
Live Forever: The Stanley Theatre, Pittsburgh, PA, 9/23/1980 英文
1.Greetings - Live at the Stanley Theatre - 9/23/1980
2.Work - Live at the Stanley Theatre - 9/23/1980
3.Is This Love - Live at the Stanley Theatre - 9/23/1980
4.Could You Be Loved - Live at the Stanley Theatre - 9/23/1980
5.Coming In From The Cold - Live at the Stanley Theatre - 9/23/1980
6.Redemption Song - Live at the Stanley Theatre - 9/23/1980
7.Exodus - Live at the Stanley Theatre - 9/23/1980
8.Jamming - Live at the Stanley Theatre - 9/23/1980
9.No Woman No Cry - Live at the Stanley Theatre - 9/23/1980 (提供)
10.Zion Train - Live at the Stanley Theatre - 9/23/1980
11.Zimbabwe - Live at the Stanley Theatre - 9/23/1980
12.War / No More Trouble - Live at the Stanley Theatre - 9/23/1980 (提供)
13.Crazy Baldhead - Live at the Stanley Theatre - 9/23/1980 (提供)
14.Running Away - Live at the Stanley Theatre - 9/23/1980
15.Them Belly Full - Live at the Stanley Theatre - 9/23/1980 (提供)
16.Burnin' & Lootin' - Live at the Stanley Theatre - 9/23/1980 (提供)
17.Positive Vibration - Live at the Stanley Theatre - 9/23/1980
18.Natural Mystic - Live at the Stanley Theatre - 9/23/1980
19.Get Up Stand Up - Live at the Stanley Theatre - 9/23/1980
Legend: The Best of Bob Marley and The Wailers 英文
1.One Love / People Get Ready (extended version)
2.One Love / People Get Ready
3.Redemption Song
4.Could You Be Loved
5.Buffalo Soldier
6.No Woman No Cry (live)
7.One Love
8.Is This Love?
9.I Shot the Sheriff
11.No Woman No Cry
12.Coming in from the Cold
14.Lively Up Yourself
15.Stir It Up
16.Satisfy My Soul
17.Punky Reggae Party
18.Three Little Birds
20.Get Up Stand Up
21.No Woman, No Cry (live, 1975: London) (提供)
22.Three Little Birds/Three Little Birds (dub version)
23.Easy Skanking (alternate version)
24.Is This Love (5.1 mix)
25.Get Up Stand Up (5.1 mix)
26.Stir It Up (5.1 mix)
27.Satisfy My Soul (5.1 mix)
28.Waiting in Vain
29.Get Up, Stand Up
30.Iron Lion Zion
Legend Remixed 英文
1.No Woman, No Cry - Stephen Marley Remix (提供)
2.Stir It Up - Ziggy Marley Remix
3.Waiting In Vain - Jim James Remix
4.Jamming [Nickodemus and Zeb Remix]
5.Is this Love [Jason Bentley Remix]
6.Redemption Song [Ziggy Marley Remix]
7.One Love-People Get Ready [Photek Remix]
8.Easy Skanking [Stephen Marley Remix]
9.Exodus [Pretty Lights Remix]
10.I Shot The Sheriff [Roni Size Remix]
11.Three Little Birds - Stephen Marley and Jason Bentley Remix
12.Could You Be Loved - RAC Remix
13.No Woman No Cry [Stephen Marley Remix] (提供)
14.Satisfy My Soul - Beats Antique Remix
15.Three Little Birds (Stephen Marley & Jason Bentley Remix)
16.Punky Reggae Party (Z-Trip remix feat. Lee 'Scratch' Perry)
17.Get Up, Stand Up (Thievery Corporation remix)
18.No Woman, No Cry (Stephen Marley remix) (提供)
19.Punky Reggae Party [Z-Trip Remix]
20.Buffalo Soldier (Stephen Marley remix)
21.Punky Reggae Party - Z-Trip Remix featuring Lee 'Scratch' Perry
Keep On Skanking - The Complete Bob Marley & The Wailers 1967-1972 英文
1.All in One (alternate, feat. Lee Perry) Medley: Bend Down Low, Nice Time, One Love, Summerd Down, Love and Affection
2.Brand New Second Hand (alternate)
3.Keep on Moving (extended version), Part 2
4.Satisfy My Soul Babe (version)
5.Concrete Jungle (original)
7.Dreamland (version)
8.Comma Comma (提供)
Kaya - Deluxe Edition 英文
1.Them Belly Full - Live At Ahoy Hallen/1978
2.She's Gone
3.Is This Love
5.Sun Is Shining
6.Satisfy My Soul
7.Misty Morning
9.Running Away
10.Exodus - Live At Ahoy Hallen/1978
11.Get Up, Stand Up - Live At Ahoy Hallen/1978
12.Easy Skanking - Live At Ahoy Hallen/1978
13.Rebel Music - Live At Ahoy Hallen/1978
14.Positive Vibration - Live At Ahoy Hallen/1978
15.Concrete Jungle - Live At Ahoy Hallen/1978
16.War / No More Trouble - Live At Ahoy Hallen/1978 (提供)
17.I Shot The Sheriff - Live At Ahoy Hallen/1978
18.No Woman No Cry - Live At Ahoy Hallen/1978
19.Is This Love - Live At Ahoy Hallen/1978
20.Jamming - Live At Ahoy Hallen/1978
21.Time Will Tell
Jungle Dub 英文
1.Live (Lively Up Yourself version)
2.Choke (Craven Choke Puppy version)
3.Face Man (Screw Face version) (提供)
5.Corner Stone
6.Kaya (Version 2)
7.Soul Rebel
8.Put It On
1.Rastaman Vibration (Live In Japan '79)
2.Exodus (Live In Japan '79)
3.Get Up, Stand Up (Live In Japan '79)
4.Is This Love (Live In Japan '79)
5.Jamming (Live In Japan '79)
6.Lively Up Yourself (Live In Japan '79)
7.No Woman No Cry (Live In Japan '79) (提供)
8.I Shot the Sheriff (Live In Japan '79)
9.Concrete Jungle (Live In Japan '79)
10.Bob Marley Interview (Live In Japan '79)
In Dub, Vol. 1 英文
1.She's Gone Dub
2.Jamming Version
3.Smile Jamaica Version
Hyper Remix 英文
1.Riding High (Fear No Art / Monto Phonics Remix)
2.Soul Shakedown Party (Vibration Mix)
3.Brain Washing (Filter Section Remix) (提供)
4.Put It On (Astralasia Remix)
5.Soul Rebel (Pistel Remix)
6.Kaya (Remixed By Kevin Haskins of Love & Rockets)
7.Mr. Brown (Spahn Ranch Remix)
8.Sun Is Shining (Silverbeam Remix)
Grooving Kingston 12 英文
3.Lively Up Yourself
4.I'm Hurting Inside
6.Sun Is Shining
7.Small Axe
8.All in One
9.Stir It Up
10.Dreamland version
11.Sun Is Shining version
12.Who Is Mr Brown
13.Music Gonna Teach (aka 'Music Lesson')
14.Concrete Jungle
17.Trench Town Rock
18.Kaya version
19.Comma Comma (提供)
Gold: Bob Marley 1967-1972 英文
1.Bend Down Low (1968 Version)
2.Reggae On Broadway
3.Duppy Conqueror
4.Mellow Mood (JAD Version)
5.400 Years (1970 Version)
6.This Train (Pouder Version)
7.Don't Rock My Boat (1971 Soul Revolution Vocal Version)
8.Soul Shake Down Party (1970 Version)
9.African Herbsman 3 (JAD)
10.Soul Rebel (1970 Version)
11.Selassie Is the Chapel (1968 Version)
12.How Many Times (1968 Version) (提供)
13.Lively Up Yourself (JAD)
Gold 英文
1.Satisfy My Soul
2.Nobody Knows
3.Kinky Reggae
4.No Woman No Cry
5.Waiting in Vain
7.I Shot the Sheriff
8.Concrete Jungle - Original Album Version
9.Is This Love
10.Rastaman Live Up
11.Slave Driver
12.Crazy Baldhead
13.Natural Mystic
15.Positive Vibration
16.Jah Live
17.Lively Up Yourself
18.Stir It Up
19.Iron Lion Zion
20.Coming in From the Cold
21.One Drop
22.So Much Trouble in the World
23.Sun Is Shining
24.Punky Reggae Party
25.Rastaman Live Up!
26.Buffalo Soldier
27.Burnin' and Lootin'
28.Roots, Rock, Reggae
29.No Woman, No Cry - Live At The Lyceum, London/1975
30.Concrete Jungle
31.Let Him Go
32.Trenchtown Rock - Live At The Lyceum, London/1975
33.Satisfy Your Soul
34.Trenchtown Rock (Live In London - 1975]
35.Simmer Down
36.Get Up, Stand Up
38.Africa Unite
39.Maga Dog
40.One Love
41.Rebel Music (3 O'Clock Roadblock) (提供)
42.Rebel, Music (3 O'Clock Roadblock) (提供)
43.Could You Be Loved
44.Dancing Shoes
45.Redemption Song
46.One Love / People Get Ready
47.Punky Reggae Party - Single Version
Fy-ah, Fy-ah 英文
1.Sugar Sugar - 1970 version
2.Nice Time - Wail'n Soul'm Version
3.Thank You Lord - Pounder version
4.Bend Down Low - Wail'n'Soul'm Version
5.Don't Rock My Boat - 1971 Soul Revolution Vocal Version
6.Soul Shakedown Party - 1970 Version
7.Caution - 1970 version
8.Stir It Up - 1967 Version
9.Mellow Mood - Wail'n'Soul'm Version
10.Soul Rebel
11.Thank You Lord - Wail'n'Soul'm Version
12.Bend Down Low (JAD - (Wail'n'Soul'm Version))
13.A Little Prayer - 1968 version
14.Gonna Get You - 1968 version
15.Hammer - 1968 version
16.Stay With Me - 1968 Version
17.Hammer (JAD)
18.Chances Are - JAD version (提供)
19.Soul Rebel - 1970 Version
20.Soon Come - 1970 version (提供)
21.How Many Times
Easy Skanking In Boston '78 (Live) 英文
1.Easy Skanking (Live)
2.Them Belly Full (Live) (提供)
3.Jamming (Live)
4.Slave Driver (Live)
5.Lively Up Yourself (Live)
6.Rebel Music (Live) (提供)
7.I Shot the Sheriff (Live)
8.No Woman, No Cry (Live)
9.Exodus (Live)
Dreams of Freedom: Ambient Translations of Bob Marley in Dub 英文
1.No Woman No Cry (Bill Laswell's remix) (提供)
2.Waiting in Vain (Bill Laswell's remix)
3.So Much Trouble in the World (Bill Laswell's remix)
4.Exodus (Bill Laswell's remix)
5.Burnin' and Lootin' (Bill Laswell's remix)
6.Is This Love (Bill Laswell's remix)
7.One Love (People Get Ready) (Bill Laswell's remix)
8.Midnight Ravers (Bill Laswell's remix)
Dreams Of Freedom (Ambient Translation Of Bob Marley In Dub) 英文
1.No Woman No Cry - Remix
2.Waiting In Vain - Remix
3.Exodus - Remix
4.Is This Love - Remix
Destiny: Rare Ska Sides From Studio One 英文
1.Wages of Love
2.I Need You So
3.Another Dance (提供)
4.Where Is My Mother (acoustic version)
5.Let the Lord Be Seen in Me
6.White Christmas
Bob Marley & The Wailers - Legend 英文
1.One Love / People Get Ready - Extended Version
2.One Love / People Get Ready
3.Redemption Song
4.Could You Be Loved
5.Buffalo Soldier
6.Punky Reggae Party - Long Version
7.Could You Be Loved - 12' Mix
8.Is This Love
9.I Shot The Sheriff
11.Waiting In Vain
12.Satisfy My Soul
14.Punky Reggae Party
15.No Woman No Cry
17.Three Little Birds
18.Waiting In Vain - 12' Single Version
19.Jamming - 12' Single Version
20.No Woman, No Cry - 1975/Live At The Lyceum, London
21.One Love / People Get Ready - Dub Version -1984 12' Remix
22.Waiting In Vain - 1984 12' Mix
23.Jamming - 1984 12' Mix
24.Exodus - 1984 12' Mix
25.Lively Up Yourself - 1984 Mix
26.Three Little Birds - 12' Mix (Dub Version)
27.Coming In From The Cold - 1984 12' Single
28.Get Up, Stand Up
29.Lively Up Yourself
Best of Bob Marley & Friends 英文
1.Duppy Conqueror (version 4) (feat. The Upsetters)
2.Rainbow Country
3.Put It On
4.Soul Almighty
5.No Sympathy
6.Don't Rock My Boat
7.Brain Washing
8.Don't Rock My Boat (feat. The Upsetters)
9.Keep on Moving (Gotta) (Alternative Version)
10.Brand New Second Hand (Alternative version) (feat. Peter Tosh)
11.Fussing & Fighting Version (feat. The Upsetters) (提供)
12.Magadog (提供)
13.Riding High
Behind the Legend 英文
1.Soul Shakedown Party (Trojan Jungle mix)
2.Touch Me
3.Natural Mystic
4.Soul Rebel
6.All in One
7.Lively Up Yourself
8.Mr. Brown
9.Sun Is Shining
10.Trench Town Rock
11.You Can't Do That to Me (提供)
12.Don't Rock My Boat
13.Keep On Moving (Tenacious T mix)
14.Mr Brown (Trojan Jungle mix)
15.How Many Times
Babylon By Bus (Live) 英文
1.Punky Reggae Party (Live)
2.Kinky Reggae (Live)
3.Lively Up Yourself (Live)
4.Stir It Up (Live)
5.Jamming (Live)
6.Is This Love (Live)
7.Positive Vibration (Live)
8.Rebel Music (3 O'Clock Road Block) (Live)
9.Concrete Jungle (Live)
10.Rat Race (Live)
11.Exodus (Live)
1.Burnin' and Lootin' (From 'Boston '76')
2.No Woman No Cry (From 'Boston '76') (提供)
3.Is This Love (From 'In Gabon Africa '80')
4.Jamming (From 'In Gabon Africa '80')
5.Get Up, Stand Up (From 'Zimbabwe '80')
6.Exodus (From 'Zimbabwe '80')
B Is for Bob 英文
1.One Drop
2.Three Little Birds
3.High Tide Or Low Tide - B Is Mix
4.Stir It Up - B Is Version
5.Could You Be Loved - Edit
6.Small Axe - B Is Version
7.Bend Down Low - B Is Version
8.Stir It Up - B Is For Bob Version
10.One Love / People Get Ready
11.High Tide or Low Tide
12.Stir It Up
13.Satisfy My Soul
14.Small Axe
15.Lively Up Yourself
16.Bend Down Low
17.Could You Be Loved
18.Redemption Song
19.Satisfy My Soul - B Is For Bob Mix
20.Jamming - B Is For Bob Version
21.Redemption Song - B Is For Bob Mix
22.Three Little Birds (B Is Version)
23.Wake Up and Live, Pt. 1
24.Satisfy My Soul (B Is Mix)
25.Jamming (B is Version)
Africa Unite: The Singles Collection 英文
1.Iron Lion Zion
2.Waiting in Vain
4.I Shot the Sheriff
5.Is This Love
6.Africa Unite - Remix
7.Exodus - Single Version
8.Iron Lion Zion (7' Mix)
9.Trench Town Rock
10.Buffalo Soldier
11.No Woman, No Cry (live)
12.Mellow Mood
13.Soul Rebel
14.Satisfy My Soul
16.Duppy Conqueror
17.Small Axe
19.Stir It Up
20.Bend Down Low
22.Sun Is Shining
23.Lively Up Yourself
24.Could You Be Loved
25.Redemption Song
26.Buffalo Soldier (Edit Version)
27.Sun Is Shining (Album Edit)
28.Concrete Jungle (JAD)
29.Lively Up Yourself (JAD)
30.Craven Choke Puppy (JAD)
31.Screwface (JAD)
32.Don't Rock My Boat (JAD) [Vocal Mix]
33.Slogans (提供)
34.Stand Up Jamrock (Ashley Beetle remix)
35.One Love / People Get Ready
36.Three Little Birds
38.Get Up, Stand Up
39.Roots, Rock, Reggae
40.Don't Rock My Boat
41.Soul Shakedown Party - 1970 Version
42.No Woman, No Cry - Live At The Lyceum, London/1975
43.Concrete Jungle
44.Bend Down Low (JAD) [Wail'n Soul'm Version]
Acoustic Jams 英文
1.Hurting Inside
2.Stir It Up
3.Coming in From the Cold
5.She's Gone
6.So Much Things to Say
7.Waitin' in Vain
8.We & Dem (提供)
9.Misty Morning (rehearsal)
10.Time Will Tell
1979-xx-xx: Dada Demos: Tuff Gong Studios, Kingston, Jamaica 英文
1.Survival (demo) (excerpt)
2.Could You Be Loved
3.Redemption Song (band take 3)
4.Jingling Keys
5.Burn Down Babylon (demo)
6.Give Thanks and Praises (demo)
7.Could You Be Loved (demo 3, drumbox mix)
8.Give Thanks and Praises
1974-xx-xx: We Can Carry On: The Natty Dread Out-Takes 英文
1.Who Colt the Game (dub)
2.Bend Down Low
4.Talkin' Blues
5.Jah Live
6.I Know a Place
7.Bend Down Low (dub)
8.Jah Live (dub)
1970 - 1971: Tuff Gong Sessions 英文
1.Trench Town Rock (take 1)
2.Comma Comma (提供)
3.Lively Up Yourself
4.Cry to Me (acoustic)
5.Concrete Jungle
6.Lively Up Yourself (dub)
7.Dew Drops (acoustic) (提供)
8.Cornerstone (acoustic)
9.Stir It Up (acoustic)
10.How Many Times
1967-1972 Gold 英文
1.Music Gonna Teach (Music Lesson)
2.Reggae on Broadway
3.Sun Is Shining
4.Lively Up Yourself
6.Small Axe
7.Put It On
8.High Tide or Low Tide
9.Duppy Conqueror
10.Bend Down Low
11.Nice Time
12.Mellow Mood
13.Don't Rock My Boat
14.Concrete Jungle (original)
15.Trench Town Rock (Full mix)
16.Who Is Mr. Brown (A.K.A. Mr Brown) (提供)
17.Four Hundred Years (PTLV) (PT/LP)
18.How Many Times
The Very Best of Bob Marley 英文
1.Put It On / Don't Rock the Boat (提供)
2.African Herbsman
3.Lively Up Yourself
4.Soul Rebel
5.400 Years
6.Sun Is Shining
7.Soul Almighty
9.Cheer Up
10.Small Axe
12.Rainbow Country
13.All In One
14.No Sympathy
15.Treat You Right
16.African Herbsman (Club Mix)
17.Duppy Conqueror (Club Mix)
18.Stand Alone (Club Mix)
19.Don't Rock My Boat (Club Mix) (提供)
20.Keep On Moving (Chosen Few Mix)
21.Soul Shakedown (提供)
22.Can't You See
23.It's Alright
24.You Can't Do That to Me (提供)
25.Natural Mystic
26.Corner Stone
27.Fussing and Fighting
28.Mr. Brown
The Legend 英文
1.Soul Rebel
2.Sun is Shining
3.No Sympathy
4.Treat You Right
5.Stop the Train
6.Stir It Up
7.Corner Stone
8.Natural Mystic
9.Trench Town Rock (Digitally Remastered)
10.Mellow Mood (Digitally Remastered)
11.Mr. Brown (Digitally Remastered)
12.Soul Almighty
13.Mellow Mood
14.Concrete Jungle
16.Slave Driver
17.Lively Up Yourself
18.Put It On
19.400 Years
20.Touch Me
21.No More Trouble
22.Kinky Reggae
23.Try Me
24.Do It Twice (Digitally Remastered)
25.Put It On (Digitally Remastered)
26.Kaya (Digitally Remastered)
27.Small Axe (Digitally Remastered)
28.Cheer Up (Digitally Remastered)
29.Go Tell It On the Mountain (Digitally Remastered)
30.Sun Is Shining (Digitally Remastered)
31.You Can't Do That to Me (Digitally Remastered) (提供)
32.Soul Shakedown Party (Digitally Remastered) (提供)
33.Corner Stone (Digitally Remastered) (提供)
34.It's Alright
35.Duppy Conqueror (Digitally Remastered)
36.400 Years (Digitally Remastered)
37.Natural Mystic (Digitally Remastered)
38.Soul Rebel (Digitally Remastered)
39.Caution (Digitally Remastered)
40.Soul Almighty (Digitally Remastered)
41.Lively Up Yourself (Digitally Remastered)
42.All In One (Digitally Remastered)
43.Rainbow Country (Digitally Remastered)
44.Riding High (Digitally Remastered)
45.No Sympathy (Digitally Remastered)
46.Soon Come (Digitally Remastered) (提供)
47.Can't You See (Digitally Remastered) (提供)
The Complete Collection: The Island Years 英文
1.High Tide or Low Tide (Jamaican Version)
2.Kinky Reggae
3.Stop That Train
4.400 Years
5.Slave Driver
6.Concrete Jungle
7.Stir It Up
8.Midnight Ravers
9.Baby We've Got a Date (Rock It Baby)
10.All Day All Night (Jamaican Version)
11.No More Trouble
The Bob Marley Story 英文
2.Mellow Mood
3.400 Years
4.High Tide or Low Tide
5.Put It On
6.Small Axe
7.Soul Rebel
8.Mr. Brown
10.Lively Up Yourself
11.Sun Is Shining
12.Duppy Conqueror
13.African Herbsman
14.Trench Town Rock
15.Satisfy My Soul Babe
16.Freedom Time
17.Selassie Is the Chapel
18.Feel Alright
19.Screwface (提供)
20.Soul Shakedown Party
21.Rocking Steady
22.Bend Down Low
23.Reggae On Broadway
24.Nice Time
25.Concrete Jungle
Special Dub 英文
1.Mellow Mood (Dub)
2.My Cup (Dub) (提供)
3.Redder Than Red (Dub) (提供)
4.Mr Chatterbox (Dub)
5.Thank You Lord (Dub)
6.Soul Almighty (Dub)
7.Try Me
8.Mellow Mood
9.Soul Almighty
Soul Rebel 英文
1.Soon Come (提供)
2.Small Axe
3.Lively Up Yourself
4.Soul Almighty
5.Rainbow Country
6.Satisfy My Soul
7.Concrete Jungle
8.Duppy Conqueror
9.African Herbsman
10.Trench Town Rock
11.Treat You Right
12.Fussing and Fighting
13.Soul Rebel
15.Cheer Up
16.All In One
17.Mr. Brown
19.Riding High
20.Mellow Mood
21.400 Years
22.Put It On
23.Sun Is Shining
24.Touch Me
25.Try Me
26.Stop the Train
27.Soul Shakedown Party
28.Corner Stone
29.You Can't Do That To Me (Digitally Remastered) (提供)
30.Soul Shakedown Party (Digitally Remastered) (提供)
31.Its Alright (提供)
32.You Can't Do That to Me (提供)
33.It's Alright
34.Fussin' And Fightin'
35.Can't You See (Digitally Remastered) (提供)
36.Can't You See
37.No Sympathy
39.My Cup (I've Got to Cry) (提供)
40.Soul Rebel (Digitally Remastered)
41.Lively Up Yourself (Digitally Remastered)
42.Do It Twice
43.Natural Mystic
44.Go Tell It On The Mountain
45.Mellow Mood (Digitally Remastered)
46.Mr. Brown (Digitally Remastered)
47.Do It Twice (Digitally Remastered)
48.Put It On (Digitally Remastered)
49.Soul Almighty (Digitally Remastered)
50.Caution (Digitally Remastered)
51.Natural Mystic (Digitally Remastered)
52.Keep on Movin'
Ska & Reggae Summer Jams 英文
1.Soul Rebel (Remixed / Remastered)
2.Keep On Moving (Remixed / Remastered)
3.Sun Is Shining (Remixed / Remastered)
Satisfy My Soul Jah Jah 英文
1.Screwface (alternate)
3.Guava Jelly (alternate) (提供)
4.Stay With Me
5.Dance Do The Reggae (提供)
6.Oh Lord, Got To Get There
7.I'm Hurting Inside (alternate)
8.Reggae On Broadway
9.Cry To Me (accoustic version)
10.Gonna Get You
11.Trouble Dub
12.Lively Up Yourself (original)
13.Satisfy My Soul Jah Jah (version)
Ridin' the Hits of the '60s & '70s, Vol. 2 (Re-Recorded Versions) 英文
1.Trenchtown Rock (Re-Recorded)
2.Soul Almighty (Re-Recorded)
3.Sun Is Shining (Re-Recorded)
Remixed Hits 英文
1.Sun Is Shining (Fire House club mix)
2.Rainbow Country (Red Gold and Green version)
3.Mr Brown (Electric Sky Church mix)
4.Don't Rock My Boat (Sheep on Drugs mix) (提供)
5.African Herbsman (Mixed by Sen Dog of Cypress Hill)
6.Keep on Moving (Process club mix)
7.Kaya (Mixed by Kevin Haskins of Love & Rockets)
8.Soul Rebel (Pistel mix)
Real Gold 英文
1.Corner Stone
2.Brain Washing
3.Natural Mystic
5.Soul Shakedown Party
6.Trench Town Rock
7.African Herbsman
8.Sun Is Shining
10.Mr. Brown
11.Satisfy My Soul
12.Soul Rebel
13.Mellow Mood
14.Riding High
15.Small Axe
16.Soul Almighty
17.Dreamland (feat. Bunny Wailer)
18.How Many Times
19.400 Years (feat. Peter Tosh)
20.Duppy Conquerer (提供)
21.Keep on Skanking
22.No Sympathy (feat. Peter Tosh)
23.Reaction (提供)
24.Stop the Train (feat. Peter Tosh)
26.Adam & Eve (提供)
27.No Water (提供)
28.Rainbow Country
29.All in One
30.Treat You Right
31.Tell Me
32.Lively Up Yourself
One Love at Studio One 1964-1966 英文
1.Love and Affection
2.Simmer Down
3.Bend Down Low
4.Rocking Steady
5.Cry to Me
6.One Love
7.Can't You See
8.Rolling Stone
9.Let Him Go
10.Sinner Man
12.Wages of Love
13.Rude Boy
14.And I Love Her
15.Teenager In Love
16.Do You Remember
17.Freedom Time
Massive Reggae Hits 英文
1.Keep On Moving (Remix & Remastered)
2.Soul Rebel (Remix & Remastered)
3.Natural Mystic
4.Sun Is Shining (Remix & Remastered)
5.Sun Is Shining
6.Small Axe
Marley 英文
1.Jammin (live at One Love Peace Concert)
2.Mr. Brown
3.Soul Rebel
4.Rainbow Country
5.400 Years
6.Stop That Train
7.Put It On
9.Soul Almighty
10.Riding High
11.Lively Up Yourself
12.Sun Is Shining
13.Judge Not
14.Mr. Brown (Dubstep Remix)
15.Soul Rebel (Dubstep Remix)
16.Go Tell It On the Mountain
17.Do It Twice
18.Natural Mystic
19.Sun Is Shining (Smoke Out Dubstep Mix)
20.Fussing and Fighting
21.Treat You Right
22.Duppy Conqueror
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