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Juvenile( 幼齒少年家 )【 共收藏 19 張專輯, 272 首歌 】
特里烏斯格雷(生於1975年3月25日),更為人熟知,他的舞台名稱為“少年”,是一位美國說唱歌手兼演員,曾是前Hip Hop樂隊Hot Boys的成員。

他的職業生涯始於1995年,20歲時他在1995年發行了他的首張專輯“我是我自己”。當他的1999年單曲“Back That Thang Up”發行後,他開始流行。 2003年,他回到Cash Money Records錄製了尤文大帝,創造了頭號熱門歌曲“慢動作”。 繼這張專輯後,他再次離開Cash Money,並於2006年與大西洋唱片公司簽約。 他在該標籤下發布了Reality Check。 他的最新專輯The Fundamentals於2014年2月發行。
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Mardi Gras 2 (Mixtape) 英文
2.Spend It (提供)
3.MILF Juvenile (提供)
4.My Niggaz
5.For the Night
6.Flag On the Play (提供)
7.All I Know (提供)
8.Hangin On (提供)
9.Ready to Go (提供)
10.Stranger (提供)
11.That's On Everything (提供)
12.My Nina Hollygrove Keem (提供)
13.Uptown D Boy (提供)
15.My Niggaz Remix (提供)
16.MILF (Clean Mix) (提供)
17.MILF (提供)
18.I Show Love Remix (提供)
19.Straight to the Money Official (提供)
20.Listen (feat. Daniel Heartless, TY and Young Juv) (提供)
The Fundamentals 英文
1.Tales from the Hood (提供)
2.This Is Your Song (提供)
3.Pay Tha Rent
4.All Over (提供)
5.Live Wire (提供)
6.Super High (提供)
7.Kill Kill (提供)
8.Let Em Know (提供)
9.Close Around (提供)
10.Cradle 2 da Grave (提供)
Pay Tha Rent (Single) 英文
1.Pay Tha Rent
Rejuvenation 英文
2.Ahh Haa
3.Cant Stop My Money
4.Mardi Gras
6.Lost My Mind
7.Imma Get Rich
8.Fall Back
9.Bad Guy
10.I'm Yo People
11.Got It Like That
12.Still Here
13.Ain't What You Want
14.Toast To The Good Life
Mardi Gras 英文
1.Take My Breath
2.Sweet Love
3.Ya Sleeping On Me
4.Sip Champagne
5.That Gangsta Shit
6.All My Life
7.Mardi Gras Intro
8.Rejuvenation Outro
9.Betcha I Don't Cry No More
Power (Single) 英文
1.Power (Single)
Beast Mode 英文
1.Go Hard Or Go Home (提供)
2.Drop That Azz
3.Bitch Instructions (提供)
4.La La La La La (提供)
5.I'm Da Man (提供)
6.Nothing Like Me (提供)
7.No Team (提供)
8.Drinks On Me (提供)
9.Pussy Kat (提供)
10.Where They Do That At (提供)
11.Lights, Camera, Action
Cocky & Confident 英文
2.Cocky & Confident
3.Gotta Get It
4.Back Back
5.We Be Getting Money
6.Feeling Right
7.Hands On You
8.Top Of The Line
9.Make U Feel Alright
10.It's All Hood
11.My Money Don't Fold
12.All Over You
13.You Can't Stop Me
14.Break It Down
15.I'm Out Chere (提供)
16.I'm Shining (提供)
17.I Say (提供)
19.New Orleans Stunna
Reality Check 英文
2.Around The Way
3.Way I Be Leanin'
4.Sets Go Up
6.Why Not
7.Keep Talkin'
8.I Know You Know
9.Break A Brick Down
10.Pop U
11.Get Ya Hustle On
13.Who's Ya Daddy
14.Loose Booty
15.Rock Like That
16.Say It To Me Now
17.What's Happenin'
18.Holla Back (提供)
19.Do It Now (提供)
Juve The Great 英文
1.In My Life
2.Slow Motion
3.Down South Posted
4.Fuckin' With Me
5.Numb Numb
6.Juve The Great
7.Lil' Daddy
8.Enemy Turf
9.Head In Advance
10.It Ain't Mines
11.For Everybody
12.Cock It
13.Bounce Back
14.Outside (Skit)
15.Club (Skit) (提供)
16.At The Door (Skit) (提供)
Project English 英文
1.4 Minutes
2.Get Your Hustle On
3.H.B. Headbusta
4.In The Nolia
5.In Ya Ass
6.Mamma Got Ass
7.My Life
8.Set It Off
9.Set It Off (Radio Remix)
11.They Lied
12.White Girl
13.What U Scared 4
14.Intro-Let's Roll
15.Outro-Let's Go
Juve Tha Great 英文
1.In My Life
Solja Rags 英文
1.3rd Ward Solja
2.Hide Out or Ride Out
3.I Did That
4.Livin in the Projects
5.Money On The Couch
7.Roll With 'Em
8.Solja Rag
9.Solja Rags (radio version)
10.Spittin' Game
11.That's How it be Happenin'
12.Welcome 2 Tha Section
13.Who's Tha M.F.
G-Code 英文
1.A Million And One Things
2.Big Tymers Intro (提供)
3.Catch Your Cut
4.Da Magnolia
5.Fuck That Nigga
7.Get It Right
9.I Got That Fire
10.Lil Boyz
11.March Nigga Step
12.Never Had Shit
13.Something Got 2 Shake
14.Take Them 5
15.Tha Man
16.U Understand
400 Degreez 英文
1.400 Degreez
2.After Cash Money Concert
3.Back That Azz Up
4.Cash Money Concert (提供)
5.Flossin Season
6.Follow Me Now
7.Ghetto Children
8.Gone Ride With Me
10.Ha(Hot Boy Remix)
11.Ha(Jay-Z Remix)
12.Intro(400 Degreez) (提供)
13.Juvenile On Fire
14.Off Top
15.Rich Niggaz
16.Run For It
18.Welcome 2 The Nolia
Solja Stories 英文
1.3rd Ward Solja
2.Hide Out Or Ride Out
3.I Did That
4.Livin In The Projects
5.Money On The Couch
7.Roll With 'em
8.Solja Rag
9.Solja Rags(Radio Version)
10.Spittin' Game
11.That's How It Be Happenin'
12.Welcome 2 The Nolia
13.Who's Tha M.f.
14.Ziggly Wiggly (提供)
Being Myself 英文
1.Betcha' 20 Dollars(Bounce Ii) (提供)
2.Conversation With Tha Man Above
3.G-ing Men
4.Intro(Being Myself) (提供)
5.Pass Azz' Nigga
6.Power Bag (提供)
7.Radio Dial (提供)
8.Shake Dat Azz(If You're A Player)
9.Shout Out (提供)
10.Sling It To Tha Back (提供)
11.Somethin I Forgot (提供)
12.U Can't See Me
13.What Cha Gotta Do (提供)
Hard Labor 英文
1.The Verdict2.Get It In (提供)
暫存 英文
1.Shake Dat Azz
2.U Can't C Me
3.Big Tymer (Intro)
5.Welcome 2 Tha Nolia
6.Intro (Big Tymers)
7.Back That Ass Up
8.Drop That Thang
9.My Life'(feat. TQ
10.Get Your Hustle On'(feat. Big Tymers
11.Sunshine'(feat. B.G., Big Tymers, Lil Wayne
12.They Lied'(feat. Big Tymers
13.White Girl'(feat. Baby, Lil Wayne
14.Set It Off (Radio Remix)'(feat. Baby, Lil Wayne, Turk
15.Rover Truck
16.Nolia Clap
17.Hide Out Or Ride Out - Featuring Lil Wayne & Turk From The Hot Boys
18.F*** That Nigga
20.Bounce Back (ft Baby)
21.Get Your Hustle On - Featuring The Big Tymers
22.HA (Hot Boyz Remix)
23.Slow Motion (Featuring Soulja Slim)
24.In My Life (Featuring Mannie Fresh)
25.Bounce Back (Featuring Baby)
26.Down South Posted (Featuring Wacko & Skip)
27.The Mule
28.Ha (Remix)
29.4 Minutes - Featuring The Hot Boys
30.Set It Off (Dirty)
31.400 Degrees
32.Slow Motion (ft Souja Slim)
33.She Get It From Her Momma
34.Juvenile - Back That Azz Up
35.Back Dat Ass Up
36.She Get It From Her Mama
37.In My Life (ft Mannie Fresh)
39.Juvenile - My Life
40.Be Gone - Featuring The Big Tymers
41.Off The Top
42.Solja Rag (Radio Version)
43.Livin In The Project
44.Spittin Game - Featuring The Hot Boys
45.Rich Niggaz - Featuring Turk/Lil Wayne/Paparue
46.Ride With Us
47.Black Card Music
48.Sipping Champagne
49.Ready Or Not
50.Bling Bling
51.Ha (Hot Boys Remix)
52.Cocky and Confident
53.A Hoe (Lil Wayne Diss)
54.Drop That A**
55.Way I Be Leanin' - feat. Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Skip, and Wacko Amended
56.Juvenile On Fire - Album Version (Edited)
57.Be Gone
58.Slow Motion - Album Version (Edited)
59.Back That Azz Up (feat. Fresh & Lil' Wayne)
60.Animal (instrumental)

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